Not, bad. I like the concept.  But, you are right and wrong about a few
    You are right about Lass.  Chipmunk has found the weakness to my
Raindance, and any good Raindance, and it is the 1st or 2nd turn Lass.  Most
of the time it works.  It takes all of the card drawing out of the
Raindance's hand, which is what a good Raindance revolves around.  But,
believe it or not, ER and SER really doesn's stop a Raindance.  If you are a
good Raindance player, you DO NOT put the Energy down unless you are going
to use it.  Trust me, it works.  If they have nothing to remove, they
sometimes get rid of it to Searches and Finders, or drop them to an Oak.  If
they do happen to have some, they will most likely use it all at once, so
you will never have to worry about it again.
    Now, about the Electabuzz.  Electabuzz is the biggest Raindance stopper,
so you should definatly run at least 3-4 of them.  With PlusPowers, you
might be able to take out that Squirtle before it gets to evolve.  But,
there are 2 more key weaknesses to Raindance.  Ditto and Mr. Mime.  If you
can keep that Blastoise out there, with the help of Gusts, you can Meditate
it to death with Mime.  Now, Ditto, paired with DCE's and Scoops, is another
one of Blastoise's enemies.  With 2 DCE's you can Hydro Pump for 50, and if
you get the first shot off, you might be able to kill the 'Stoise and keep
Ditto alive.  If Ditto has more than 50 damage on him and you don't want to
kill Blastoise with him, just Scoop him up.  Well, that's about it.  Good



i bet you don't see alot of these, but i had the idea
   of making an anti Raindance (why not, they have anti haymakers)
   anyway here is the deck:

   3-2-1 Venasaur
   4 Scyther
   2 Electrubuzz
   3-2 Raichu (jungle pika and basic set Raichu)
   3-2 Dragonair

   12 plant energy
   10 electric energy
   2 DCE

   2 SER  the main killer
   4 ER    also the main killer
   2 Lass  Lass!?!? you say it's not a very good cards but if you use this
card your opponent has a slimmer chance of getting those breeders  :)
   2 switch
   2 gow

    to eliminate those energy put down by blastoise's pokemon power
    and prevent attakes with er's and ser's  and dragonair's hyper beam
    then take advantage with the weakness of the raindance.
     well there it is, any comments send to

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