The deck looks pretty solid....there is only one thing I see wrong with
it.  Any speed deck, which are extremely prevalent on the tourney scene,
will eat this alive. Haymakers run 'Buzz and Scyther, your weaknesses.  I
would definately run at least another Scyther....they rock!  The only other
advice I can give, is to play with the Trainers, and find out what works
best for you.  That is the only way to tweak a deck.  Thanks, and good luck


     Hello!!!  How are ya?  Anywho, let's get right to it.

Pokemon 19
2 Scyther(Grass type plus resistance makes him almost a must)
4 Psyduck(Needed for Golduck, not bad attack, asides from flipping)
4 Golduck(Hyper beam rocks!!  And for only 3 energies, one colorless!)
4 Poliwag(Needed for wrath, not too bad for a basic asides from hp)
1 Poliwhirl(Needed for wrath, may come in handy when nothing else presents
2 Poliwrath (Whirlpool rocks and Watergun is decent enough)
1 Kangaskhan( Can't remember why he's here =).  I think I wanted a Lapras
here but couldn't find him)
1 Lapras(Probally the best basic form water, I will probally take out
Kangaskhan for another, or remove both Lapras and Kangaskhan and put in 2
more Scythers)

Trainers 19
2 Pokemon Breeders (For Wraths)
1 Item Finder ( Would like more, but not sure what to take out..)
3 Super Energy Removals( All I have)
2 Computer Searches (or computer Suches, a nick name they earned around here
after some kid came with German cards)
1 Switch (Another thing I think I need more of but don't know what to take
2 Gust of Wind (Blow up the guys working on getting energy and take it away)
4 Energy Removal (um...  do I need to say anything more?)
2 Bill (Bill's my friend =))
2 Profasor Oak (So is the good Dr.)

Energy 22
3 Double Colorless Energy
19 Water Energy

Ok, that's it.  My main stratagy is to let them build there pokemon
evelutions up and deny them of energy if they are dumb enough to let that
happen, or get a golduck out there as soon as possible and keep eating
energy untill I can get Poliwrath, who does better damage and stuff.
Golducks low retreat also helps.  Ok, so please help.  I think my trainers
need work, and I wanna know whether or not to dump Lapras, keep 'em, keep
the Kangaskhan, or more Sycthers or what have you.  Well, help plz ^^


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