Well, I understand what you are saying about wanting to run different
Pokemon, but if you run 1 of a lot of Pokemon, you will never be able to
depend on them.  What if you get stuck with a Likitung out there and your
opponent has a Hitmonchan?  You said, "Cause if i am the same pokemon all
the time, i have do the same thing etc," that is what you want to do.  You
want to have a strategy when using Pokemon.  You can't depend on pulling a
random Hitmonlee when you need it.  I like the trainers except for the
switch.  I would probably exchange it for an Item Finder.  Also, I would
fit in 4 DCE's for attacking and retreating.  Good luck.


From: Hollis Ma <hawkeye1@sk.sympatico.ca>
To: mjosh@hotmail.com
Subject: Pokemon deck.You'll like it.
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 20:57:52 -0700

Hi Josh. My name is Hollis. I used this deck( kinda new) and i got
Second. I love this deck.  I changed it cause it's easier and cheaper. I
had a raindance before and i got like thirds. The point is that this
deck has a better chance.

10 fire energies
9 fighting energies( i have enough)

1 kangaskan- fetch, stall
1 Lickitung- stall, confuse.
2 Scythers- free retreat, slash, resistance to fighting.
3 Magmars (fossil)- quick kills, to kill scythers
2 Himonchans- quick kills
1Hitmonlee- bench killers,
1 Chansey- to kill charged up guys with 70-90 hp.( they don't have to be
I am trying to get another Chansey, i'd take a hitmonlee out though.

I know i have lots of single cards but i need variety to better overall
this deck. Cause if i am the same pokemon all the time, i have do the
same thing etc.

2 energy retrievel
4 energy removal
3 super energy removal
4 plus powers
4 scoop ups
1 computer search
1 item finder
3 prof oaks
1 switch
3 gust of wind
I hope you put this up. Thanks!

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