I hate to say it, but you are right.  Drop the Doduo family for the Tuff
family, if you want to beat people and win that is.

   The rest is pretty simple.  Drop the SER's for Oaks (they are a must),
and try to fit in some PlusPowers, Scoops, and Item Finders.  Since we are
playing Tuff, why not go all out?!  Drop 2 Kangas and a Chansey to help make

   And as for Energy, since this is colorless, lets make use of the new
Potion and Full Heal Energies.  4 of each, and you could probably stand to
lose a few Energies as well.  Oh, and also, you will want to run Nightly
Garbage Run's since we have a lot of card drawing, and to help get Puff,
Tuff, and Energy back.  That should do it.  Thanks for the dec, and good



Hi El Ravager! I have a mono-colorless deck I have been working with. It is
pretty good but I think it needs a little work. Can you help? Before I start
I was going to remove the Doduo line for the Jigglypuff line and the
Farfetch'd for Scyther. I will be very happy if you can help.
4 Chansey
4 Kangaskhan
4 Doduo
3 Dodrio
3 Farfetch'd

19 any color
4 Double colorless

4 Bill
3 Computer Search
3 Challenge!
3 Gow
3 Pokemon centers

When I take out Doduo family and put in Jigglpuff family, the stradegy is
simple: get tuff out and do the wave! Thanks for helping my deck.

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