I have yet to see a deck with Muk that works well.  This one has promise
though.  The first major change would be to drop a Mime for another Promo
Mewtwo.  He just rocks!  Other than that, the Pokemon look fine.  I also
have another idea.  Why not run Muk without the Grass Energy?  Bear with me
here.  Grimer's only good attack costs 1 colorless and is just darn good. 
With Energy Removal being so prevalent, Muk will rarely get a chance to
attack, and he's too valuable to keep out there as active.  And, when you
get Muk out, bench him and go beatdown on everthing with your heavy hitters.
  That way, you won't run the chance of gettting energy screwed.  Give it a
try, it might work.

   Assuming you do drop the Grass Energy, you can up the other Energy,
throwing in more Psychic Energy for Mewtwo and Mime, and 4 DCE's.  As for
Trainers, I would try a few Scoops, and another Item Finder.  Don't run the
Super Removal, unless you use Energy Removal also.  They just don't work by
themselves.  I find that even when running 2 colors of energy, 2 Retrievals
are still good.  I would keep those, and everything else looks pretty good. 
Just play around with it, and tweak it according to your tastes.  Good luck.

Here's a deck that I have been working on to try to
take care of a lot of the current metagame.  It seems
to be pretty solid, I just wanted an expert's opinion
and some small tweeks if you don't mind.


4 Grimer
3 Muk
3 Mr. Mime
2 Movie Mewtwo
3 Scyther
3 Electrabuzz

3 Super Energy Removal
2 Item Finder
3 Gust of Wind
2 Computer Search
3 Bill
2 Professor Oak
2 Energy Retrieval

8 Psychic Energy
8 Electric Energy
9 Grass Energy

It's called MukPourri and from the design, it's able
to take care of many of the popular deck designs.
Mew/Arodactyl, Raindance, Damage Swap, Venusaur decks,
Mr. Mimes?  Muk.  Haymaker with Hitmochan and Scyther?
  You have your own Scythers along with Movie Mewtwo.
Any heavy hitter deck?  Mr. Mime.  Any silly deck
without much of a point and a lot of weak Pokemon.
Send out Movie Mewtwo to mop them up, and with all of
the computer searches and prof oaks, you should have
no problem using his energy retrieval power when he's
out there.

I was trying to get my Pokemon mix just right.  I used
to have Fossil Magmar in there instead of Electrabuzz,
but I wanted more Raindance protection because it
seems to be the most frequently used deck archetype
right now.

Thanks for the help,
Blake Hall.

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