This is a very original deck idea.  The only problem I see with it, is
the evolving.  Tourney winning decks, for the most part, are running very
fast, low energy cost decks.  There are the random exceptions.  You
mentioned Retrievals?!?!  I didn't see any, but if this deck plans to work,
you will need them.  You are very susceptible to Energy Removal, and you are
exactly right--your basics will get stopmed at the beginning.  About the
only thing I can think of to make this deck better is to drop a 2 Charmeleon
and 2 Wartortle for 3 Item Finders, you can Item Finder the Breeders and
Oaks and Comp Searches, if need be.  But, keep in mind, this deck stands
very little chance against a fast deck.  Just keep in mind to try new things
and practice a lot.  Good luck.



I thought this combo of cards would make a pretty neat haymaker. The
electric energy is all for Zapdos' thundershock and the energy retrievals
help to get it back again. The trainers are all just to help get out the
right cards. The Charizards and Blastoises are for hitting 'em right where
it hurts. The only problem I have with this deck is starting off. My basic
pokemon always seem to get killed before I can pump them up to fruition.
Any thoughts ?

3 Zapdos
4 Charmander
3 Charmeleon
2 Charizard
4 Squirtle
3 Wartortle
2 Blastoise

3 Pokemon Traders
3 Prof. Oak
3 Computer Search
3 Pokemon Breeders

9 Electric Energy
9 Fire Energy
9 Water Energy