First off, those Base Set Mewtwos....they need to be Movie Promo Mewtwo's,
and you need three at least!  Also, you need at least 3 Ditto, and you could
use another Mr. Mime.  The same goes for Chansey, and I would throw in
another Gengar.  You don't need the Abra family, seeing as how this is being
changed into an offensive deck.

   First of all, if your tourney environment includes mucho Energy Removal,
I would not depend on attacking with Gengar.  That's what Promo Mewtwo is
for.  Energy Absorbtion gives you no trouble getting Energy.  Mewtwo and Mr.
Mime will probably turn out to be your heavy hitters.  Now, let's clean up
these Trainers!  The new Mewtwo in combo with Comp Search = fully powered up
Mewtwo on the first turn.  If you pull the stuff in your hand, you can Comp
Search away 1 or 2 Psychic Energy and/or 1 DCE.  That way, you throw down a
Pschic Energy on Mewtwo, and Energy Absorb....and TA DA....your opponent
will be taking 40 Damage next turn, unless he weasels out of it somehow.  If
you don't have the Energy to ditch to the Comp Search, Comp Search for the
Oak and try your luck that way.  I would suggest 4/4 Removal.  Why?  They
rock!  That's why!  Scoops, Item Finder, Oaks, 4 Comp Searches!!!, Energy
Retrievals, and Bills and maybe a Gust or 2 and whatever else you think is
appropriate should make up your Trainers.  (You also might wan't to run Mr.
Fuji's for can Energy Absorb for a while and then retreat and
Fuji Mewtwo back into your deck.)  If you run enough card drawing (2-4
Bills, 2-4 Oaks, and !!4 Comp Search!!) you can get away with running low
energy.  You also need 4 DCE's!  That should do it.  Good luck!



Hi, My name is Scott Goering and I am from Newton,KS.  I call this
deck-Curse You-.  The way you play it is by stalling first and then getting
out Gengar and Killing everybody on the bench.

2 base set MewTwos
2 Mr. Mimes
1 Ditto
1 Chansey
3 Abra
2 Kadabra
1 Alakazam
4 fossil Gastly
3 Haunter(2 fossil, 1 base)
2 Gengar

1 Pokemon Breeder
2 Gamblers
1 Switch
1 Energy Retreval
2 Plus power
1 Fuji
2 centers
1 Scoop Up
2 Traders
1 Computer Search
2 Defender

20 Pyschic Energy

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