The deck looks pretty good.  You need Item Finders, and probably PlusPowers.
  They helped me a lot in my Raindance.  I was able to run 18 Energy and get
away with it.  They only problem with Raindance is that you tend to deck out
quickly.  I would suggest not running the Magikrap familiy.  Arty and Lapras
should do the trick.  That way you can have a few more slots to throw in
yummy Trainers.  Good luck.


i don't think my deck is good. it works, its fast, but i just want to see
what you guys at pojo have to think about it.


Pokemon 21

4 suirtle
1 wartortle(incase of pidgeot or something)
3 blastoise
4 magikarp
3 gyarados
2 lapras
4 articuno

Trainers 17
4 oak
2 trader
3 breeder
2 search
2 retrieval
2 gust
2 switch

22 water energy

thanks a lot

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