Not a bad deck.  But there are a few problems.  First of all, you have way
too many Pokemon.  I would cut down the families, to 3/3 on the Vulpix
Family, 3 Magmar, 3/3 on the Ponyta Family.  Next I would add more Trainers.
  Why?  Because Trainers win the game.  The 2 Retrievals are nice.  Drop it
to 2 Gusts, add another Oak, drop the Gambler, and add some Healing, if you
plan to stall.  Add a few Centers, a couple of Fuji's, for when those
Ninetales and Rapidash are about to die, that way you can save any Energy on
them and the Evolves, just in case you need them.  I would add a few Comp
Searches and Item Finders.  Drop a few Energy to make room for these.  Good


hey nice job w/ your pokemon garage could you fix my fire deck please
4ninetails(main hitter)
3rapidash(can be replaced w/ flareons)
4fossil magmar
28 fire energy
2ernergy retrieval

The main purpose is to stall with magmar and rapidash and build up nintails
and moltres and do 80 a turn with luck that is :)
"please help me you are my only hope"  =

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