Well, Bryndon, first of all, thanks for the deck.  Now let's get down to
fixing it.

   Switching to Gengar was a good decision.  He is very powerful, and his
Pokemon Power is great!  The only problem with him, is that he is severly
susceptible to Energy Removal.  Even if he has no Energy, his Power still
works, so lets keep him in the deck.  As a matter of fact, lets increase the
number of them in your deck.  I would go with 4/3/2 in the deck.  And, yes,
Fossil Gastly is the better one, so use 4 of him.  I would also use the
Fossil Haunter as well.  His Power is also great.  As for the Alakazam
family, I would get rid of them all together.  There are too many things
that make him sub-optimal right now.
  So you used to have Electric in the deck, eh?  I think that this deck
would be better if you had some Electabuzz in there somewhere.  3-4 if you
can find them.  Electabuzz is arguably one of the best in the game.  I would
stick with the Promo Mewtwo, and also run 3-4 of him as well.  Since we are
running Electric, and it is weak to Fighting, I would run 3-4 Scyther as
well.  He is another one of the best in the game.  In other words, drop
everything else, except for what I have listed up here.

   Trainers won't be very difficult.  A few Pokemon Traders and/or Comp
Searches to help get the Gengar out there.  A few Oaks and Bills.  You might
even consider running Energy and Super Energy Removal.  I almost always run
2-3 Energy Retrieval.  Especially in a 2 or more color deck.  PlusPower and
Gust of Wind are also some Trainers you can consider for the deck.

   Energy would probably be run best as follows:  10 Psychic, 8 Electric,
and 4 DCE.

   Thanks for the deck, and good luck.


    Hi, my name is Bryndon Oleson. I have spent a great deal of time
thinking up this deck. I started with psychic/electric until I got a Gengar.
After I got Gengar I changed my whole deck to psychic. The object of this
deck is to run the (opponents who have lots of Bills and Professer Oaks in
thier decks) out of cards. I do this by having Alakazam on my bench and
Mr.Mime in play and then whenever I get damage on my active pokemon I use
Alakazam to transfer it to Chansey, Tauros, Lickitung (or anyone else I have
on my bench that doesn't have any energy) and then discard all the damage
with Pokemon Center. I'm not sure if this deck is a tournament contender,
but I think this deck is pretty good. Would you please post my deck ( Psyray
), on your deck garage? Here is my deck.
Pokemon - 23
     a.. 3 Abra
     b.. 2 Kadabra
     c.. 1 Alakazam
     d.. 2 Mr.Mime
     e.. 1 Chansey
     f.. 2 basic Gastly, 1 fossil Gastly ( I wish I had more fossil Gastly,
but I don't. )
     g.. 2 basic Haunter
     h.. 1 Gengar
     i.. 2 Drowzee
     j.. 1 Hypno
     k.. 1 Lickitung
     l.. 2 basic Mewtwo,  1 promo Mewtwo
     m.. 1 Tauros
     1 Potion
     1 Super Energy Removal
     2 Gust Of Wind
     1 Energy Removal
     1 Bill
     1 Computer Search
     1 Pokemon Center

     29 Psychic Energy

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