First off, I hate to say it, but both Zapdos suck.  In any good tourney
environment, they won't get the chance to attack.  Energy Removal is
prevalent in any good deck, with the exception of few.  I would drop the
Abra family for something good.  They were good in Base set, now there are
too many counters for them now.  Change them for Item Finders, and more
Scoops.  Scoops ROCK!!!!  I can't stress it enough.  You can drop the Poke
Trader, and only run a 1-2 Centers.  3 Item Finders are a must, and you need
more Promo Mewtwo and Mr. Mime.  Thanks and good luck.


Hello.  Listed below is my deck.  it is a combination if lightning, phycic. 
My main objective is to stall using mr. mime, chansey, or electabuzz until i
can get alakazam out, and keep mr. mime as my fighting.  mewtwo is just in
there for attack.  Zapdos and chansey can be both stall, and have a high
attack. Hope you can make my ok deck a killer one.

Thanks Bryan

My deck:  15 Pokemon

2 Zapdos (Basic Edition)
3 Electabuzz
2 Chansey
2 Mr. Mime
1 Promo Mewtwo
2 Abra
1 Kadabra
2 Alakazam

Trainers 18
3 Computer Searchers
2 Profossor Oak
1 Pokemon Trader
1 Pokemon Breeder
2 Energy retreival
2 Gust of Winds
3 Pokemon Centers
3 plus Powers
1 Scoop up

Energy 27
14 Electric
10 Psycic
3 Double Colorless

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