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Johto Journeys

These are reviews of the episodes from the Johto Journeys. Master Quest continues after two of the seasons of Johto and then the third season continues after that.

- Ash catches a Pokémon
- Misty catches a Pokémon
- Brock catches a Pokémon
- Casey catches a Pokémon
- Jesse catches a Pokémon
- James catches a Pokémon
  - A Pokémon is released, traded or given away
  - A Pokémon returns, is traded or given back
- A Pokémon evolves in this episode
       If a badge appears next to a title, the badge is obtained in that        episode

       117.  Don't Touch That Dile
    118.  The Double Trouble Header
    119.  A Sappy Ending
       120.  Roll on, Pokemon
       121.  Illusion Confusion
       122.  Flower Power
       123.  Spinarak Attack
       124.  Snubbull Snobbery
       125.  Little Big Horn
    126.  Chikorita Rescue
       127.  Once in a Blue Moon
       128.  The Whistle Stop
       129.  Ignorance is Blissey
       130.  A Bout with Sprout
    131.  Fighting Flyer with Fire
       132.  For Crying Out Loud
       133.  Tanks a Lot
     134.  Charizard's Burning Ambitions
       135.  Grin to Win
       136.  Chikorita's Big Upset
       137.  Foul Weather Friends
       138.  The Superhero Secret
       139.  Mild 'n Wooly
       140.  Wired For Battle
    141.  Good 'Quil Hunting
       142.  A Shadow Of A Drought
    143.  Going Apricorn
    144.  Gettin' The Bugs Out
       145.  A Farfetch'd Tale
     146.  Tricks Of The Trade
     147.  The FireRing Squad
       148.  No Big Woop
       149.  Tunnel Vision
       150.  Hour Of The Houndour
151.  The Totodile Duel
       152.  A Heated Match
       153.  Love, Totodile Style
    154.  Fowl Play
       155.  Forest Grumps
       156.  The Psychic Sidekicks
       157.  The Fortune Hunters

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- Master Quest - -Johto League -

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