Episode #151 - Fowl Play

The episode starts off with ash and co walking in a forest when they notice a bird house. Then a noctowl comes flying down and they hear a noise coming from the tree saying " you're not the noctowl I want!" so it flies away. Then, another noctowl flies down, but this one's a different colour. The person in the tree tryes to lure the shiny noctowl but it headbutts the tree causing the man to trip and hang from the tree! It then starts pecking the man's hands and he falls off. Ash and co. meet him and he explains that the noctowl up there is very smart and no trainer can capture it. It is also a rare noctowl. Ash tries to capture the noctowl but it hypnotises ash and ash mistakes pikachu for a rock! The man tells them his name is doctor wiseman and he takes ash and co. to his cottage and he says he has a secret to capture the noctowl.

Team rocket are overhearing the whole conversation and they want to get the noctowl. So the doctor wiseman sets a trap for noctowl in a tree, a mirror, the noctowl uses hypnosis through the mirror to itself, it get's dizzy and falls off the tree but it uses a hypnosis on the doctor wiseman too. He picks up a rock(thinking that it's noctowl) and is pleased he finally caught noctowl. Ash and co. seem suprised at him and they see the real noctowl walking away. Ash runs to it and tries to help it then team rocket and their new noctowl machine comes.
It causes lots of wind and a stick hits doctor wiseman's head and he realises he's holding a rock!Ash uses totodile and cyndaquil to try and stop Team Rocket but they blow Ash and co. with the machine. Doctor Wiseman then sneakily gets noctowl and runs off. TR spot him and grab noctowl from him. Now ash uses chikorita and bulbasaur to stop TR from getting away.Ash goes to help noctowl by jump

After Ash thanks his pokemon and noctowl. Then noctowl stoops on the tree and starts saying something, doctor wiseman then says noctowl wants to battle ash. He says he's tried to get noctowl for a long time and now Ash should try. Ash agrees and sends out Pikachu and uses thunderbolt but noctowl hypnotises Pikachu and it starts to go ma and thunder bolts everywhere. Pikachu then gets back to normal then pikachu uses it's ears to hear noctowl flapping its wings then thunderbolts it. Then Ash captures it.  So doctor wiseman waves goodbye and ash and co. carry on to Goldenrod city.

- 'Gavin Luper'


Ash and friends are on there way to Goldenrod City.Then Pikachu sees something.It's a big bird house.Then a Noctowl comes.A branch scares it away.Then a smaller Noctowl comes.This one is colurd diffrent.The branch puts berries by it.It kicks them away.Then the branch falls and it was a man.Noctowl pecks him off the tree.He falls by Ash.Ash asks if he is hurt.He introduces himself as Dr.Wiseman.He sais he wants to catch that Noctowl because it's rare.Then Ash wants it.He uses a pokeball but Noctowl kicks it on his head.Noctowl laughs.Ash looks straight into his eyes.Noctowl hypnotises him.He thinks a rock is Pikachu.Then it falls on him.Then they go to Dr.Wiseman's Cabin.He moved to the forest just so he could catch Noctowl.It's rare.Misty says her Psyduck is rare.Dr.Wiseman built a secret trap but Ash is gonna catch it fair.Dr.Wiseman sets up the trap and sure enough Noctowl comes.He looks into a mirror and hypnotises itself.Then before it falls out the tree it hypnotises Dr.Wiseman.He picks up a rock and a big wind comes.A stick hits him and he is unhypnotised.It's Teamrocket and a big Noctowl.They have medal coding.They get Noctowl and Ash sets it free.It tells Cyndaquil to burn the Noctowl.Totodile squirts it and it cracks.Pikachu shocks the cracks and they blast.Noctowl challanges Ash.Pikachu shocks itself.It listens for Noctowl's wings.It shocks it.Ash catches Noctowl.Then everyone says goodbye and countinue to Goldenrod City.

- Joe Caluda


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