133. Chikorita's Big Upset

Ash is battling some kid in the neighborhood he was in. Ash used Chikorita while the kid used Raticate. Chikorita took quite a beating but still would not give up. Ash, seeing that Chikortia is a bit to exhausted tries to calls it back and uses Pikachu. Chikorita refuses to go in its Pokeball. Ash was holding up the battle until dark all because he could not call back Chikorita. The kid just ran home after his mom called him. Ash finally was able to call back Chikorita. Out in the Pokemon Center, Ash was talking to Professor Oak about how he has been doing well and getting a badge. Ash then came to his Pokemon who were eating dinner except for Chikorita. Chikorita seemed to be in a bad mood. Pikachu tried to share some chow with him but wouldn't. Chikorita just turned away. Nurse Joy comes. She was an expert on Pokemon Psychology. Ash told Nurse Joy that all he was doing was calling back Chikorita for Pikachu. Nurse Joy now figures that Chikorita's being jealous of Pikachus attention Ash has been giving him. Nurse Joy led Chikorita to a greenhouse. Nurse Joy says all Chikorita needs to do is relax. Ash is then able to call Chikorita back. 

That night while everyone was sleeping, Pikachu wanted to check on Chikorita and probably try to become friends with him. Pikachu came and Chikorita's pokeball started to move. Chikorita came out and ran off. Pikachu pursued him. The surveillance video captures it. Chikorita runs into a warehouse and then takes a rest there. Just then four fighting Pokemon came. Chikorita attacked and finished off Primeape. The other Pokemon came up to Chikorita and seemed to welcome it because Chikorita was so tough. Back in the Pokemon Center Nurse Joy looks into the Surveillance video and sees that Chikorita and Pikachu have ran off. Ash, Brock and Misty go looking for them. Nurse Joy warns that there are very dangerous stray Pokemon out there. Ash takes out Bulbasaur to try to sniff out Chikorita's Sweet Scent. Meanwhile, Team Rocket overheard that Pikachu and Chikorita are gone. James calls for Meowth who was on the balloon, to see if they could find Pikachu and/or Chikorita. They must get there before the twerps do. 

Pikachu comes up to the warehouse and calls for Chikorita. The fighting Pokemon come out. Just then Team Rocket comes and does their intro. They start trying to capture Chikorita but Primeape comes and blocks it. Meowth has another plan. He gets a controller and a robot made out of recycled tires comes out and attacks. It seemed unstoppable. Pikachu's electric attack won't work, Chikorita's Razor Leaf does not cut the rubber. The robot then grabs Chikorita and Pikachu. Jessie and James start climbing the ropes to the balloon. Pikachu tries to thunder-shock the balloon but Meowth was too high. James says to give them some more altitude then attitude. Ash sees Team Rocket's robot and figures that the only way to stop the robot is to cut off the antenna. Ash takes out Heracross, but it starts sucking on Bulbasaur's blossom. Bulbasaur attacks. Ash tells Heracross to lift Ash up and try to get to the top of the robot but Meowth makes the Robot dodge and Ash goes down. Ash tries to get to the water tower to get to the robot but the robot dodges again. Chikorita uses Vine Whip and levitates Ash to the top. Chikorita finally cooperates properly. Ash breaks of the antenna . The robot goes crazy and drops Pikachu, Ash, and Chikorita. Jessie and James are on the robot as the robot explodes and they blast off. Nurse Joy says goodbye to Ash. Chikorita and Pikachu both get one shoulder of Ash and they are now off to Azalea Gym

Who’s that Pokémon? Hoppip

- Sean McFall


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