141. Gettin' The Bugs Out

Ash finally makes it to the Azalea Town Gym and it looks more like a forest than a gym.  They soon realize the gym is Misty’s nightmare.  It’s full of bugs! and Misty screams at a Caterpie They see a guy in a tree and he asks Ash to help him down because he said he was surprised by the scream and he knocked down the ladder so he was stuck.  He introduces himself as Bugsy the bug lover.  Ash learns he is the gym leader and wants to fight him and Bugsy accepts.  They are each allowed 3 Pokemon each.  Bugsy uses a Spinarak and Ash uses Cyndaquil. (duh) Cyndaquil can’t warm up it’s burners so it can only dodge a series of poison stings and string shots.  Ash decides to retreat it before it gets knocked out.  Ash uses Chikorita who can’t catch Spinarak who is swinging from tree to tree using string shot but Chikorita miraculously wins.  Bugsy uses Metapod who only hardens while Chikorita can’t hit it.  Metapod goes so fast it looks like it disappeared and it jumps on Chikorita to win.  So Ash decides to use Pikachu.

Who’s that Pokemon?


It’s Elekid

Team Rocket is outside and has a new plan.  They’ll dig underground and grab Pikachu.

The match begins.  This time Pikachu is ready for a tackle and Metapod misses and takes damage.  Before Metapod can get up Pikachu jumps on it and zaps it to win.

Bugsy uses Scyther who uses double team and Pikachu zaps them all and also James who poked his head out from in the hole they dug.  But Pikachu isn’t fast enough to avoid slashes and is down.  All that’s left is Cyndaquil who has amazing dodging skills until it gets it’s burners going.  WHen it finally does Scyther repels it’s fire with a swords dance.  Ash is in a pickle but then gets a great idea.  He tells Cyndaquil to do a Flame thrower while spinning above Scyther.  Scyther gets trapped in the middle of a column of fire and is beaten.  Team Rocket tries to get in yet again disguised as plants and even bring Victreebell but the bugs recognize them and use a string shot.  Bugsy gives Ash a hive badge and they are on their way.  Then they remember the Pokeballs from Kurt, but Maisy doesn’t forget and runs up to give them to the gang.  Brock chooses a heavy ball and Misty and Ash take Lure balls and  then they’re really on their way.  Meanwhile Team Rocket climbs through their hole again and are surrounded by Weedles, Kakunas, Caterpies, and Metapods and they freak out.


·        Ian


The episode begins with ash, brock, misty and pikachu walking along a path until they eventually arrive at the second pokemon gym-home to pokemon gym leader bugsy.  The gang enter the gym and all of a sudden a caterpie comes out of the trees, creeping misty out.  Then more caterpies emerge along with more metapods, totally creeping misty out.  They run on to meet bugsy stuck up in a tree.  He asks ash to pick up his ladder and place it up against the tree so he can get down.  Ash then challenges bugsy to a match.  Bugsy accepts and they're off.  Bugsy chooses spinarak and ash chooses cyndaquil.   However cyndaquils burners aren't working.  Cyndaquil is returned after getting stuck to the ground by spinaraks string shot.  Ash then sends out chikorita who after a long battle finally knocks out spinarak.  Bugsy then sends out metapod.  Metapod uses harden which makes chikoritas razor leaf and vine whip totally uneffective.  Metapod finishes chikorita off with a tackle attack.  Ash returns chikorita and sends out pikachu.  Pikachu has a battle with metapod and manages to beat him.  Bugsy recalls metapod and sends out

Scyther.  Scyther makes short work of pikachu so ash calls him back.  He then sends out cyndaquil whos burners are working fine now.  Scyther is looking like the victor in this battle.  Scyther uses a move which is supposed to block all fire pokemon attacks.  Ash commands cyndaquil to jump up in the air and spin around.  Ash tells cyndaquil to use flamethrower which he does.  He then uses tackle to finish off scyther.  Bugsy is surprised but presents ash with his second johto league badge.  The gang head on towards there next adventure when they realise they have forgoten to get there apricorn

Pokeballs from kurt.  They here a shout and it turns out to be kurts daughter with the apricorn pokeballs.  The gang get one each.  They ask if kurt has oppened the g.s. ball but the girl replies no.  The gang head off down the path after saying there goodbyes to kurts daughter.  



Here’s the reveiw :

Gettin’ The Bugs Out !!

It starts off with the trio walking to the 2nd gym.When they get there Misty says it looks more of a garden then a pokemon gym, afterwards a caterpie pops out from behind a tree and Misty starts to scream saying how she hates bug pokemon.Then a voice calls out “ your ignaronce is really showing Miss, because everyone knows bug pokemon are the best “. Ash then calls back up to the person who turns out to be Bugsy the gymleader Bugsy accepts ash’es challenge but asks them to help him down from the tree after Bugsy got down ash told him to be more carefull and Bugsy just blamed them for distracting him.

Then we see T.R. who are disscussing another way to catch Picachu they disguise themselves to blend in with the garden scenery but james’s victreebell gives them away and some bug pokemon trap them with string shot.

Then the battle begins Bugsy started off with a spinarak while ash started with cyndaquill, but cyndaquill’s fire was not lit after a while spinarak caught cyndaquill in some string shot and after cyndaquill took a poison sting attack Ash re-called it and sent out chikorita, chikorita then used vine whip but spinarak dodged and dodged with string shot finally chikorita used sweet smell to stop spinarak in its tracks and finished it off with a tackle attack.

Then we saw TR making another plan to capture pikchau they would tunnel underneath the battle feild and dig up to Pikachu and take it.

Bugsy then sent out Metapod who felt none of chikortia’s attacks as it used harden it then jumped high into the air and Ko’d chikorita with a tackle.Ash then sent out pikachu who dodged all of Metapod’s attacks then pikachu jumped onto Metapod and gave it a ThunderBolt Koing the Metapod.Bugsy then sent out scyther .Tr sang their Moto and dug up but into the wrong place right behind scyther, scyther then used double team pikachu unleashed a thunderbolt which went and hit Tr , but scyther wasn’t touched and Ko’d Pikachu with fury cutter.

Ash then sent out his last pokemon cyndaquill after a while cyndaquill’s flame finally lit and used flamethrower but to no avail as scyther used swords dance to deflect the attack Then Bugsy told ash that with swords dance scyther could withstand any fire attack,then ash got an idear  he told cyndaquill to ready its flamethrower which made bugsy use swords dance then ash told cyndaquill to jump above scyther and point its body straight down,the wind scyther was making kept cyndaquill up. Ash then told it to use flame thrower which hit it’s target and the cyndaquill finished it off with a falling tackle. Ash had won his 2nd johnto badge a hive badge.As ash & co left azelea they realised they had forgotton their apricorn pokeballs just then maisy ran up to them and gave them to them.Oh and when TR finally came round they were cornered by the gyms bug pokemon.

Who’s that pokemon Elekid!

I give this episode five out of five.

Quilava........... :)


With the Azalea Gym now re-opened, Ash, Misty and Brock head there so Ash can
attempt to earn his second Johto League badge. But when they arrive at the
gym, they fear they have the wrong place as it appears to be an indoor
forest, not a Pokemon gym. Mist soon becomes to dislike the place as it is
filled with bug Pokemon, but the gang meet Bugsy, who explains to them that
this is the gym and that he is the gym leader, a bug trainer. Ash challenges
him and so the battle commences.

First up Ash chooses Cyndaquil, certain that its fire power will beat Bugsy's
Spinarak. But Cyndaquil is tired and needs to warm up before its flame can
ignite. While successfully dodging Spinarak's string shot attacks, Ash thinks
Cyndaquil can warm up in time, when Bugsy sprays the entire arena with string
shot. Rather than lose, Ash withdraws Cyndaquil and brings out Chikorita.

In a close battle, Chikorita manages to defeat Spinarak by using sweet scent.
Bugsy calls out Metapod.

As Chikorita attacks Metapod, it uses harden, rendering Chikorita's attacks
useless. But then in a surprising move, Metapod tackles Chikorita, knocking
it out. Surprised at the speed of Bugsy's Metapod, Ash calls out Pikachu to
battle. As the battle rages, Metapod stirs up the dust to confuse Pikachu,
however still being able to hear it, Pikachu dodges Metapod and manages to
hit it with a thunderbolt.

With Bugsy down to his last Pokemon, he calls out his best fighter, Scyther.

Trying his best, Pikachu fights Scyther but is defeated by his speed and
strength. Knowing he has only one option left, Ash calls out Cyndaquil.
Fortunately Cyndaquil dodges Scyther's attacks and eventually relights its
flame. But as it uses flamethrower, Scyther's sword dance blows the flames
back like a fan. Determined not to be beaten, Ash tells Cyndaquil to use
flamethrower again. But as Scyther uses swords dance, Cyndaquil jumps into
the air so that it is right above Scyther. Using flamethrower from above,
Cyndaquil knocks out Scyther, winning the match and earning Ash a Hive Badge.

As our heros prepare to leave Azalea Town, they realise that they have
forgotten something. At that momet, Kurt's granddaughter, Maisy, comes
running up to them to give them their Apricorn PokeBalls. Brock takes the
HeavyBall, while Ash and Misty choose the LureBalls. Maisy tells them that
Kurt is still looking into the GS ball and tells them that they can pick it
up on the way back to Pallet Town.
(Team Rocket make an attempt to capture Pikachu, but it is such a small part
of the story that I didn;t bother to include it.)

Who's that Pokemon? - Elekid


Ash, Misty, and Brock are walking to the Azalea Town Gym. Misty asks Ash what he

thinks the outcome of the battle will be like. He says he’ll win, but Misty reminds Ash that he doesn’t have Charizard anymore, and that Charizard won most of Ash’s gym battles. Ash knows that Cyndaquil shouldn’t have any trouble.

They get to the Azalea Town Gym, but it looks more like a forest. Then, Misty gets frightened, because the gym is filled with Caterpie, Weedle, Metapod, Kakuna, and other Bug Pokemon. They then see a boy in a tree. He introduces himself as Bugsy, the Azalea Town Gym Leader. Ash then challenges him to a battle.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket sneaks into the gym, but their sneak attack is ruined by James’ Victreebel screaming. All the Bug Pokemon do String Shot and catch them.

Bugsy and Ash’s battle begins. Bugsy starts out with Spinarak. Ash sends out Cyndaquil. Brock says that Ash made a good choice, but Cyndaquil can’t get its fire started. It gets worn out by Spinarak using String Shot and Poison Sting. Ash recalls it. Brock says that Ash is in trouble, since Cyndaquil is the only Pokemon he has that’s strong against Bug-Types. Ash sends out Chikorita next. Despite what Bugsy, Misty and Brock say, Chikorita uses Sweet Scent and Tackle and knocks out Spinarak. Bugsy recalls it and sends out Metapod. Brock warns Ash to be careful, because Bugsy wouldn’t use a Metapod unless it was really strong. It is really strong, using Tackle and Harden to defeat Chikorita. Ash recalls it and sends out Pikachu.

Pikachu is getting work out quickly, but it manages to defeat Metapod with Electric Attacks and Quick Attack. Bugsy recalls Metapod and sends out Scyther.  Pikachu is easily defeated by Fury Cutter. Ash’s only hope now is Cyndaquil. Ash sends it out, and while running from Scyther, manages to get its flame going. Ash tells Cyndaquil to use Flamethrower, but Scyther uses Swords Dance to block it.  Ash then comes up with a plan. He has Cyndaquil jump up above Scyther and use Flamethrower. Cyndaquil defeats Scyther, and Ash earns the Hive Badge.

As Ash and friends get ready to leave Azalea Town, Misty remembers that they forgot to get their custom balls from Kurt! Maisy comes running along and shows them the Lure Balls and Heavy Ball. Ash and Misty take Lure Balls, and Brock takes a Heavy Ball. The episode ends as Team Rocket comes up from the floor of the Azalea Gym, and all the Bug Pokemon attack them.

Summary written by Petey


Episode 141- Gettin’ the bugs out

Ash, Misty, and Brock finally make it to the Azalea Town Pokemon gym for Ash to earn his Hive Badge.  They finally walk in, and the see a huge greenhouse forest.  All of a sudden, they see a kid sitting up in a tree, and he asks for help getting down, and he explains that when they startled him, he knocked over his ladder.  He finally gets down, and introduces himself.  His name is Bugsy, and he’s the gym leader.  Ash walks up to him, and challenges him to a battle.

They step into the arena, and they start the battle.  The announcer says it will be a three-round battle.  First, Bugsy sends out Spinarak, and Ash sends out Cyndaquil.  The battle starts out Spinarak using String Attack, and Cyndaquil dodges it, over and over again, until it got tired, and Spinarak strung him.  Ash retreated, instead of letting Cyndaquil faint.  Then, surprisingly, he sent out Chikorita!

He commanded it to use Vine Whip, and then Spinarak fainted!  Bugsy returned Spinarak, and sent out Metapod.

Ash commanded Chikorita to use Vine Whip again, Metapod used Harden, and the vines didn’t make a scratch!  Chikorita keeps using Vine Whip, and Metapod using Harden, until Ash finally orders Chikorita to use Razor Leaf, and Metapod Hardened again.  Bugsy commanded it to use..... TACKLE!!?  Metapod jumped up in the air, and landed on Chikorita, fainting it!!!!!  Ash called Chikorita back into it’s Pokeball, and sent out Pikachu.  Ash commanded Pikachu to use Quick Attack, and Metapod blocked it!  Bugsy commanded it to use Tackle.  Ash didn’t  want Pikachu to faint like Chikorita, so he commanded it to use Agility, and Metapod kept hopping around, with Pikachu dodging.  Finally, Ash commanded Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, and it worked!  Metapod was gone!  Bugsy returned Metapod, and said to Ash that barely anybody had ever made to the last round before.  Then, he sent out Scyther!  Then, Bugsy commanded Scyther to use Fury Cutter, an attack that got stronger every time you used it.Pikachu finally couldn’t take it anymore, after five Fury Cutter attacks, and was knocked unconscious.  Ash had only one Pokemon left, so he sent out Cyndaquil again.  Ash commanded it to use Flamethrower, but Cyndaquil couldn’t get it’s burners going.

So Scyther used Swords Dance, which hurt Cyndaquil pretty badly.  Ash commanded it to use Flamethrower again, and Cyndaquil did get heated up, and he used the attack, but it didn’t work on Scyther!  Bugsy explained that he and his Scyther had been training so long, Scyther won over fire!  So Ash came up with a strategy.  He commanded Cyndaquil to jump over Scyther’s head, and use Flamethrower over it so it can’t get out.  Cyndaquil did it....... and it worked!  “Scyther is unable to battle!  The challenger from Pallet Town wins the match!”  The announcer declared.  Hah!  About time Ash won another badge, huh?  Bugsy was impressed, and he gave Ash his Hive Badge.  So Ash, Misty, and Brock waved farewell, and continued their journey on to Goldenrod City.  Suddenly, Macy, (Kurt’s granddaughter from the episode before, “Going Apricorn”) comes up to them and gives them there Apricorn Pokeballs, courtesy of Kurt.  Brock got a Heavy Ball, and Ash, and Misty both got Lure Balls. 


next episode:  #142- The trick of the trade

Who’s that Pokemon?  HITMONTOP!

- Bean11bean


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