Episode 123 Chikorita Rescue

Here's another summary from yours truly.
Ash and them are walking on a path when they come upon a Chikorita bathing in the sun. Ash yells out to see if anyone owns it, no one replies, and Ash fights the Chikorita. He sends out Bulbasaur first, he puts up a good fight, but a stray Vine Whip from Chikorita knocks him out. Ash then sends out Charizard. Chikorita runs at Charizard, Charizard sticks out his foot and blocks Chikorita. Chikorita attacks Charizard with Razor Leaf, Charizard counters with Flamethrower, burning the leaves to a crisp. Charizard then flies at Chikorita to Tackle it, but Chikorita wraps his vines around Charizard and throws him off balance, and into a rock wall, Chikorita still hanging on. Chikorita hits the wall too and is knocked unconscious. Ash picks up Chikorita and begins to rush him to a Pokemon Centre. T-Rocket was spying on the battle from the bushes, and thinks that a spunky Chikorita like the one Ash is holding would be better suited for T-Rocket...
Who's that Pokemon? It's Quagsire!!!
Ash and them arrive at the Pokemon Centre, and Chikorita begins to stir, and bites Ash. They go inside and Chikorita is brought into the Emergency Room. After awhile, Nurse Joy comes out and tells them that the Chikorita will be alright. Ash and the group go to check on Chikorita, he looks alright, and suddenly, two doctors and a small Pokemon rush in, take the stretcher Chikorita is on. Then Ash recognizes the doctors as T-Rocket, and then they speed away in the Ambulance. Ash then starts running after the van, gets on a ledge above the van, and jumps onto the roof of it. The scene then switches back to Ash, Brock and Nurse Joy, and they are worried about Chikorita. Misty says that Ash'll be alright as long as he has his Pokemon, but then stops short when she realizes that Ash left his Pokemon at the Centre!! Uh oh..... Anyways, back to Ash, him and Pikachu are standing outside a little cottage in the snow, and Ash goes to send out Charizard to melt all the snow with Flamethrower, but then he realizes that he left his Pokemon back at the Centre! The scene switches to T-Rocket, and they are trying to convince Chikorita to join their team. Then, Ash busts in, mocks T-Rocket's motto, and pelts them all with snowballs. During the distractions, Pikachu grabs Chikorita, and they run outside. Ash is still stalling T-Rocket, when he hears Pikachu yelling. Him and Chikorita are trapped!! He runs to help, but is then caught himself too. They break free of the rope binding them all together, and start rolling down a hill, in a humungous snowball!! Eventually, they come to a stop in a tree, the large rope holding the 3 together snaps. Now concealed by snow, they have cover as T-Rocket drives by on a jet powered snowmobile. Ash and the other 2 are walking around, trying to get out of the snow, when Chikorita wanders off. Ash bids him farewell silently, and it starts to lightly snow. Ash and Pikachu find cover and build a fire. Ash starts thinking about Chikorita, how spunky he is, how much stamina he has in battle, his never-ending determination, and he then goes off to find Chikorita, telling Pikachu to stay behind in case Misty and Brock come looking for them. Ash runs around for a while looking for Chikorita and calling out his name, he finds a cute couple of Nidoran (awww) and then eventually spots Chikorita, freezing to death. He then asks Chikorita if he wants to come take shelter with him and Pikachu, and he agrees, and it's evident that he's warming up to Ash. Ash walks back to the shelter he found, Pikachu happy to see him, and both him and Chikorita warm up in Ash's jacket. The morning comes, and they break free of the snow, to find T-Rocket waiting for them, Meowth strapped to a large machine. He pushes a button, and snowballs are flung at Ash. Chikorita attacks with Razorleaf, making the machine malfunction, and it starts pelting Jessie and James with snowballs, then Pikachu steps in, Thunderbolts the machine, and sends T-Rocket flying away again! Back at the Pokemon Centre, Ash is bidding farewell to Chikorita, and walks off, but then Chikorita comes running up, and starts snuggling Ash. Nurse Jenny then says that Chikorita must want to go with Ash, and Ash asks Chikorita if he wants to join the team, he answers yes, and Ash does his victory pose, happy to be the prowd owner of a Chikorita!!! And that's it for today!!

- burnoutboy12345


         Ash, Misty, and Brock, still on their way to Violet City, have found a mountain.
Brock gets excited and wants to go up on the mountain to see the girls. Misty
wants to go skiing. Ash interrupts their thoughts and tells them that he found
something more interesting than skiing. He shows Misty and Brock the Chikorita
that he found. He then decides to capture it. Chikorita wakes up and is angry. Ash
sends Bulbasaur out. Bulbasaur is doing fine at first, but when Chikorita
surprises Bulbasaur with a Vine Whip, Bulbasaur is out. Ash recalls it and sends
out Charizard. Charizard weakens it and tells Charizard to finish Chikorita off
with a tackle, but Chikorita's Vine Whip ties up Charizard and they crash into a
mountain. Ash recalls Charizard and brings Chikorita to the Pokemon Center.
         Meanwhile, Team Rocket watched the battle and they want to steal Chikorita for
         Ash and co. take Chikorita to the Pokemon Center and Nurse Joy says that
Chikorita will be fine. She also tells Ash that Chikorita around the area have
been known to be stubborn. Then, Team Rocket comes and steals Chikorita! Ash runs
after it, but forgets all his Pokemon. When he remembers this, it's too late.
         Team Rocket are in their cabin trying to convince Chikorita to join their team.
Ash comes and saves Chikorita, but it runs away. Ash spends the night in a cave
with Pikachu. He remembers all that Chikorita has been through. Ash leaves Pikachu
and the cave and goes after Chikorita. He finds it and they spend the night
         The next day, Ash, Pikachu and Chikorita manage to get Team Rocket away and get
Chikorita back to the Pokemon Center. But Chikorita doesn't want to leave Ash. Ash
decides to capture it, and Chikorita is his new Pokemon!

Review by Petey.


Ash, Misty and Brock on their way to Violet City, they see a mountain covered
with snow and Brock fantasizes about meeting girls at a Ski Lodge. Then Ash
points out a Chikorita in an open grassy area, Brock points out its sun
bathing and it is giving out a scent from its petals. They wonder if it is a
wild Pokemon, then Ash approaches it and yells out to see if it belongs to
anyone. The Chikorita gets up and ready to battle and Ash sends out
Bulbasaur, Bulbasaur does a Vine-Whip and the Chikorita uses a Razor Leaf
then Bulbasaur uses a Tackle attack and Ash throws a Poke-Ball. The capture
fails and Bulbasaur is defeated by the Chikorita, then Ash sends out
Charizard and the wild Chikorita attempts to hurt Charizard, but then
Charizard does a Flame-Thrower but is back fired by some fancy moves by
Chikorita. Charizard does a tackle attack, but Chikorita uses Vine-Whip on it
and they are both flying off and knock i! nto the side of a hill and they are
both hurt.

Chikorita is hurt but still wants to battle, but then realizes its too weak
to battle. The scene goes to Team Rocket talking about trying to capture
Chikorita for their own team. Meanwhile at the Poke-Center, Ash takes the
Chikorita to get it healed, Nurse Joy walks out of the E.R and Brock goes
crazy over her. Ash and Misty then argue over whos Pokemon will be healed
first, they then see the Chikorita lying there weak at the Poke-Center and
Nurse Joy tells them how all the Chikorita around there are stubborn and
always battle. Then two people come a long and take Chikorita away for more
care, they finally realize its Team Rocket and they send out Weezing to do a
Smog attack and get away in an ambulance vehicle.

Ash then takes a shortcut to get in front of them driving away, Ash sees them
driving by and jumps on the roof of the vehicle. Misty, Brock and Nurse Joy
are discussing about the poor Chikorita and realize Ash left his Poke-Balls
behind. Meanwhile Ash is in the bushed thinking a plan until he realizes he
has no Pokemon. Team Rocket are in a cabin and try to talk Chikorita into
joining the Team Rocket Pokemon team legally by signing a contract. Ash yells
out not to sign it and Ash recites his own version of the Team Rocket motto
and Jesse and James are very annoyed, Ash and Pikachu then throw snow-balls
at them and Pikachu and Chikorita run out of the cabin but are then stuck in
some traps and so is Ash attempting to help them out.

Ash, Pikachu and Chikorita end up falling down a side of snow-covered hill
together till they finally get caught up in a tree and fall over with snow
covering them. Team Rocket drive right past them looking for Chikorita, they
then surface from the snow and get loose from the traps. They are all stuck
in the snow, then suddenly Chikorita runs off, then Ash and Pikachu are
sitting by a fire in a cave and Ash thinks about Chikorita seeing if it will
be ok. Ash runs off to look for Chikorita it is cold, snowing heavily then
Ash sees two Nidoran and then falls down a little ledge, and sees Chikorita
while getting up. Chikorita is real cold and Ash picks it up and they hug
each other Pikachu at the cave sees them both walking back and Ash puts
Pikachu and Chikorita in his jacket all warm they sleep till the next morning.

Its the morning after and head back the local Pokemon Center when they are
interrupted by Team Rocket again, Meowth has a snow-ball making machine and
fires it at Ash, Pikachu and Chikorita. Ash tells Chikorita to Vine-Whip the
machine on Meowth and it goes crazy, Pikachu uses a Thunderbolt and are then
blasting off again. Brock, Misty and Nurse Joy spot them and they all head
down to the Pokemon Center and say their goodbyes, Chikorita is left with
Nurse Joy but then it starts running out to Ash and wants to join Ashs
Pokemon team and Chikorita gives Ash a kiss and officially joins the Ashs
Pokemon team.

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