Episode 119 - Spinarak Attack

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They gang is passing through Katalia City (I think that's how you spell it). Suddenly sirens go off, and Officer Jenny drives by. Brock gets all weird, and runs off, but then, a large Spinarak drops in front of Misty, and she freaks right out. The scene switches to two people in black, and a mischievous cat Pokemon (guess who!!), standing in front of a door, trying to unlock it, using Meowth's claws. A nail breaks, and they all complain about the fact that they'll never be able to follow the footsteps of another notorious cat burgular, The Black Arachnid. They try to steal something, they get noticed, and they reveal themselves as the Black Arachnid 2. The scene switches to Officer Jenny, and she orders for the Spinarak to make more webs to trap the Black Arachnid. Then, Ash and friends are discovered wrapped up tightly in Spinarak webs. Jenny releases them, and she recognizes them as the professional Pokemon crime fighters that helped get the Totodile back. Another Spinarak drops in front of Misty, she panics, and Jenny tells them that it's the cutest of them all, and that the Spinarak are used in police work to trap thieves. She then gives a background of how the Spinarak that trapped the Black Arachnid, and then Jenny leads the group to an office, where Spinarak are seen dangling everywhere. Misty gets all freaked again, and then Ash and everyone agree to help catch the Pokemon cat burgulars. The scene switches back to T-Rocket, eating away and James is complaining about why they have to use James' priceless bottle cap collection as calling cards, and why Meowth can't use Pay Day. Meowth is sick about hearing of Pay Day, attacks Jessie, and she tells Meowth that they are not interested in Pikachu for once (I can't believe it!!) They then hatch their plot... Back to the others, they are making their ideas to catch the burgulars, and a man comes up and says he got a letter from the Black Arachnid 2, saying they're going to steal something from him tonight, and Ash is positive that the copy-cat cat burgulars will be caught that night....
Who's that Pokemon?? It's Snubbull!!!
Everyone is waiting around for the thieves, and Ash claims that they are professionals, and have not hit a case they couldn't solve yet. Ash sends out Heracross, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charizard, and tells them to hide in different places. Spinarak is then told to weave trapping webs. Everyone is confident that the burgulars will not be able to get into the mansion, and they all head back inside. Ash is getting tired, and Misty starts *****ing at him. The clock strikes midnight, and still nothing has happened. The man is happy that nothing has happened to his trophy, and treats everyone to a buffet of food for doing a good job. All of a sudden, the lights go out, and T-Rocket rappel in. They do their stupid motto again, and reveal that they've been hiding in the attic ever since they delivered the letter. They reveal that they didn't come to steal exactly at midnight like they said they would because they fell asleep. James and Jessie make off with the trophy, and all of a sudden, their balloon stops dead, caught in the web that Spinarak wove earlier. They start fanning the air, and start moving slowly. Ash makes Squirtle used Water Gun, Bulbasaur uses Razor Leaf and Charizard uses Flamethrower, and burns the webs away. Spinarak webs them in place, and Charizard uses Tackle attack, which sends T-Rocket flying. The trophies are falling, and everyone does their part to catch them. Officer Jenny then thanks them for their help, and Brock starts sucking up to Jenny again. Jenny tells them that their actions will not be forgotten, and the team leaves. And they're back on the road again. Back to T-Rocket, they're all crying about how they all failed. Jessie blames everything on them, and they start arguing, and then get into a big shoving match, which looks pretty pointless to me.... That's it everyone!! Hope you enjoyed it!!

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Pokemon Episode Guide: Spinarak Attack

Ash and gang are passing through Patalia City, famous for its magnificent
buildings and a famous thief.  A police car passes by them and Brock gets
excited as a police car usually means Officer Jenny.  Brock trips over a
hidden string and a green thing with a face floats down like a spider.  Misty
thinks it is cute until it reveals eight legs and a head, then she goes crazy
claiming it as a bug.  The somewhat happy face changes to become angry.

Team Rocket are carefully walking through a yard when they come upon a
building.  Meowth uses its claws to try to pick the lock, but is unable to do
so as he complains about a broken claw.  Team Rocket seems to be following in
the tracks of the famous Black Arachnid.  James manages to pick the lock and
they enter, finding a pottery warehouse.  The owner appears behind them and
Team Rocket scare him away by Pay Day, only James throws bottle caps and not
Meowth throwing the money.

Officer Jenny is inspecting the bottle caps on the floor, deducting that they
are probably from Pay Day.   A policeman runs up to Officer Jenny, telling
her that he thinks that they have caught the burglars.  It turns out that Ash
and gang are caught up in Spinarak's web.  They are freed and then Officer
Jenny tells them that they must be the Professional Pokemon Crime Fighters. 
She tells them that they had hung Spinarak webs around the city so they could
catch the Black Arachnid, or at least followers of the Black Arachnid.

Ash and gang agree to help out, especially Brock.  A Spinarak appears in
front of Misty and she starts to get a little nervous.  Officer Jenny
explains that that Spinarak is one of the cutest ones on the Police Team. 
Ash wonders why they don't have Growlithe instead.  Officer Jenny explains
that since the Black Arachnid was caught by a Spinarak's web, the Police
Force decided to adopt them as their official Pokemon instead.  After all,
Officer Jenny's ancestor had the ancestor of the cutest Spinarak, and
together they caught the Black Arachnid.  Since then, the Police Force use
Spinarak in their investigations.

Team Rocket perch on a clock tower, figuring out what next move they should
make.  Meowth eats some rice from the pottery bowl they had stolen and James
complains that he had almost used up all his bottle caps from his
collection.  After some complications, Jessie decides to send a note to the
next person they decide to steal from, just like Jessie's idol, the Black

Ash and gang and Officer Jenny are discussing their next move when a
policeman comes in and tells them that the Black Arachnid is planning another
robbery.  The robbery will supposedly take place in a mansion with a rather
interesting trophy.  The time will be around midnight. 

Ash and gang along with Officer Jenny wait until midnight.  Spinarak makes a
web across the mansion grounds, Squirtle covers the pool, Bulbasaur the
flower patch, Heracross the tree, and Charizard poses as a statue behind the
Blastoise fountain.  Nothing happens at the midnight hour, so the owner of
the mansion awards Ash and gang along with Officer Jenny a midnight meal. 
When the finish, Team Rocket slide down from the attic, and attempt to steal
the trophy.  They have been hiding out in the attic all day so they didn't
get caught up in the Pokemon security.

They are able to get away, but are stopped by Spinarak's strong web and the
Meowth balloon is suspended.  Ash sends out Squirtle who uses Water Gun,
Bulbasaur who uses Razor Leaf to cut the balloon, and Charizard who
accidentally burns away the web.  Spinarak uses its string to hold the
balloon which is now swaying side to side.  Charizard Tackles the balloon and
Team Rocket go flying towards the night sky.  The group manages to save all
the stolen items, the mansion owner's trophy is saved by Spinarak's string.

Ash and gang say their goodbyes to Officer Jenny and Spinarak.  Ash and gang
are then special memories in the minds of the people.  Team Rocket pouts over
their lost treasure and then civil war breaks out within the three as they
blame each other for the loss of their treasure.

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