Episode 130 - Tanks a lot!

This is the summary of the episode Tanks A Lot.

It starts out with the whole gang asleep when a young Senret arrives.
It starts poking at Ash who doesn't get up thinking it's Pikachu. So it
tries to wake Togepei and makes him roll down a hill (To Team Rocket)
They are testing their newest weapon, the Arbotank which can get through
anything. James and Meowth have switched to cheap meals to save money
(Apparently it cost their life savings.) They accuse Jesse of not
chipping in, but she says she's had only "1 dessert per meal." Then
Togepei and Senret roll into the tank and get it started leaving Team
Rocket behind! (Back to the gang) Ash & his friends wake up because of
the tank and they find Togepei missing. A Senret tells them that her
baby is missing too. Brock has a plan to stop the tank. While Senret
warns the Pokemon away the gang gets to work. The plan is to dig a hole
and fill it with water. Team Rocket shows up chasing the tank leaving
the gang puzzled over who is driving. The tank is in eyesight and
inside, Togepei and baby Senret are having the time of their life. They
don't even care that they'll run over Misty and the mother Senret. The
hole is finished just in time and the tank splashes in it.

Who's That Pokemon?
It's Igglybuff

They find Togepei and Senret in the tank, but only wind up getting
Pikachu and Meowth trapped inside. The tank escapes the trap does not
work and it may may be destroyed when it crashes into an upcoming
mountain. Togepei uses the technique it did to save them on Pinkan
island, but everyone suspects the tank drilled through it. The Arbotank
is getting very close to a city and will run over it if something's not
done soon. Brock's new plan is to have Charizard fly ahead of the tank
and stop it. Then Pikachu blows up the tank. Team Rocket is against
this since it cost their life savings. The plan works and everyone
except Meowth is out of the tank in time and Team Rocket blasts off.
Misty and the mother Senret scold their babies for the reckless
driving. Then Officer Jenny thanks them for driving the tank because
now cars can drive through the hole it drilled.


- Lance


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