Episode #144 -  The Fire-Ring Squad

Our friends have stopped at a Pokemon Center. Ash calls Professor
Oak, he's going to send his Tauros back. Professor Oak says that's
okay, but he wants to keep Heracross a while longer. Ash tells
Heracross to do whatever the Professor tells it.
Nurse Joy complements Ash on taking such good care of his Pokemon.
Brock flirts with her, but she says she has to examine more Pokemon for
the upcoming Fire and Rescue Grand Prix and she goes, leaving Ash
wondering what the Grand Prix is.
Later they stop by an arena and they see a poster advertising the
Grand Prix. It's a firefighting competition for water Pokemon. Ash
wants to sign up but Misty points out he only has one water Pokemon:
Squirtle. Ash isn't worried, he'll just borrow Misty's Staryu and
Psyduck, which she isn't too thrilled with.
They go to sign up and meet an old friend, Captain Aiden and Team
Wartortle. Brock comments that the Wartortle look well-trained, and
Misty tells him about the time they met Team Wartortle in the Orange
Islands. It turns out they're the returning champions.
Next they go to a training area, where there are teams of
Polywhirls, Quagsires, Marills, Vaporeons and Golducks practising.
Misty is surprised that Ash was allowed to join at such short notice but
Captain Aiden had told the officials that Ash's Pokemon had proven
themselves to be good firefighters. Brock says it'll take more than
luck to win this competition, but Ash and his team are confident.
Squirtle looks around and sees Officer Jenny and the Squirtle Squad!
The team isn't looking happy. Jenny gives them a pep talk but they're
still nervous. Squirtle runs over and greets them, and the others say
hello to Jenny. Although the Squirtle Squad is obviously intimidated by
Team Wartortle, they shake hands, and everyone is looking forward to the
Team Rocket is watching with binoculars. They'll capture all the
water Pokemon and give some to the boss, keep some, and sell the rest
for the money.
The Squirtles chat for a bit, it's good to see old friends. Jenny
asks Aiden if they can share the practise time and Aiden says okay.
Each team lines up in front of a series of targets. Team Wartortle
works together and blasts each target square on with their Water Guns,
but the Squirtle Squad can't even hit the targets. Ash's Squirtle
gets frustrated by this, stomps on all their tails to get their
attention and takes charge. With their former leader giving the orders,
the Squad improves dramatically and shoots down the targets. Captain
Aiden is impressed that the Squad pulled together so well and Brock says
that no matter how long they've been apart, the leader is still the
The competition begins in the arena. Two small wooden houses are
set on fire, and two teams compete to put the fire out first. It's Team
Ketchum (Squirtle, Staryu, Psyduck, Pikachu) against a team of four
Muks. Ash's team does well until Psyduck gets in Staryu's way and is
thrown into the burning house. Squirtle rescues Psyduck but the delay
costs them time and the Muks smother their fire to win. Ash is
Who's that Pokemon: Houndour<
Next the Squirtle Squad go up against a Golduck team. Captain Aiden
is concerned that the pressure of the competition will break the Squad's
The houses are lighted. The Golduck team gets off to a strong
start, but the Squirtle Squad just stand there, unable to do anything.
Jenny encourages them and they run forward, but trip over each other.
Finally they get their act together but the Golduck team is way ahead.
Squirtle and Ash run out onto the field, Jenny tells them the Squad
isn't listening to her. Pikachu Thunderbolts them to get their
attention, and Ash tells Squirtle that the team needs their leader.
With Squirtle in charge, the Squad rallies and catches up to the
Golducks, eventually beating them. Jenny tells Ash that his Squirtle is
a natural-born leader.
Suddenly the house erupts in flames again, and Team Rocket appears
in a giant robot with flamethrowers in its arms. They spout fire at
Ash, Jenny and the Squirtles. Captain Aiden orders Team Wartortle to
use their Water Gun attacks against the robot, but TR turns up the power
and the team is hard-pressed to stop it.
Other teams arrive on the field to help. The robot captures all the
Pokemon with nets (including Pikachu) and pulls them inside. Ash wants
to help Pikachu but Jenny pulls him back as TR begins to shoot fire all
over the place.
Ash tells his Squirtle that he has to lead the Squirtle Squad to
beat Team Rocket, and Squirtle agrees. The Squad makes a plan, and they
all put on their sunglasses before attacking the robot. The robot tries
to stomp on them but they jump out of the way.
Eventually they get the robot to lose its balance and fall over.
Squirtle uses a Skull Bash attack to get inside the cockpit and short
circuit the controls. All the captured Pokemon escape and Squirtle
jumps out safely. Despite the damage to their robot, TR tries to attack
again. Squirtle and Pikachu attack together, causing the robot to
explode and send TR blasting off.
As the field is being repaired, Ash congratulates Squirtle and says
that the Squirtle Squad needs a good leader - him. Squirtle agrees.
The competition resumes. The Squirtle Squad and Team Wartortle both
do very well. The last event has the Squad against Team Wartortle in a
timed match where they have to rescue a Clefairy from a burning house.
After a very close race, the Squirtle Squad wins it by just one second!
The Squad celebrates and Captain Aiden congratulates them on a job well
Soon it's time to say goodbye. Ash tells Squirtle to be careful
while fighting fires. Squirtle wants to shake hands with Bulbasaur; it
hesitates before using its vines to shake with. Jenny drives away on
her motorbike with the Squirtle Squad. Ash calls out that they'll
always be friends no matter what, and remembers some of the adventures
they shared together.

Alex Obert


Subject: The Firing Squad
Ash is at the Pokemon Center getting Pikachu,Bulbasaur,
Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Squirtle healed by Nurse Joy.
Brock is having the crush on Nurse Joy again, but then makes
an excuse about helping in the Pokemon Firefighting Contest,
(I think that's what it's called) for Water Pokemon.  Misty reminds
Ash his only Water Pokemon is Squirtle but Ash borrows Staryu
and Psyduck from Misty.  Captain Aiden shows up with Team
Wartortle.  Squirtle and the Wartortle Leader shake hands.  Misty
tells Brock about Squirtle and Wartortle rescuing a kid in a fire (The
Pokemon Water War). Ash and group sees all the Water Pokemon.
Officer Jenny walks in with the Squirtle Squad, but all the Squirtle
look terrible.  Squirtle runs over to the Squad. Captain Aiden and Jenny
are happy to meet each other.  Captain Aiden and Ash are getting warmed
up for the contest by hitting targets with Water Gun.  Team Wartortle
against Squirtle Squad.  The Squad is doing bad.  Squirtle gets mad.
The Squirtle Squad won.  First in the Contest are a bunch of Muk against
Squirtle Squad.  Squirtle Squad does bad again so they lost to Muk who
used Body Slam on the fire.  Next it's Team Golduck v.s. Ash. Ash's Pokemon
used Water Gun.  Pikachu kicks sand in the fire. Staryu Water Guns Psyduck
into the fire.  Squirtle rescues Psyduck.  They catch up to Golduck. They won.
Finally, Captain Aiden and Ash.  Wartortle and Squirtle rescue Clefairy in the
fire.  Squirtle wins.  Team Rocket stole the Water Pokemon in the contest
and Pikachu.  S.S. and Team Wartortle beat Team Rocket.  Ash's Pokemon
said goodbye.  Bulbasaur shook hands with vines.  Squirtle left with the
S.S. (There are Flashbacks of Squirtle).

                                         - Michael


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