Episode 128 - Fighting Flyer with Fire!!!

Here's another summary from yours truly.
Ash has finally reached the Violet City gym. He's really excited to go earn a badge! Just then, two people show up (guess who!!) and they tell Ash that he needs to have his Pokemon inspected before he goes to compete for a badge. The girl takes Pikachu, calls him a dud, and they "confiscate" him. They run off, and take off in their balloon, you guessed it, it's T-Rocket. Pikachu tries to Thundershock to get free, but it doesn't work, he's in a lightning-resistant glass jar. Ash sends out Heracross, and Meowth drops a jar of honey, it breaks open, and Heracross starts feeding. Suddenly, a man on a glider swoops in, gets his Hoothoot to get back Pikachu, and goes to land near Ash and them. Jessie get Arbok to use Poison Sting, which rips the glider to shreds. The man then uses Pidgeot to fly up to T-Rocket, and Wing Attacks T-Rocket away! The man returns Pikachu, and then Ash reminisces about the time his Pidgeot saved a bunch of Pidgeot's from a large Fearow. Then, the man starts to boast about his Pidgeot, and that he wants to be the greatest flying Pokemon trainer in the world! Then, Ash introduces himself to the man, who reveals he's the Violet City Gym Leader, Falkner! He brings Ash to a Pokemon Arena, and he's ready to win a badge! Falkner sends out Hoothoot, and Ash sends out Chikorita. Falkner tells Ash that Chikorita was a bad choice due to weakness. Chikorita does Vine Whip, misses, Hoothoot dives in, starts pecking, and Chikorita then uses Razor Leaf, misses, Hoothoot dives in, and knocks out Chikorita. Ash then sends out Pikachu. Pikachu takes up a battle pose....
Who's that Pokemon? It's Marill!!!
Pikachu glares at Hoothoot, and Round 2 begins! Hoothoot uses Tackle, and Pikachu uses Agility, and Hoothoot climbs in the air. Pikachu uses Thundershock, zaps Hoothoot, and then Pikachu uses Quick Attack to knock out Hoothoot. Falkner takes back Hoothoot, and sends out Dodrio! Falkner tells Ash that Dodrio has been unbeatable! Falkner's Dodrio can fly!! Pikachu and Dodrio square off with Agility! Pikachu then attacks with Thundershock! Dodrio jumps (kinda like flying) then uses Fury Swipes, nailing Pikachu, then uses Drill Peck, and goes to attack with Tri Attack, but Pikachu jumps on it's head, gets behind it, then attacks with Thundershock, Dodrio tries to get up, but falls back down, defeated. Falkner takes him back, and sends out Pidgeot! (uh oh....) Pikachu looks pretty beat, but doesn't wanna quit. Pikachu attacks with Thunderbolt, but it runs out of power, and Pidgeot takes Pikachu out of the fight with Whirlwind! Ash then sends out Charizard!! (SWEET!!) Charizard and Pidgeot glare at each other, then take off into the air. Charizard uses Flamethrower. Pidgeot dodges, Charizard Flamethrowers again, Pidgeot uses Agility, then Charizard uses Flamethrower, but it gets blown back at him with Whirlwind. Charizard flies, gets knocked down, Charizard looks tired, and Pidgeot uses Quick Attack. Falkner tells Ash to forfeit. Pidgeot comes in to attack Charizard with Quick Attack, Charizard flies behind Pidgeot, uses Agility, tries Quick Attack again, and nails Charizard, again and again. Ash then sees a pattern, tells Charizard to fly behind Pidgeot, it uses Agility, Charizard uses Fire Spin, then grabs Pidgeot, and uses Seismic Toss, winning the battle!!! Congratulations Ash!!!!! Falkner congratulates Ash, and gives him the Zephyr Badge. Ash does a victory pose, and Falkner then says he's gonna train harder to be a better flying Pokemon trainer. Scene switches to T-Rocket being pecked to death by Fearow. So much for them I guess... Two little cameo's. And that's it!! Hope you enjoyed it!!!

- Lance


Ash, Misty and Brock finally make it to Violet City! They're interrupted by 
two people who want to "inspect" Pokemon and immediately grab Pikachu, 
observe it and run off with it. Ash and co. finally recognize them as Team 
Rocket! Ash summons Heracross to retrieve Pikachu, but Meowth sends down a 
jap of sap which stops Heracross. When it looks like all is lost, a boy on a 
hang glider enters in. He summons Pidgeot and has it use Quick Attack on the 
balloon, sending TR blasting off again.
Ash and co. introduce themselves and the boy says that he's Falkner, the Gym 
Leader. He uses Flying Pokemon as his specialty. Ash immediately challenges 
The match is 3-on-3. Falkner uses Hoot-hoot as Pokemon #1; Ash uses 
Chikorita, who hops on Ash's shoulder immediately. (I think it cares for Ash 
a bit too much)
With a barrage of Tackle attacks, Chikorita is defeated. Round one to Falkner.
Ash then sends in Pikachu to battle.
Who's that Pokemon? It's MARRILL!!
Using Agility(as well as Thunder Bolt), Hoot-hoot is bested. Falkner sends 
out Dodrio, a Pokemon who's never been beaten. 
Both Pokemon use Agility but Dodrio matches Pikachu move for move.
Dodrio uses Fury Attack and Peck Attack and severely weakens Pikachu. Ash has 
it launch Thunder Bolt and then finally Thunder Attack which KO's Dodrio. 
Falkner is impressed and sends out Pidgeot. Pidgeot uses Whirlwind and 
instantly KO's Pikachu. 
Ash then sends out Charizard(Yay! My favorite Pokemon!!!) to battle. Both use 
Fly Attack and Charizard constantly uses Flamethrower but Pidgeot not only 
avoids the attack by using Agility Attack, it gets the advantage by using 
Whirlwind and Quick Attack, severely weakening Charizard. 
Ash orders Charizard to Fly again to avoid Quick Attack but it can't! It's 
wing must've took serious damage from the last attack. Falkner suggests that 
Ash forfeit, that it's his responsibility as a trainer to take care of his 
Pokemon. Ash also knows that he's never asked Charizard to do something it 
didn't want to do and Charizard flys! Still, is Charizard fast enough to 
avoid Quick Attack? It ends up getting hit again and again but is still in 
the air. Ash figures out that Pidgeot uses Agility to beam to the exact same 
spot. He has Charizard turn around and use Fire Spin;then it uses Seismic 
Toss and defeats Pidgeot!(Yeah!!Charizard did it!!) Ash wins his badge and 
leaves for the next town. 

- Reggie0122


After taking forever, Ash and friends finally reach Violet City. The trio are 
standing in front of the gym when Team Rocket shows up posing as Johto League 
Pokemon inspectors and insist on inspecting Pikachu (sound familiar: this 
happened when Ash met Richy at the Pokemon League). They then try making an 
escape in their balloon but the gym leader Falkner, flies in on a hang 
glider. He sends out HootHoot to grab Pikachu from Team Rocket, Jessie then 
has Arbok use poison sting to rip up the hang glider. As Falkner falls he 
bring out Pidgeot, gets on it's back then tears up Team Rockets balloon.
When he lands Ash thanks him and tells him in a flashback about his own 
Pidgeot. Falkner tells Ash how he hates it when people say flying Pokemon 
don't stand a chance against electric, how he loves flying with them, and how 
he's the leader of the gym. When the group hears how he's the leader their 
jaws drop.
Falkner bring Ash and the others up to the top of his ten story gym 
where the battle field is. They begin the match(three on three) Falkner 
starts out with HootHoot and Ash with Chikorita( Chikorita jumps up on Ash, 
remember it has a crush on him) ,"I thought you of all people who used to own 
a Pidgeot would know grass Pokemon are weak against flying," Falkner states.
I thought you of all people wouldn't make a judgement on type alone," 
Ash replied. Then the battle started, Chikorita tries to use vinewhip but 
HootHoot evades it, HootHoot tackles Chikorita, Chikorita uses razorleaf but 
HootHoot evades it again, and again HootHoot uses tackle and peck, HootHoot 
flies in again to finish of Chikorita, Chikorita tries to block it with 
vinewhip but misses again, and gets KO'ed.
Ash then decides dto use Pikachu who quikly beats HootHoot. Then Falkner 
uses Dodrio, Pikachu starts using it's agility, and so does Dodrio, Pikachu 
tries using Thunderbolt but Dodrio jumps about twenty feet and it misses, 
this is where it starts to turn ugly, Dodrio starts kicking Pikachu's butt so 
bad, but when it's about to finish off Pikachu with drillpeck Pikachu jumps 
just like Dodrio had before and uses Thunder, Dodrio tries to get back up but 
it's no use.
As Falkner's final Pokemon, he uses Pidgeot, Pikachu tries to use 
thunderbolt but he was to tired and Pideot KO'ed him easily.
It was now a one on one battle, Ash sends out his Charizard, Charizard 
uses flamethrower but Pidgeot uses agility and evades the attack, Charizard 
flies up but Pidgeot comes in with quik attack and injures Charizards wing, 
Charizard falls and now can't fly back up, Pidgeot then starts attaking 
Charizard rapidly.
Ash doesn't know what to do, Falkner tells him to forfiet and that he 
should know his Pokemon's limitations, Ash tells Falkner that he isn't a 
quiter and neither is Charizard, then he tells Charizard that he'd never ask 
him to do something that he knew he couldn't do and that he had to fly.
Inspired by this, Charizard straightens his wings, a sharp pain goes 
through them, Pidgeot comes in for another quik attack but Charizard flies up 
and the attack misses, Charizard the flies behind Pidgeot and uses 
flamethrower but once again Pidgeot uses agility flies behind Charizard and 
uses quick attack, this happens about three or four times.
Ash starts to get worried because Pidgeot will just keep making the same 
move, just then the light bulb in Ashes head clicks on and and he realizes he 
can use this to his advantage.
He tells Charizard to fly behind Pidgeot and grab it( he says this just 
to distract Falkner), just as always Pidgeot zooms behind Charizard, but 
before it reappears there Ash tells Charizard to turn and use firespin, 
Pidgeot is now caught in the fire spin and Ash tells Charizard to use Seismic 
Toss, I don't think I need to tell you what happens next since we all know 
what happens once Charizard GRABS you for Seismic Toss.
So Ash wins the Zepher badge.
Now we go to Team Rocket who are being pecked on by a flock of Fearow and 

- Wolf 555


From: Peter Dishal 

Ash and co. make it to Violet City. Before they enter the gym, two
inspectors who are really Team Rocket come to inspect Ash's Pokemon.
When they look at Pikachu, they take off with it. A trainer with a
glider comes to get Pikachu. Jesse uses Arbok which uses Poison Sting.
The sting punches holes in the glider. As the trainer falls he sends out
a Pidgeot to fly on. Then, he sends out a Hoothoot and pecks a hole in
Team Rocket's air balloon. The trainer grabs Pikachu and heads down to
the ground. Ash thanks the trainer and the trainer says that he's the
Gym Leader Falkner. They head up to the gym's battle area on the roof.
Falkner starts off with a Hoothoot. Ash sends out Chikorita. Hoothoot
easily defeats Chikorita. Now Ash sends out Pikachu. Pikachu sends a
bolt to Hoothoot and beats it in one hit. Falkner sends out Dodrio. Ash
keeps Pikachu out. Dodrio flys, rams and Tri Attacks Pikachu but it
still couldn't beat it. Falkner sends out Pidgeot.( He saved the best
for last.) Ash sends out Charizard. Pidgeot and Charizard fly up.
Pidgeot uses Agility and rams Charizard from behind. Charizard gets a
weak wing which heals later in the battle.Pidgeot keeps using the same
attacks so Charizard does stuff defend the attacks. Charizard finally
defeats Pidgeot and wins the Zephre Badge.



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