Episode 120 Snubbull Snobbery

Here we go again!!
Ash and the group are walking around when the come across a mansion. All of a sudden, a Growlithe comes running around the corner, it's going nuts!!! It looks like there's a Snubbull attached to it's tail. Ash pulls it free, and then suddenly a bunch of guys in tuxes come up and take the Snubbull back to it's owner. The owner, a lady, thanks Ash and the group, and invites them to lunch. The lady is showing them around her mansion, and Snubbull keeps struggling to get out of her grasp. Brock recognizes that the Snubbull looks unhappy. The scene switches to T-Rocket peering at the mansion, reminiscing about the time that James lived in the lap of luxury, and how he forgets that the other 2 weren't exactly living rich and famous like him, and then they get all depressed. They are walking in the garden when they come across Snubbull, and he bites Meowth's tail, making him yell and run! He runs right into Ash, and the guards start to persue, but James sends out Weezing, uses Smokescreen, and escapes with Jessie and Meowth. With T-Rocket gone (for now) they sit down for lunch. Snubbull doesn't want to eat what's prepared, and then Brock looks in his bag and pulls out some popcorn balls, which Snubbull is glad to eat. Brock and the others keep commenting on how unhappy Snubbull looks

Who's that Pokemon?? It's Stantler!!!
Brock tells the lady that owns the Snubbull that it looks unhappy. She then shows them a picture of the Snubbull that her Snubbull is betrothed to, and they then realize why Snubbull wants to run away. As the lady walks away, the group realizes that they have to help Snubbull. Back to T-Rocket, they are trying to think of a way to steal the lady's Snubbull. Back to the other 3, they are eavesdropping on the lady and another Snubbull owner, the one who's betrothing them. Brock stands up, tired of seeing how the lady treats her Snubbull, revealing that Snubbull is unhappy, and doesn't want to be smothered. The lady then says that pampering and smothering is the best way to show it that she cares, and Ash disagrees. Just then T-Rocket shows up and does their motto. Meowth is being reeled down, and Snubbull bites his tail again, being reeled in by T-Rocket. Ash goes to intervene, but suddenly, Ash and his friends are bound by steel binders, and they cannot help Snubbull. T-Rocket is wondering where Meowth stashed the balloon, their main escape. Jessie and James are screaming at Meowth, and Snubbull steps in front. Meowth thanks Snubbull for protecting him, and Snubbull bites his tail again. T-Rocket is uncovered, and a fight ensues. Arbok and Weezing are sent out, and Heracross is sent out. Heracross starts eating, and Ash snaps him out of it. He attacks Weezing. Arbok is coming after Heracross. Suddenly, Snubbull bites Arbok's tail, and Ash tells the lady to tell Snubbull to Tackle Arbok. Arbok counters, and Snubbull then uses Scary Face, scaring Arbok, and Arbok is then defeated. James sends out Victreebel, and Snubbull stomps it flat, then throws it. T-Rocket's balloon then shows up, and Heracross hits the balloon from below, sending T-Rocket flying away again. The lady then realizes that the Snubbull would be happier in it's own habitat, she releases it, and Ash and then bid farewell to the lady, and continue on their way. That's it!!!

- burnoutboy12345


Snubble Snobbery

 ash and co. were walking down the road when  they  saw a snubble with a bow on a it's head. it was female. then they they find the owner. the house is huge!!!! Then team rocket (as always wants) to get  snubble . meowth 's tail attracted snubble then team rocket were gone. brock saw that the snubble was too pampered brock got mad and told the owner what to do. then tr(team rocket) shows up again. snubble shows up and attacks them. at the end the owner says to let snubble be more independent.
Fin - Nhurpoke


The Good:It had my favorite song! (the song where team rocket were fighting the guards with Arbok and Weezing)
Interesting Idea (Similar a bit to Holy Matrimony!)


The Bad:My favorite song ended too early! (it was because when Ash sent out Heracross,it went over to suck the flowers) Poor Meowth! (Snubble bit it's tail!)

Final Score:9.2

- Blastoise414


Pokemon Episode Guide: Snubbull Snobbery

Ash and gang enter Palm Hills, the area of grand estates where the movie
stars live.  Ash and gang gaze upon an estate where "sweeping lawns" contain
strange statues.  Behind them, three butlers talk about finding something,
they split off, two go in search of that "something" and the other keeping
someone from getting anxious.

Misty finds a map that tells where all the movie stars live.  They start off
towards the houses when a Growlithe runs around the corner behind them.  Ash
tries to calm it down, but it keeps on digging up dust (on a sidewalk..?). 
It turns out that a Snubble was biting its tail, it rushes off after the
Snubble lets go.

Misty notices that the Snubble has ribbons, making it a girl.  Ash makes a
comment that makes both Misty and the Snubble scowl at him.  Just then, the
butler comes up and tells his employer that her Snubble has been found.  She
asks them over for lunch.  The lady hugs the Snubble, and they go into the
house they were previously looking at.  Brock notices that the Snubble isn't
too happy to be going home.

Ash and Misty take in the mansion, Misty asks how many rooms there are,
Jibbs, the butler, answers that there are 87 rooms (since last count).  The
lady tells them that she plans on adding on more rooms.  The lady shows Ash
and gang Snubble's special own wing, a bedroom, a walk-in closet, an exercise
room, and a private bath room.  Brock notices that Snubble is unhappy.

The lunch bell rings and they go to the dining room, or breakfast room.  Ash
and gang help themselves to the food.  Brock notices that Snubble doesn't
want to eat.  Brock pulls out popcorn balls which Snubble really likes. 
Misty wonders if the luxury life is all it seems to be.

Team Rocket looks on at the house.  They lounge at a pool, talking about the
upper-class.  They decide that they want to get some valuables, or steal some
valuables.  They run into a Snubble which licks Meowth.  They flee as an
alarm goes off and butlers come running out.  Snubble seems to be attracted
to Meowth and bites his tail.  As Team Rocket flee, they run into Ash and

James sends out Weezing who uses Smoke Screen.  Team Rocket is able to make
their getaway, but Snubble wants to bite Meowth's tail... Ash and Misty are
wondering about Team Rocket and Brock notices Snubble's behavior once again.

The lady tells the group that her Snubble is going to marry Winfred Snubble,
another Snubble.  Ash and gang talk to each other and think that Snubble
doesn't like the pampering and Snubble's marriage.  Team Rocket tape up
Meowth's tail and decide that they are going to grab the Snubble.  The lady
talks to another lady while Ash and gang eavesdrop on the group.  Brock can't
stand it anymore and reveals their position.  He scolds them, Misty backs him
up.  Brock explains that Snubble doesn't want to be pampered as much.

Team Rocket interfere, making their motto on top of a chandelier, they use a
fishing pole to lower Meowth down.  Snubble latches itself onto Meowth's tail
and it gets pulled up.  To make a better getaway, Team Rocket throw
anklecuffs so Ash and gang are unable to battle.

Team Rocket hide out in an old shed, Jessie complaining that now the police
and butlers are over the place, unable to let them make their getaway.  As
for their balloon, Meowth explains that he decided to get it refilled. 
Jessie and James scold Meowth, but Snubble protects Meowth...only to bite his
tail.  Meowth runs out of the house while Ash and gang are looking around for
the Snubble.  Jessie and James run out and send out their Arbok and Weezing. 
Arbok dispatches the officers, Weezing releases a Smoke Screen.  Ash sends
out Heracross who snacks on some flowers before attacking Weezing.  Snubble
releases Meowth's tail and bites Arbok's tail instead, starting chaos.  Brock
cheers Snubble on, the lady slowly agrees to tell Snubble to use Tackle. 

Arbok tackles Snubble.  Snubble uses its Scary Face attack before biting
Arbok's tail.  James sends out Victreebell who bites James.  Snubble attacks
Victreebell, biting it and tackling it.  Team Rocket make a last-minute
escape as their balloon floats down.  Heracross attacks the balloon, making
the getaway not too clean.

The lady had ordered a natural habitat for Snubble and it happily enters. 
Ash and gang say their goodbyes, the lady wondering if she wants to put in a
waterfall, making it bigger...

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