Here is the summary for the episode Grin to Win


Ash Misty and Brock reach a town called Bloomingvale.  They are totally
out of water and see a leaky pipe.  Then a girl comes to fix it and
Brock falls in love but Ash asks politely for a drink and gets one.
Brock volunteers to fix the pipe and sprays himself (lol.)  They go to
her place which is a greenhouse and she calls her Pokemon to come out.
They are all sunflora and Ash looks them up on his Pokedex.  One of them
is sad even after a spray of the sprinklers.  The girl is depressed
because she was going to enter it in the contest.  She tells them to go
back in and have a good sleep.  Then Team Rocket breaks in at night.
They are going to steal a Sunflora because the prize in the Sunflora
contest is a year supply of instant noodles.  They turn on a flashlight
because when it's night the Sunflora close their heads.  James claims he
learn how to pick the right sunflora from his grandma.  Before he can
decide Meowth steps on a button which makes a loud bell ring and is
trapped in a net, but Team Rocket escapes.

Who's that Pokemon?
Its' Ho-oh (Ho-oh doesn't talk) :(

The next morning they come to see what happened because they heard the
bell.  They find Meowth and to make up for breaking in they make him
translate what the sad Sunflora is saying to find out why it's sad.  She
says it's because she misses a friend Sunflora when he went to a new
trainer, but that guy says he traded it to Nurse Joy.  I know.  I bet
you think that this is the start of a wild goose chase, but Nurse Joy
does have it and the Sunflora is happy again.  The next day is the
contest and Team Rocket wanted to enter so bad they dressed up Meowth as
a Sunflora and came in so late they were put in the finals, but the
Snubull from the rich lady's house recognizes Meowth's tail and bites it
and Meowth's costume rips and TR is disqualified, and  Jesse "blasts
off" the Snubull.  So TR decides to steal the noodles.  First they put
up some Huge mirrors so the Sunfloras' heads droop and they are
powerless.  Then they attach ropes to the balloon and take the noodles.
Chikorita's razor leaf stops that and Pikachu is about to use
thundershock but Chikorita pushes him out of the way and Pikachu
destroys the mirrors instead and all the Sunfloras return to normal.
The girl's Sunflora's pedals light one at a time until they are all
glowing.  It's using Solarbeam!! Team rocket blasts off and that
Solarbeam made all the judges vote for her.




132. Grin to Win
Ash, Misty, and Brock are really worn out. They arrive in a hillside town called Bloomingdale. They come across a lady who was fixing a pipe and ask her if they could have a drink. Brock comes up and starts flirting (as usual). Misty pulls Brock out of the way. She offers them a drink of water from the pipeline. They introduce each other. The Girl's name is Sunrisa. She tightens the pipe with a long wrench but Brock comes and tries to show his strenght of by doing the job for her. Brock happened to loosen the pipe and got water all over his face. He then tightened it the other way and pointed out his wet sense of humor. They get to Sunrisa's house. Upon getting there they see a greenhouse next to her house. She turns on the prinklers and call out her Pokemon. Ash looks at his Pokedex. It is a Sunflora. One of them looks depressed. Sunrisa says that the Sunflora need plenty of sunshine and water to live. She also wants to enter the annual Sunflora Contest and they will win a year supply of noodles. A guy named Cirrus whose Sunflora is a 3 time Sunflora Contest Champion comes up. He says that one of the neighbors, Lester hired a Comedian to keep his Sunflora happy. Each person who entered the contest has their own different way of training their Sunflora. They then look at the depressed Sunflora named Sunny. 

Seeing how depressed Sunny is, Brock and Pikachu try to cheer it up by making lame faces. It is almost sunset and it is time for all the Sunflora to take a rest inside the greenhouse. Ash, Misty, and Brock also take a rest for the night. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is outside sneaking into the Greenhouse. They are planning to steal the Sunflora. Meowth has an idea to use the Sunflora to win the contest and win a year supply of noodles. Meowth uses a Sunlight Simulator to wake all the Sunflora up. Meowth stupidly looses his balance and presses the security button. Cirrus comes over but Jessie and James have left the scene. Ash, Misty, and Brock come over. Cirrus has caught and tied up Meowth. Misty discusses something with Ash and they decide to let Meowth go and into their custody. Meanwhile the Madame's Snubbull from "Snubbull Snobbery" was on the road following Meowth all along. The twerps feed and pamper Meowth for awhile and then they asked a favor of him. They wanted him to ask Sunny why it's depressed. It talked to Sunny and it says that it is lonely because it misses it's old friend, Gwendela (another Sunflora). Sunrisa traded it to Cirrus. Cirrus then traded it to Nurse Joy. So they then visit the Pokemon Center and Sunny and Gwendela reunite. The Festival of Sunflora had begun. Entering in the contest. One of them is Team Rocket who happen to be diguised and Meowth is disguised as a Sunflora. Meowth make numerous complaints about his uncomforability inside that Sunflora costume but James says to do it for the year supply of noodles. The finalists narrow down to Cirrus, Sunrisa, and the disguised Team Rocket. Cirrus has an enormous Sunflora. Ash suspects that it is on steroids. Meowth is then astonished to see his old buddy. 

The Madame's Snubbull. Snubbull starts sniffing one of the Sunflora. It rips the costume and bites Meowth  inside. Everyone is surprised that it is not a Sunflora it's Meowth. Meowth immediately takes a controller and Team Rocket go to plan B. They use giant Mirrors to beam all the Sunlight to the arena. All the Sunflora's head start growing big because of the sunlight and they are unable to defend themselves. Team Rocket then steals the year supply of noodles. Ash uses Chikorita. Jessie uses Arbok to attack. Chikorita uses vine-whip but it misses. Misty uses Poliwag to attack Team Rocket. Arbok shoots back a Poison Sting at them. Ash then uses Pikachu. Chikorita bumps Pikachu out of the way and Pikachu's thundershock bounces throughout all the mirrors. They get back the noodles. Sunny who now recovers beams his face at the sun and all it's petals start glowing. It uses Solar Beam to blow it away. In the Contest, Sunrisa and Sunny win the Sunflora Contest. They say goodbye to Sunrisa. Brock is in tears and off they go to a long way to Azalea Town.

Who’s that Pokémon?  Ho-oh.

- Sean McFall


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