131. Charizard's Burning Ambition

Ash, Misty, and Brock are worn out. Misty says that Ash can't keep up with winning all his badges if he keeps having to put up with Team Rocket. Team Rocket looks on as they comment on how many Pokemon the twerps have compared to them. They only have 5 Pokemon including Meowth. They also can't beat them with that many Pokemon especially their Charizard. Misty and Brock also tell Ash thet it's not fair that Ash keeps using his Charizard. A Green haired girl then appears and could not help but to overhear that someone has a Charizard. Brock comes up and says that she is the fairest of them all. Her name is Lisa. She could hear anyone's voice because the sounds echo through the canyon. She then calls Charla, her Charizard. She comes and greets everyone. She carries a balloon to give rides. She also invites Ash and his friends to go to the Charizific Valley. She rides Charizard while Misty and Brock are on the back in the balloon. Ash gets his Charizard and wants it to fly. Charizard does not want to. Lisa notices that Ash has not taught his Charizard how to Fly with him. With that in Mind, Charizard starts trying to fly. Ash and Charizard start flying awkwardly. Charizard was beating his wings like a Zubat. At the same time there were certain points where Charizard was just running with Ash. After the turbulant ride they arrive on the Charizific Valley Coat of Arms. Charizard was exhausted but Charla was doing great. Lisa introduces the group to the Charizific Valley where Charizard competed and lived in peace for thousands of years. Ash and Charizard go inside and Charizard tries to compete with the other Charizards. Charizard used its flamethrower but the Charizaific Charizards were just too powerful. Even the weakest one could beat Charizard. Charizard made the rude awakening by waking one of them up which happened to be the weakest one. Charizard was beaten all the way outside the gate and into the lake. There overnight Charizard started weeping figuring out how weak he actually was. Team Rocket watched in shock as the Pokemon who has been beating them was now being beat! Charizard's only happiness was being powerful. The next morning, Ash wanted to leave but Charizard wanted to stay and prove itself. Ash decided to leave Charizard at the valley for it’s own good. It wanted it to become stronger. He mentioned how pathetic Charizard really was and was not good enough for Ash. Ash wanted Charizard to train hard and that he will see him again. Ash then just ran away without turning around leaving Charizard at the gates of the Charizific Valley.

Who’s that Pokémon?  Sunflora

- Sean McFall


When Ash and gang reach The Char Valley, a girl shows up. She raises the charizard there. She offers Ash and his friends to enter the valley. Ash rides charizard there but it was not easy. When they get there, Ash's charizard wants to battle the huge charizard there. He loses, and gets kicked out. Charizard thinks it over the night, and T-Rocket helps!! In the morning, the charizard trainer lets charizard train with her. Ash confronts charizard to stay then runs off. ( You'll need a tissue for this one...its sad ). - Togechi 12


Episode 131
Charizard's Burning Ambitions

        Ash and friends are walking along once again, Ash having just won a
Zephyr Badge. Soon, the group meet up with a young woman (whom Brock falls
madly in love with, as usual) who hangs out in a place called the "Charific
Valley". She calls her female Charizard, Charla, over and tells Ash to follow
her on his Charizard. Ash and Charizard have a difficult time at first but
manage to get there eventually. Once there, Ash's Charizard tries to fight
with some of the wild, larger Charizard, but loses each time. During a battle
vs. the "gentlest" Charizard, it lands into the water! Charizard just stands
there all night, and even Team Rocket feel sorry for it. In the morning, they
pretend to attack so Charizard will beat them and be accepted. Charizard
blows them up (again) and the trainer agrees to let Charizard train with the
more experienced Charizard. Ash runs off and leaves Charizard, knowing it'll
be happier there.

Rating: 5 stars (it was sad, yet joyful)
-Celebi JMG



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