140. Going Apricorn

In the begining of this episode there is a flashback of the Slowpoke Well incident.  Then they show Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu at Kurt’s house, were Ash finally delivers the GS ball.  But Kurt needs a little time trying to open the darn thing.  So Kurt’s Granddaughter takes Ash and friends to the back of the house where Kurt is constructing Pokeballs out of Apricorns.  Each different Apricorn can be made into a different Pokeball.  At Kurts house only White Apricorns grow there.  So Ash asks for a special Pokeball and Kurt gives them all a Speedball which is made from the White Apricorns, but Ash wants all the different kinds of Pokeballs, so Kurt’s Granddaughter leads them out toward the mountains were all the Apricorn trees grown near Azalea Town.  Then overhearing on what is going on Team Rocket decides this is a great time to steal all the Apricorns, so they can make mucho money. 

In the mountains, where Ash and company are picking out which Apricorn to pick off first.  But Kurt’s Granddaughter learned from her studies that the Apricorns have to be ripened to be picked and made into a Pokeball.  But Ash doesnt care, he tries to reach for an Apricorn and a swarm of Beedrills chash our team to a ledge, which they obviously fall off.  But Ash wont give up so he tries for a different Apricorn tree and a platoon of Pineco appear and use selfdestruct.  Filling the air with smoke Team Rocket makes there apperance, give there stupid motto, and reveal there newest machine to cause trouble, this time its a giant fan machine that blows all the Apricorns out of the trees, so Team Rocket can steel them.  But one brave little Pineco stands up to Team Rocket and charges them. Jesse then sends out her Arbok and uses Poison Sting, and James sent out Victreebel which tried once again to eat him, so he sends out Weezing and uses Smog.  Ash sends out Pikachu and uses Thunderbolt, but it charges up the fan machine’s power. The Pineco is in serious trouble, so Brock uses his only Fast Ball, catches, and saves Pineco.  Which is in good time because the fan machine exploded sending Team Rocket flying off into the horizon.  Brock now has a Pineco for a Pokemon, but as soon as it comes out it uses Selfdestruct, looks like Brock needs to train it awhile.  Ash then picks some Apricorns and returns back to Kurts and gives him the Apricorns.  Kurt agrees to make them, but he still cant find out how to open the GS Ball.  Kurt then tells Ash that the Azalea Gym is now open.  Ash then runs straight toward it and thats the end.  I may have skipped some details.  I give this episode four stars because its about time Brock catches a new Pokemon.

Bulldozer Baker



Last time, Ash, Misty and Brock came to Azalea Town and helped a man dressed up in a Slowpoke suit save all the Slowpokes in the Slowpoke Well from Team Rocket. Then they found out that the man was actually Kurt.

Ash, Misty and Brock delivered the G.S. Ball to Kurt. To their surprise, Kurt also has no clue about it. He told them that he will try to find something out about it.

Ash, Misty and Brock called Professor Oak and told him that they were in Kurt’s house. They talk for a while and suddenly Muk pounds on Professor Oak.(Behind them we see Tracy feeding a male and female Nidoran.) Professor Oak gets away from Muk and tells them about the apricorns. Ash wants to ask Kurt to make him an apricorn pokeball. He runs into the room where Kurt was, loudly. Kurt’s granddaughter, Maisey tells him to keep it quiet because it’s hard enough working without his noise. Kurt was making a ball. When he finished, Ash asked him if he could make him an apricorn pokeball. Kurt gave Ash, Misty and Brock three Fast Balls, one for each.

While Kurt was trying to find something out about the G.S. Ball, Maisey showed Ash, Misty and Brock where all the Apricorns were. Ash acted greedy and tried to get all the apricorns. But Maisey said that the pink apricorns weren’t good enough yet. When they came to the yellow apricorns Maisey told Ash to look around more carefully because there were Pineco in the tree. Brock really wants to catch one but bumps into the tree. The Pineco self-destructed around Brock. When they come to the green apricorns, Maisey allows Ash to pick some but all of a sudden Beedrill appear and chase them.

Who’s That Pokemon?   It’s Lugia!

Ash, Misty, Brock and Maisey come to a red apricorn tree and fall into a hole. As usually, Team Rocket were behind it. They steal Pikachu and come closer to the tree to collect the apricorns. Ash sends Bulbasaur to get them out of the hole.(Ladies first!) Team Rocket fall into a hole and  Ash gets his Pikachu back. Lots of Diglett dug that hole. Next, Maisey takes the three to a tree with blue apricorns. Ash and Misty took one each (they’re for water Pokemon).

Then Maisey takes them to a black apricorn tree. There were more Pineco there. Brock was happy. He tries catching one again but suddenly a wind blows. The Pineco start falling. Brock catches them in his hands so they wouldn’t self-destruct. Team Rocket appeared again and tried to steal the black apricorns. They were on some crazy machine with a fan next to it. A Pineco went towards them and Brock tried to stop it. The Pineco got Team Rocket off the machine and the fan stops working. Team Rocket sends out Arbok and Victreebel. Victreebel swallowed James like always. Arbok attacks Pineco but Pineco dodges it and goes toward Team Rocket. Brock tells it to stop. Maisey tells him to use the Fast Ball. Brock did so and he caught the Pineco!!

While Pineco went into the pokeball, Arbok was pounding on it. Because Pineco got in the ball, Arbok missed and accidentally fell on the machine. Pineco’s ball was shaking in Brock’s hand and stopped. Team Rocket were angry. They attacked again but Pikachu beat them with thundershock and the machine exploded. “Team Rocket’s blasting off again!”

Brock let Pineco out of its ball and said they’re going to become good friends. Pineco was happy and used self-destruct again! Ash took a black apricorn and they went back to Kurt. They gave him the apricorns and let him keep the G.S. Ball a little bit longer.

They went on to the Azalea Gym.



Ash, misty and brock have now arrived at azela town. we meet them at kurt the
pokeball experts house. He and his grandaughter daisy are thanking them for
saving the slowpokes and helping them to yawn (to rain). After a while ash
finnaly gives kurt the GS ball which he rushes off to study. Ash phones prof
oak to tell him that hes with kurt oak tells him if he finds anything out to
hone him straight away. Kurt is busily working on the GS ball heating it up
and trying to wedge it open,Ash suddenly comes running in but daisy tells him
to be quiet while her grandad worked. Kurt tells ash about apricorns, he
tells ash if he finds some then to bring them to him so he can make them into
pokeballs. Ash seems totally amazed about the new pokeballs and asks if he
can have some misty tells him to stop being rude but kurt gives ash misty and
brock 1 fastball each.He tells them that they come from the white apricorns
and that they grow in his backgarden. Ash rushes out to the garden hoping to
pick some apricorns but daisy stops him. Ash asks where to find other
apricorns she tells him in the mountains which shell gladly show him

Whos that pokemon?

In the mountains daisy is showing ash some more apricorns he cant wait to get
his hands on them but daisy has a go at him because they arnt ripe yet. in
the next tree is a new pokemon its pineco ash checks it on dexter. Brock is
so pleased he wants to capture one daisy warns him not to go near as they
self-destruct. but brock dosnt care he runs over but trips scaring the pineco
causing them to self-destruct. Everyones laughing except brock. The next tree
ash gos to is full of ripe apricorns so daisy lets ash pick some but a swarm
of beedrill attacks. TR plan to take the apricorns and sell them but ash and
the gang get rid of them and team rocket are gone. Ash and misty get a couple
of apricorns which are better for catching water pokemon with. daisy tells
them there called lureballs. after a while they get to a tree with black
apricorns daisy tells them there black apricorn called heavyballs. TR are
back with there usally moto and this time there on a bike with a fan attached
they start peddling and the wind is very strong. you she another tree full of
pineco and they fall to the floor brock trys to catch them all. Ash tells
pikachu to you its thunder bolt which helps the bike by giving the fan more
power. one of the pineco escapes from brock and runs up to TR they engage it
in a battle sending out arbok and victreebel (who eats james). arbok chases
pineco around brock fearing for it throws his fast ball at pineco just as
arbok jumps into TR sending them flying. with TR gone brock clutchs his
pineco and lets it out. He tells pineco even though he didnt mean to capture
pineco he thinks they have a long future together.Pineco replies by
self-destructing. Just as they leave the mountains a black apricorn falls on
ashs head. Back at kurts house they give him the apricorns and he says he'll
get straight onto it, he also tells them that the gym is know open. ash runs
out with brock and misty tells kurt they'll be back to pick up the pokeballs.
The end
by neo179neo


Here is the summary of the episode Going Apricorn

Ash is with Kurt and his granddaughter Maisy who get the GS ball
finally.  He says he doesn't have a clue to about it so even though Ash
is able to report the good news to Professor Oak that Kurt has the GS
ball he has to say that Kurt has no clue about it. Later Ash and the
gang run into Kurt's lab making lots of noise to see what he has found.
Nothing.  Maisy tells them all about apricorns and we learn they are
made into special Pokeballs and gives them each a fast ball as a thank
you for saving the town.  Ash wants all of them so Kurt tells them they
just need to find colors besides white (that makes a fast ball.)  But
since only white Apricorn grow outside their house they'll have to go to
the mountains for other colors.  Team Rocket has been listening in and
decide to follow.

Who's that Pokemon?
It's Lugia

They come to one color and Maisy won't let them have that because
they're not ripe yet.  They come to another color and Maisy says it's OK
to take that color, but Beedrills attack them and they quickly escpae.
At the next color (blue) Maisy lets them pick one and Misty is about to
take them al because they make Lure balls which are best for Pokemon on
your rod, but Maisy says take 1 because it will hurt the tree.  They
mange to get that one without any disasters.  Then at the Pink apricorns
which make love balls.  Brock gets excited when he hears they're for the
opposite gender and wants to get one to get a Nurse Joy or Officer
Jenny, but Misty drags him by the ears as usual. Our unsuspecting heroes
fall in a hole so Team Rocket pretends they dug it ut Bulbasaur gets
them out of there.  Then Team Rocket falls into another hole with a
winding path that ends with a 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 ft.
drop.  Then Digletts start appearing and they guess the holes were dug
by Digletts.  Then they come upon another color and Maisy tells them to
stay back because Pineco blow up with the slightest bump. Brock isn't
afraid and he makes them all blow up.  Then at the black apricorns Team
Rocket appears with a pedal powered vacuum so they vacuum off the
apricorns.  Despite Maisy's begging they do it and since there are
Pineco on that tree too they start to go flying and Brock is able to
catch them all before they get sucked up but one runs towards the
machine and Maisy tells Brock to get it with the fast ball and he does.
They blow up the machine just in time and a Black Apricorn lands on
Ash's head and Maisy lets him keep it saying it's the trees way of
saying thanks.  Then Brock calls out his new Pineco and is about to do a
victory pose when it blows up.  When they are back at Kurt's place Kurt
says he's found nothing out about the GS ball , but keeps it to be able
to study it more.  Kurt tells Ash to stay in the area so he'll still be
there when the Pokeballs are ready.  He also says the gym is open again
so Ash can battle Bugsy
                                                                THE END - Linda Green


After reaching Azalea Town, Ash and his friends have met up with Kurt, the PokeBall expert. They give him the GS Ball in the hopes that he can tell them more about it, but his only statement is that “it’s obviously a type
PokeBall”. Disheartened but successful, Ash phones Professor Oak who explains that Kurt is an expert at manufacturing PokeBalls from apricorns, like the white ones in his garden, and Ash decides that he wants an Apricorn PokeBall. 

Rushing to see Kurt in his workshop, Ash is stopped by Kurt’s granddaughter who tells him that Kurt must not be disturbed while making PokeBalls. When Kurt is done, Ash asks if he can have an Apricorn PokeBall, and Kurt gives each of them a Fast Ball. He explains that there are seven sorts of ApricornBall, and that Ash can have one of each if he collects them from the trees up on the hill. Ash sets off to collect them, but Team Rocket also
overhear and decide to sell the Apricorns for money.

Up on the hillside, Ash’s progress is constantly hampered. The Pink Apricorns that make LoveBalls (“Maybe I can use them to catch Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny” - Brock) are not ripe, and the Yellow Apricorns are in a tree that contains Pineco, that will selfdestruct if disturbed. Brock decides he wants to catch a Pineco, but disturbs them and they selfdestruct. The Green Apricorn tree seems safe, but as the gang approaches it, they are attacked by a hoard of Beedrill.

On their way to the Red Apricorn tree, the gang fall into a trap set by Team Rocket, who lasso Pikachu and start to vacuum up the Apricorns. But Bulbasaur gets the gang out of the hole, and Team Rocket fall into a second hole, dug by the Digletts that protect the tree. At the Blue Apricorn, Ash and Misty both pick an Apricorn, and then head off to the Black Apricorn tree, which is also surrounded by Pineco. Team Rocket reappear, deciding to blow the Apricorns off the tree. As they turn the fan on, the Pineco begin to blow away, but Brock saves them. Pikachu’s attempts to stop the fan only charge it up, but one of the Pineco tries to attack TR.

As Arbok and Pineco battle it out, Brock fears for the safety of the brave Pineco, and catches it using his FastBall. Pikachu then defeats Arbok and Victreebel, and Team Rocket ‘blast off again’. As Ash celebrates, a Black Apricorn falls out of the tree. When they get back to Kurt’s house, Ash gives him the three Apricorns and asks how the GS Ball research went. Kurt says that he doesn’t have a clue, and that there is a very powerful lokk on the ball that is protecting it. He asks if he can keep it for further research and tells the gang that he will call Professor Oak with any discoveries. He also tells Ash that the gym is back open, so the gang head directly to the Azalea Gym and their second Johto Gym battle.

Who’s that Pokemon? - Lugia (we only hear a noise that sounds like Lugia’s
Karaokemon - Pikachu (I Choose You)





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