Episode 116 - A Sappy Ending

Hi again, here's my episode summary for this episode. Enjoy!
The show starts with Ash and co. walking through the forest, when suddenly they come across a bunch of trees that are naked, no leaves!! They look around some more, then Pikachu spots a tree full of Bug pokemon, Heracross!! Ash then goes to catch them all, but is stopped by a man. He says that the Heracross are vital for the survival of the Butterfree, because they enable them to get to the sap inside the trees. Then, all of a sudden, a large group of Pinsir attack! They drive away the Heracross and the Butterfree, except for a lone Butterfree and a lone Heracross.  Then, Ash notices that a bunch of Pinsir are beating on the Heracross, the Heracross shielding the Butterfree, then Ash intervenes by sending out Bulbasaur and Pikachu to aid them. Heracross and Butterfree are saved. Then they decide to go into the Pinsir territory to get to the root of the problem, no pun intended. They get to a canyon, and see that the Pinsir are using trees to cross the canyon. The bridge to get across is down, and it looks like there's no way to get across.... Commercial!! I think..
Who's that Pokemon?? It's Donphan!!
Back at the canyon, they still haven't found a way to get across the canyon.  Suddenly, Heracross appears and pushes over a tree, giving them a way to cross!! They cross, and they arrive to a big tree, where a large Pinsir is sucking away all the sap. It turns around, and it's a robot!!! T-Rocket then appears, and tells everyone of their plan.  Then they send out Lickitung and Victreebel to attack. They get side-tracked by the sap. Then Meowth pulls out a remote control and gets the Pinsir to attack the group! Ash sends out Bulbasaur, he attacks with Razor Leaf, then with Vine Whip, spinning it round and around. Then Pikachu attacks with Thunderbolt or whatever, and the Pinsir absorbs it, and then attacks the group with the electricity. It looks like all is lost, when Heracross runs up and meets the Pinsir! It then lifts it up, and throws it through the air, where it then lands and blows up, sending T-Rocket blasting off again! It looks like all is well now, the Pinsir have their territory back, and so do the Heracross. Ash and the others bid farewell to the befriended Heracross, and leave. Walking down the road, Pikachu then turns around, and Heracross is seen following Ash and the rest Ash asks if Heracross wants to join his team, and he agrees! Tada!! Ash has caught Heracross!! And that's it!!!

- Lance Whalley


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The episode starts off with Ash and co. walking in the forest and they spot an area where there are no leaves on the tree and they spot a herd of hangercross on some of the trees where they meet a guy who tells them about the food chain being messed up by the pinsir and then the pinsir attack the hagercross on the tree so bulbasaur uses vine whip and knocks them away but they come right back at ash this time so pikachu uses thunderbolt and the pinsir run away and the guy tells them that the pinsir have been leaving their forest and going to the hagercroos forest for an unknown reason so ash and co.  decide to find out why to save the forest.  ash uses bulbasaur to uses razor leaf to cut through the bushes the reach a huge canyon  and there was a bridge accross it but it was chopped up. then hagercross appears and he pushes a tree over the canyon and ash and co. cross but togepi almost falls off but misty catches it just in time..whos that pokemon:donphan...  they
reach a big pinsir tree and see a bigger pinsir that is a robot and then TR appears and says there motto.  The robot pinsir is being used to drain the pinsir sap so thats why pinsir went to hagercross territory. jesse chooses lickitung and james chooses victreebel both pokemon start sucking the sap to. TR decides to use the robot pinsir and bulbasaur beats it.ash tries to finish
it off with pikachu and he uses thunder but pinsir absorbes pikachu's thunder and shocks ash and his friends and pinsir is about to finish them off but hagercross saves them and sends TR blasting off again. the pinsir come back and the hagercross and pinsir live in peace again. ash and co. are walking on toward the violet gym but they notice that hagercross is still following them and ash catches it.  I give it *****

Master Trainer Robert     Rufus4598@AOL.COM


Ash, Misty and Brock head for Violet City. In a forest they spot a bunch of trees with no leaves. Licking the sap out of a tree are a pack of Heracross. A ranger appears and tells them about the leaves dying. He explains that Heracross were not the ones that did this. He then explains that the Heracross are helping by letting the Butterfree get
sap. Suddenly, a loud sound shakes the ground. A pack of Pinsir attack the tree. A Heracross wants to fight but is wounded. Ash and co. later on find a ladder that was broken by TR. Later on they show up with a robotic Pinsir. Ash and co. can't stop it and Heracross appears and explodes the robot. Later on, Ash captures Heracross wanting to be captured.

- Peter Dishal


A Sappy Ending ~ Episode 116   

Here is a my review of A Sappy Ending:

Ash & co. walk into a forest and all of a sudden they see Heracross sucking the sap out of a tree. Ash tries to catch one but they meet a man and he tells them everything about the Heracross. They soon realize that the Heracross are only helping the Butterfree get sap from the tree. Then they see dead trees, and Ash wonders why the Heracross are killing them. The man says because lately the Pinsir from Pinsir Forest have been coming to the Heracross and Butterfree’s feeding place and also taking sap from the trees.  All of a sudden a bunch of Pinsir come to attack and they noticed all but one Heracross and Butterfree stayed. The Heracross tries to shield Butterfree from the Pinsir. But it couldn’t so Ash’s Bulbasaur and Pikachu help.  Finally, Ash gets mad and he decides to find out why the Pinsir are attacking the Heracross and Butterfree. So they find a river and a broken down bridge.  Then they look into a canyon and see how the Pinsir get across; they walk across tree logs. They think how to get across for awhile until the attacked and saved Heracross comes and knocks a tree down with its strength. The tree falls across the broken bridge and they all go across. They come upon a tree in Pinsir Forest with a mechanical Pinsir sucking sap on top of it. They soon find that it’s Team Rocket’s Pinsir, and they all attack eachother. Bulbasaur and Pikachu try to help, but Pikachu only made things worse. Then, Heracross comes again—yes, AGAIN!--and shoves the Pinsir and tosses him in the air.  Team Rocket’s blasting off again, yeah, yeah. The Heracross and Butterfree are finally at peace and they say goodbye to their bug friend. As they walk down the road, however, Heracross follows Ash and Ash asks if it wants to join his team. The Heracross nods and Ash successfully catches a brand-new Pokémon for his team!

Who’s That Pokémon? Donphan

I give this episode a perfect ***** even though (in my opinion) it was a little bit boring....

----- CharFireBlast3


Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu are walking through the forest, when they see a
bunch of trees with no leaves on them. Pikachu spots some giant bugs. Ash checks
Dexter, who says that they're Heracross. Ash is about to capture all of them, when
a forest ranger named Woodruff says that he might upset the balance of nature. Ash
asks why, but soon a bunch of Pinsir attack the Heracross. They all run away,
except for one. Ash sends out Bulbasaur, who saves Heracross. Heracross starts
sucking the pollen out of Bulbasaur's bulb. Woodruff explains that the Pinsir have
suddenly started coming to the forest. Ash, Misty and Brock go to find out what is
happening. As they continue on, they find out that Heracross is following them.
They get to a bridge, and Ash recalls Bulbasaur. The bridge is broken. Misty and
Ash think that the Pinsir broke the bridge so the Heracross couldn't come to the
other side. Woodruff says that the bridge wasn't cut by a Pinsir, but by a human.
Just then, Heracross pushes over a tree, which acts as a bridge. When they finally
come across, they find a Mechanical Pinsir in a tree sucking the tree sap out.
It's Team Rocket who's causing the problems (big surprise). Jessie says that they
were hungry and they decide to sell the tree sap on pancakes. The Mechanical
Pinsir zaps Ash and the others. They are about to get zapped again, when Heracross
stops it. Ash and co. steal the sap tanks and Heracross defeats Team Rocket. The
forest is now back to normal. Ash and the others continue on their quest to Violet
As they're walking, they notice that Heracross is following them. Ash asks
Heracross wants to join his team. Heracross agrees and Ash captures a new Pokemon
(his 12th Pokemon ever captured!)

Review by Petey




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