Episode #147 -  HOUR OF THE HOUNDOUR

Ash, Misty and Brock are headed for the next town, Goldenrod. Ash says that
they will be there in no time but night soon falls quickly. Then Misty
suggests to take a rest so they all sit down in the middle of the forest.
They all put their bags down and Brock starts to make supper. When they
finish eating, Ash goes to retrieve his bag but then he finds that it wasn't
there, not even Misty's or Brock's. Ash then goes to investigate. When Ash
and co. go deep into the forest they hear something. At the top of the cliff
they see a Houndour growling at them. Then it calls other Houndour and all
surround Ash and co. This Houndour seems to be the leader of the pack with a
scar on its eye. Then Ash gets out Chikorita to battle but without avail. He
then releases Bulbasaur, who uses Vine Whip, but a Houndour quickly reacts
with an Ember attack. Finally Ash gets out Totodile as the Pokédex says that
Houndour is a Dark/Fire type. Then a Houndour uses a Smog attack and leaves
Ash in a cloud of smoke. Ash has seen them making off with his, Misty's and
Brock's backpacks, so they follow the pack. As they reach their den, they see
a Golem attacking a Houndour, which is badly getting injured, and the other
Houndour were trying to help. Ash gets out Bulbasaur once again and, with a
slash of Vine Whip, beats Golem. Ash then explains to the pack that he will
help the Houndour by taking it to a Pokémon Center.They agree and so they
hurry off to the center. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is trying to make a plan to
catch all the Houndour. Ash arrives and quickly hands over the Houndour to
Nurse Joy. She said that it will be okay. After the Houndour was treated, a
friendship begins to build between Ash and Houndour. While getting out of the
Pokémon Center, Team Rocket catches all the Houndour, except the leader, with
a net. Ash gets out Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, and, with the help of the
leader of the Houndour, manages to defeat Team Rocket with a final
Thunderbolt from Pikachu and they save the day. Ash bids farewell to the
Houndour and continues his journey to Goldenrod City.

Alex Obert

Ash, misty and brock had just safely made it though the onix tunnel (because
of jigglypuff) and found a great rest area. Ash went to get some water while
brock prepares dinner and a spooky pair eyes are watching them. Ash comes
back and discovers that his back pack disappeared! Meanwhile in town nurse
joy and chansy had just finished their grocery shopping done and are waiting
for the ice cream man to make their ice cream cones. Team rocket are watching
them and they plan to steal one thing from the bag then wobbuffet comes out
(again) and Jessie recalls it. James and meowth steal a piece of ham and
nurse joy gets confused. Team rocket fight over the ham while a shadowed
creature steals it. When team rocket stops fighting they notice that the ham
is gone Meowth blames wobbuffet (because it popped out just as the fighting
stopped) wobbuffet says it’s innocent and Jessie and James believe it then
nurse joy comes and Jessie recalls wobbuffet and they run away nurse joy
meets with ash misty and brock and brock flirts with her as usual and they
see a pokemon’s footprint and they fallow it. The footprint leads them into
the woods and brock says they’ll camp here. Brock prepares a fake hot dog for
the pokemon. They wait for the pokemon to come but instead of 1 5 pairs of
eyes come out and fell for the plan. But then they come back at spit it out
at brock then they all attack so ash calls out chikorita and cyndaquil. Misty
calls out poliwag but psyduck comes out and brock calls out onix and the
houndour attack cyndaquil but he dodges it ash tells cyndaquil to save its
energy. Misty commands a water gun attack but psyduck gets confused a
houndour  starts to attack psyduck but ash saves it with a razor leaf
cyndaquil gets powered up and uses flamethower but the leader (the one with
the scars) challenges ash to a battle ash battles with pikachu. Hondour uses
leer but pikachu uses leer too. Houndour uses flamethower but pikachu dodges
and uses quick attack but hondour dodges and it starts to attack.

Whos that pokemon


its hitmontop!

As i was saying houndour was going to attack pikachu but once again it dodges
so houndour uses flamethower but pikachu jumps and uses thunder  but houndour
jumps and they are tired out then houndour hears a cry and the pack uses smog
and run away but ash misty  brock pikachu cyndaquil and chikorita run after
them.  A VERY weak houndour is battling a golem but it is really tired. The
golem starts to attack but is blocked by the leader’s flamethower. It keeps
on using flamethower until ash runs and tells him fire attacks won’t work
golem starts to use a rollout on the 2 houndour but ash saves them with
chikoriata’s razor leaf. Brock tries to heal the houndour but the other ones
scare him ash recalls chikorita and cyndaquil. Ash promises to get the
houndour to the pokemon center. The houndour trust him but team rocket appear
and do that motto wobbuffet pops out to steal meowth’s solo but he kicks him
and does his part. Ash, misty and brock fugure out that they stole nurse joys
ham and houndour tells him that the pack will take care of team rocket so
they send out arbok, weezing and victreebel (who chomps james again) houndour
use leer  wich scares their pokemon so jessie calls a poison sting. But
misses. James  tells weezing  to use tackle and victreebel to use razor leaf
but they miss and houndour use flamethower to burn their butts (tails for
meowth and wobbuffet) wich sends them blasting off again houndour finds ash
and carres the houndour the houndour gets cured and brock gives it a hot dog
and ash misty and brock continue traveling in johto.

-  TeamRocket897456

From:      Ultrfnprd

  Episode 147:      Hour of the Houndour


Ash and the gang are camping out in the Ilex forest, and Brock is cooking dinner when Ash comes back with some water.  Misty asks Ash where the bread they gave him to keep safe was.  He left it by a tree by the campsite.  Just as he goes to get it, a mysterious figure pops out from behind the bushes and snatches Ash’s backpack!  Ash and Misty follow the footprints leading to the backpack.  Meanwhile, in Goldenrod City, nurse Joy and Chansey are walking back to the Pokemon Center from grocery shopping when they decide to get some ice cream from the ice cream truck.  Joy puts the bag down on a bench and orders the food while Team Rocket is hiding behind the bench.  They steal nurse Joy’s ham, and walk away.  Back in the woods, Ash and co. are walking through the footprints when they reach the Pokemon center.  Nurse Joy gets the ice cream and goes back to the bench to find the ham gone.  She walks to the Pokemon Center’s backyard and sees the gang.  She asks Ash if he saw the crooks who stole the ham, and Misty assumes correctly that it was Team Rocket.  Ash and his friends bid farewell to Joy and follow some more footprints.  The prints lead them to an eerie place in the woods.  Brock decides to make a fake loaf of bread to attract the thing that stole the backpack.  It cmes, but it goes away with the decoy so fast that they can’t see it.  They follow some more footprints.  Finally, the tracks lead them to a pack of Houndour!

It is carrying the bread decoy in his mouth and it didn’t look too happy.  Ash decides to battle it out to get his stuff back.  He sends Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Pikachu to battle.  Misty tries to send out Staryu, but ends up with Psyduck.  Brock sends out Onix.  Chikorita uses Razor Leaf, but it is too slow.  Cyndaquil uses Agility, and dodges it, then uses Flamethrower, but that is too slow too!  Then, Ash commands Pikachu to use Quick Attack, but...  too darn slow.  Gee, what a surprise.  See a pattern here?  Then, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, but misses.  Now, it uses Thunder, still too slow.  Then, Ash hears a painful howl.  Another Houndour is battling a Golem, and is getting hurt badly.  Ash decides to take it to the Pokemon center.  So he starts the treacherous journey to the city.  It is very hard, carrying a Pokemon on your back, but Ash and Houndour made it anyway.  Joy healed Houndour, and Ash and Houndour bid their farewells, and Ash heads towards Goldenrod City, and he learns that Pokemon can help each other too.



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