Episode #138 -  Good ĎQuil Hunting.

Ash and his friends are totally lost in the forest.  Ashís idea is to cut through the forest.  Another boy trainer manages to get Ashís attention.  He says Ash should go away because he wants to get a rare Cyndaquil before Ash does.  Ash decides to split up from Misty & Brock to find a Cyndaquil.  They canít find one but they do find TR who recites their motto on top of their  newest creation, a giant Meowth.  Ash runs from it because it shoots bubble gum out of itís hand.  Ash finds a series of caves and a Cyndaquil in one of them.

Whoís that Pokemon?


Itís Slowking

Ash starts to climb the hill, but Team Rocket catches up and that annoying trainerís Sandslash gets there 1st.  Ash falls down, but makes it back up in time because Team Rocket shoots a giant ball of putty at him.  Cyndaquil runs deeper into the cave and Ash follows.  There are a bunch of caves in there, and he has to choose one because heís being chased by a ball of putty.  He chooses the right one and finds Sandslash about to fight the Cyndaquil.  Ash grabs the Cyndaquil and runs but Sandslash gets run over by the putty ball.  He slides down the hill and tells Pikachu to thunder shock the giant meowth.  Just like all other inventions it does nothing.  Ash gets hit by bubble gum, but Cyndaquil is able to get out.  It uses flamethrower on the machine and it looks

for a second like that did nothing, but it makes lots of sparks inside the machine.  Ash wants to save Cyndaquil, and before he knows it Cyndaquil is in his Pokeball.  He meets with Misty and Brock who are surprised he caught the Cyndaquil already.  The annoying trainer comes back and challenges Ash to a battle and the winner gets Cyndaquil. Misty

thinks thatís unfair because Ash already caught it, but the annoying trainer wonít listen to her.  The boy uses Sandslash, and Ash uses Cyndaquil, but Cyndaquil canít use itís flamethrower again for some reason.  Sandslash attacks anyways but Cyndaquil, does a great job dodging but canít flamethrower yet.  Then Sandslash gets a scythe stuck

in a tree and Cyndaquil jumps up and lands on Sandslash to beat it.  Ash does a victory pose with Cyndaquil

The end



I really enjoyed the episode in which Ash gets a Cyndaquil.  I liked the fact
that he had to battle to win Cyndaquil.  When he won, it showed how tough Ash
really is.  I also think Cyndaquil is very cute!  I hope, after Ash gets a
Totodile (is it true he trades his Squirtle for it?), that all three of the
starting Pokemon evolve.  That would be so kewl if he had a Feraligatr,
Meganium and Typhlosion altogether.  I also hope later, he rides on the S.S.
Aqua.  Out of 5 stars I would give this episode 4 1/2.  It was almost perfect.




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