Episode #146 - Tunnel Vision

     The group needs to travel through the Onix Tunnel, which will make the journey to Goldenrof faster and easier.  However, the Onix in the tunnel makethis impossible to pass.  Team Rocket also wants to use the tunnel.   Meanwhile, Jigglypuff arrives and puts everyone asleep.  Team Rocket decide that they need Misty’s water pokemon to get past the Onix.  Ash decides to use Squirtle to pass the Onix, but realizes he no longer has him.  The group decides to pass the tunnel the next day.  Meanwhile, a familiar Snubull steals Jigglypuff’s marker ( which Jigglypuff uses as a microphone.  

The group see and recognize the Snubull, but it runs off again.  Jigglypuff comes and the group realizes that Snubull stole it’s microphone.  The group decides to help it.  Meanwhile, Team Rocket finds Snubull, who bites Meowth’s tail.  Jesse realizes that Snubull is in love with Meowth!  Jesse, being jealous of Misty and Togepi, decides to keep Snubull so she can carry it.  Meowth tells them that they can have him on the team or the Snubull, not both.  Jesse and James pick Snubull and Meowth leaves.  A sad Meowth and Jigglypuff meet one another and become friends.  Team Rocket is spying on the kids when Snubull chases of after Meowth.

 Team Rocket and Ash, Misty, and Brock find Jigglypuff, Meowth, and Snubull at the same time.  Team Rocket begins their motto.  Meowth realizes that Jesse and James need him to say “ Meowth! That’s right!” at the end.  He is about to say it, when Wobbuffet jumps and front and says it’s name!  Jesse and James are happy over their new motto, leaving Meowth depressed again.  

Jigglypuff and Snubull Pound and Doubleslap each other until Jiggly gets it’s microphone.  Team Rocket is defeated and Meowth blasts off with them.  Jigglypuff puts everyone asleep with it’s song and scribbles all over their faces.  It proceeds into the Onix Tunnel and puts all the Onix asleep.  When Ash, Misty, and Brock wake up they are able to make it through the tunnel without a problem.  They believe that  Jigglypuff’s song echoed throughout the cave, so it’s song became stronger and that’s why the Onix were still sleeping.  Team Rocket travels through.   When Jesse trips and falls, the Onix wake up, surrounding the trio!



Tunnel Vision

Ash, Misty and Brock are on course for Goldenrod City. Their map says that they can take the Onix Tunnel through a mountain to make the journey a bit shorter. Many Onix are said to live in this cave, but Ash knows that Onix are weak against water types. Then he remembers that he no longer has Squirtle, but Misty reassures him that she can use her water Pokemon. Brock suggests that they go through the tunnel in the morning because it’s getting  dark.Unbeknownst to them, they are being followed by both Jigglypuff and
Snubbull.In the morning, Team Rocket comes to the tunnel. Meowth complains about going in, but James says it’s the shortest route to the next town. No sooner to they enter the tunnel they meet a bunch of Onix. James has Victreebell use its Razor Leaf but it has no effect on them. The Onix start to bash the sides of the tunnel, causing rocks to fall down.Angry, Jessie sends Arbok out but it gets caught by one of the Onix. So she throws Meowth, but his Fury Swipes doesn’t work either.

The Onix continue to cause rocks to tumble down, so Team Rocket runs away.They lament about not having any water Pokemon. Wobbuffet comes out and Jessie has to put it back. Jessie remembers that Misty has water Pokemon, so they’ll steal hers.Ash and Misty are washing up while Brock does exercises with his Pineco, which explodes in his face when he picks it up. Pikachu sees Snubbull walk by and alerts the others, they recognize it as the one from the rich lady’s house. What’s it doing so far from home? The Snubbull runs off, and they follow it.They turn a corner and encounter Jigglypuff, who hops up onto a tree stump and sings. Ash mutters that they’re taking their afternoon nap a little early, and they all fall asleep. Team Rocket, who has been sneaking through the bushes nearby, also hears Jigglypuff’s song and dozes off. Snubbull finally sees Meowth and runs forward, but flops onto the ground inches from his tail.Snubbull is the first to wake up, and when she sees her reflection in a puddle she gets mad. When she sees Jigglypuff angrily scribbling on a sleeping Pidgey, she grabs its marker/microphone and runs away. Our three friends are continuing on their way. Misty comments that Ash’s mother would be happy to hear about them washing up twice in one day. Jigglypuff shows up again and they’re afraid that it will sing, but Brock notices something different about it: it doesn’t have its microphone any more. They decide to help Jigglypuff find it.

Team Rocket grumbles about Jigglypuff ruining their plan. Jessie has another plan to dig a pitfall trap. James is skeptical but she produces her secret weapon, a combination spade and pogo stick. They start to dig.Snubbull finds them and chomps Meowth’s tail. Jessie picks her up and makes her let go, hoping Snubbull’s teeth didn’t get damaged. She thinks Snubbull has been following them because she’s in love with Meowth (much to Meowth’s dismay). James wants to give Snubbull to the boss, but Jessie wants to keep it. Jessie is jealous, everyone thinks Misty is sweet because she goes around hugging her Togepi, so if Jessie keeps Snubbull she will become as popular.Meowth gets angry and says he doesn’t want his tail to get chewed off, but Jessie isn’t giving him any choice. (Wobbuffet comes out again, just to be annoying.) Meowth says either Snubbull goes or he goes, but Jessie and James welcome Snubbull to the team and Meowth is devastated and wanders away.

Who’s that Pokemon: Azumarill

Back on the road, Ash sees a basket of fruit and wants to check it out but the others stop him, saying this looks too familiar. However Jigglypuff runs forward and falls into a hole. Ash has Bulbasaur rescue it, but Jigglypuff falls into a second hole, then a third. After the third rescue, Jigglypuff gets angry and runs away.In the bushes, J&J are angry that Jigglypuff ruined their plan. James wonders where Meowth is, whereupon
Snubbull squirms out of Jessie’s arms and goes to search for Meowth. J&J have little choice but to follow.A dejected Meowth is wandering along the road. He hopes that J&J will come to look for him, especially since they need him to say “Meowth that’s right!” in the team’s motto. He looks back but nobody is there, so he keeps walking.

Ash and friends are still looking for the microphone in the woods but they agree they’ll never find it at this rate. Jigglypuff is sad and walks up the road.Meowth has stopped at the entrance to Onix Tunnel, unwilling to go through. Jigglypuff sits down beside him and tells him about its lost microphone. Meowth complains that nobody seems to care about Pokemon’s feelings any more. Still, they have to follow their dreams. Jigglypuff tells him about its dream to have an audience listen to its song all the way through, and Meowth realizes that Jigglypuff looks like the full moon that he likes. He suggests that they form their own team, the Dream Team, and they won’t stop until their dreams come true!In the middle of a sentence, something bites Meowth and he panics. It’s Snubbull! J&J arrive and Meowth asks them if they had been looking for him but they tell him they were looking for Snubbull.Jigglypuff sees that Snubbull has its microphone and tries to grab it, but Snubbull won’t let go so they start to slap each other around. Pikachu sees this and runs to get Ash.J&J tell Meowth to help Snubbull but Meowth has been hoping that Jigglypuff will slap Snubbull silly. He relucatantly tries to break up the fight but ends up getting drawn into it himself.Ash and company arrive and stop the fighting.

Team Rocket threaten to steal Misty’s water Pokemon and say their motto; Meowth prepares to jump in and say his line but gets interrupted by Wobbuffet! Jessie says that has a nice ring to it, and Meowth gets upset.Now Jessie releases Arbok. Misty gets a Pokeball but Psyduck comes out by itself and she has to recall it before releasing Poliwag, which makes short work of Arbok with its Water Gun. James releases Victreebell but it tries to chomp him. Ash gets out Chikorita which easily takes care of Victreebell. Jessie throws Wobbuffet into the action and it counters Chikorita’s attacks, but Poliwag uses a full power Water Gun to push Team Rocket back. Pikachu finishes the job with a Thunderbolt, sending them blasting off.Snubbull tosses the microphone aside and runs after Team Rocket. Jigglypuff is happy to have it back and immediately sings. Ash’s last comment before falling asleep for the second time today is that this is getting tiring. After scribbling on their faces, Jigglypuff heads into the tunnel and puts all the Onix to sleep.Later, the three friends walk through the tunnel to discover all the Onix are sleeping and have been scribbled all over. They consider themselves lucky and pass safely through the tunnel.Team Rocket go through the tunnel themselves, but Jessie trips over a rock and
falls. The noise wakes up all the Onix! They’re trapped here for a while...

Alex Obert


This the summary of the episode Tunnel Vision

It starts out with Brock saying he knows a shortcut to Goldenrod through a tunnel full of Onix.  The next morning they begin their journey towards the tunnel.  Ash remembers he doesn't have "good ol' Squirtle" to fight the Onix, but Misty has plenty of water Pokemon.  They don't notice Jigglypuff, and Snubull following them.  Team Rocket's thoughts are alike.  They know they can't fight the Onix without water Pokemon, but they try to use their own, but when they are defeated they decide to steal Misty's.  Ash and the gang are relaxing.  Misty's Psyduck is out, Brock is excercising with Pineco, and when he pick it up it explodes, then they notice the Snubull from the rich lady's house sniffing something.  Then it runs off, but Jigglypuff appears and sings and everyone's put to sleep.  Snubull comes back and falls asleep too.  When it wakes up it see how Jigglypuff has drawn on it's face it runs and grabs Jigglypuff's marker.  Then the gang sees Jigglypuff again but it is sad.  They notice its microphone/marker is gone.  Meanwhile, Jesse has a plan to catch Misty.  They'll use the hidden hole trap, but they'll dig with shovels attached to pogo sticks.  Then the Snubull appears.  Team Rocket wants to use Meowth's tail so the Snubull won't want to escape.  Meowth says no and he will quit if they keep the Snubull.  They choose Snubull and Meowth leaves with a broken heart.

Who's that Pokemon?
It's Azumarril.

We see delicious looking food (of course Team Rocket's trap) and Ash is about to take it when Misty cautions him back remembering Otoshi, but Jigglypuff can't resist and breaks the 1st trap, and Ash has Bulbasaur pull a very angry Jigglypuff out of it.  Jigglypuff also gets stuck in the 2nd trap and Bulbasaur pulls him out.  Jigglypuff is so mad he runs away and sees Meowth by the entrance of the cave.  They have a little conversation and decide to start their own team called the dream team.  Just then Team Rocket arrives with Snubull and and Jigglypuff starts to fight to get the marker/microphone back.  Team Rocket tells Meowth to attack Jigglypuff, and he doesn't actually try with fists but with words only to get involved.  Just then the gang arrives, and Team Rocket tries to battle to get the water Pokemon, but they are defeated easily until Jesse uses her Woodbuffet to endure a vine whip from Chikorita and the counterattack to beat it, but Pikachu blasts them off but not too far.  Jigglypuff starts to sing not caring whether it has its marker and that sends Snubull running dropping the marker.  Then Jigglypuff starts to sing for real.  When the gang wakes up they easily make it through the cave because the Onix are all asleep.  Then Team Rocket comes through but Jesse wakes up the Onix by tripping on a rock.  Then they "wish they were  blasting off for once."

  The End


Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock are traveling to Goldenrod City when they come to this tunnel.  They find out that it is the home of many Onix, so Ash says he will use his Squirtle until he remembers that he does not have Squirtle in his party.  Misty says that she will use her Pokemon.  Then the gang decides to come back later after her Pokemon are really energized.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket are already traveling in the tunnel, not knowing that Onix live there.  Obviously, they are chased out anyway.  When they get out they realize that they need water type Pokemon.  James suggests that they will steal Misty’s pokemon.

The gang is camping by a river when Ash notices that a Snubbull is watching him.  Ash realizes that it is the rich lady’s Snubbull and then they all start following it.  Jesse, James, and Meowth are dressed in their lame disguises (they are disguised as bushes), when they see Snubbull, Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock stampeding toward them.  Suddenly, a Jigglypuff appears and puts them to sleep.

When Snubbull wakes up (with ink all over his face), it sees Jigglypuff drawing on the rest of them.  Snubbull steals Jigglypuffs microphone and runs off.

Ash and the gang are washing their faces and start traveling to the Tunnel.  They see Jigglypuff again and then notice that it is sad.  They ask what’s wrong and find out that somebody took it’s microphone but do not know who.

Team Rocket finds Snubbull.  Jesse thinks that it should be a T.R. member and forgets about Meowth.  Jesse and James leave without him.  Moewth is unhappy.  He stats to walk towards the Tunnel when he see Jigglypuff.  They both talk about how upset they are.  Moewth decides to start a new team with Jigglypuff called the “Dream Team” ( so that they can fufill their hopes and Dreams.  That is when Team Rocket comes and see Meowth.  Jesse says that they were looking for him.  Jigglypuff and Snubbull fight over the microphone.  Meowth tries to break up the fight, but they both just scratch him.  Ash, Brock, and Misty come and takes the microphone and gives it to Jigglypuff (first they battle Team Rocket).  Jigglypuff runs off happily.

When Jigglypuff gets to the Tunnel, its sings so that the Onix fall asleep.  Then later on Ash and the gang get through the Tunnel since the Onix are still asleep.

The final scene is when T.R. gets to the Tunnel and notices the sleeping Onix.  They are so glad when suddenly, Jesse trips over a rock, the Onix wake up, and I think you know the rest! 

The End 

Mike, N.Y



You should call yourself lucky, Pojo cause I actually recorded the episode when it aired!
Here is the script actually, not the summary ^,^

*Camera lights up and we see Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, and Togepi walking down the forest as usual as the narrator cheerfully says about Ash's adventures through the Johto world*

Brock: *Looking at a map* The map says we could take the Onix tunnel right through this mountain

Misty: why is it called the Onix Tunnel?

Ash: Yeah, how come?

Brock: Its a cave where a lot of Onix are suppose to live

Misty: *Gets a little worried* A cave full of Onix doesn't sound too safe to me....

Ash: Onix ought to be pretty weak agaisn't water type pokemon. *Raises up his arm, cheerfully* I know we can count of good ol' Squirtle *He pauses and realises about Squirtle* That is, if I still HAD good ol' Squirtle

Misty: *Trying to cheer Ash up* Don't worry, Ash. I got plenty of other water pokemon that can do the job

Brock: Its getting too dark to go in there anyway. Maybe we should save the tunnel for tomorrow

Ash: Good idea

*The three begin walking on and following is none other than Jigglypuff. She makes a cheerful "Jigglypuff" as she follows, but following Jigglypuff is Snubbul who is sniffing and looks up, saying "Snubbubble"* 

Title= Ash: Tunnel Vision!

*The show starts again and we see Team Rocket walking into the Onix Tunnel*

Meowth: *Yawns* I don't see why we gotta tackle this tunnel first thing in the morning

James: I don't like the idea any more than you do, Meowth, but this is the shortest way to the next town

Jesse: If we don't use the Onix Tunnel, who knows how long it would take us to get over that mountain

Meowth: We might be over the hill by the time we get over the hill

*They enter the Onix tunnel and Jesse gets uncomfortable*

Jesse: *Crossing her arms, in a worried tone* Ugg....all of a sudden, I feel a little weird, James

James: I always feel a little weird

Meowth: It sure is quiet in here

*Team Rocket then hear a noise, scaring them*

Jesse, James, and Meowth: Guahhhhh!!!!

Jesse: What do you think that sound was???!!!

James: *In an afraid tone* Scary!!!!

*Suddently, out of the blue, three Onix pop out of the ground, growling at a startled Team Rocket*

Jesse, James, and Meowth: AHHHH!!!!

Jesse: They're Onix!

James: And they're cranky!

Meowth: We gotta do something!!

James: *Taking out his pokeball* Alright, just leave this to me *Throws pokeball* Go, VICTREEBELL!

*Victreebell come out of its pokeball, squealing loudly*

James: *Pointing to the Onix* GO AND STOP THOSE ONIX! *The Victreebell tries eating him* Eek!! Get the Onix! Not me! *backs out of the Victreebell* Use your razor leaf attack!

Victreebell: *Throwing razor leafs* YIAH! YIAH!

*The razor leaf slam into the three Onix, but no harm was done as the leafs jump off them. The Onix them start slamming themselves into the walls, creating the Rock Throw attack*

James: *Covering himself from rocks* AHHH!! I think they're using Rock Throw!

Meowth: *Covering himself from the rocks* We gotta do SOMETHIN'!

Jesse: *Taking out her pokeball* I can handle this one! *Throws pokeball* I choose....ARBOK!!

*Arbok is out of its pokeball and makes a chanting "CHAAA-BOK!!", but gets grabbed and squeesed by the Onix and Arbok screams in pain.*

Meowth: Glad I am not Arbok cause that Bind Attack is bound to hurt *The cat suddently gets grabbed up by Jesse*

Jesse: Come on, Meowth! Don't just stand there! Go help out! 

Meowth: Help out how?

Jesse: You're a pokemon *Throws Meowth to the Onix* Attack it!

Meowth: AHHH! *Gets ready* I'll try my fury swipes!! *Begins whishing his hands, wanting to scractch* Lemme at em'! 

*Meowth just slams onto an Onix, bouncing off and the Onix begin slamming themselves into the walls again and Team Rocket run out in fear, screaming*


*Team Rocket are panting from all the running as they are on the floor*

Jesse: There must be a way to get past them....

James: *Eyes light up as he has an idea* We can always beat those Onix with a WATER pokemon

Meowth: I hate to dampen your spirits, James, but we ain't got any water pokemon

*Jesses Wabbafet pops out, making a cheery "Waaaaba! Waaaaba!!"*

Jesse: *Recalling Wabbafet* We need water pokemon, not a drip*Thinks* That twerpy little redhead certaintly has plenty of water pokemon


A memory comes in as Poliwag, making a happy "Poli!" appears, Goldeen appears, making a happy "Goldeen", Staryu appears making a strong "HIAH!", and Psyduck appears making a confused "Psyduck"

Misty: *Cheerfully* I choose yooouu!! Hahaha!!~

~End memory~

Meowth: You're right! That little brat is hogging water pokemon that WE can use!

James: I know. How about we help ourselves to some of HERS!

*The team agrees and get ready as the target in this episode is Misty and her water pokemon*


*We see Ash, Misty (Or course), Brock, Pikachu, and Togepi relaxing near a river. Ash is soaking himself, Brock is excersixing (sp?) with his Pineco, and Misty is cleaning her Togepi as Psyduck moans about his headaches*

Misty: *Annoyed* Psyduck, if your going to hold your head all day, at least hold it in the water so it will get clean!

Psyduck: Psy..duck?

Misty:. *Cleaning her Togepi* You want to be nice and clean, don't ya? 

Togepi: *Cheerfully* Togi Togi Pree!!~~

Pineco: Pineco! *Gets picked up by Brock*

Brock: How ya doing, Pineco? Ready to have some fun?

Pineco: Pinnneee..coooo *Pineco self destructs as Brock is hit with it*

Brock: ....We are already having a BLAST!

Pineco: Pineco!!

*Snubbul walks in, sniffing as Ash and Pikachu see it*

Pikachu: Pi..ka?

Ash: *Just wiping his face from soaking himself* Hey! There goes a Snubbul *Runs up to her* Uhhh....guys....doesn't the bows look kinda familiar?

Brock: *Running up to Ash* Did you say BOWS?

Misty: Of course it is! Its the same Snubbul from the rich ladys house!

*Flashback from that episode where the Snubbul is with her owner*

Ash: I wonder what its doing so far away from home?

Misty: Maybe it didn't like living in a big, fancy mansion to it decided to run away 

Brock: That sounds fauceful (sp?)

Ash: *Ash looks at the sniffing Snubbul* But it kinda looks like its might be trying to pick up some kind of scent or something

Misty: You think Snubbul is trailing --

*Snubbul picks up the scent and begins to run off*

Pikachu: PIKA!

Brock: Hey! Snubbul! Wait up!

Misty: Snubbul, come back here!

*The three begins chasing the Snubbul*


Team Rocket is crawling on the floor wearing a plant disguise, looking for Misty

Jesse: Team Rocket would be unstoppable once we get those water pokemon! We'll be powerful with a Poliwag!

James: We'll be stars with a Staryu

Meowth: Gold deen would Goldeen!

*They think*

Jesse: What else...

James: Doesn't she have a Psyduck?

Meowth: We'd be sighing with Psyduck!

*The three continue crawling as Snubbul appears, trailing for that scent (For the people who didn't see the Snubbul episode, Snubbul is trailing Meowth because she likes biting his tail!). Ash, Misty, and Brock continue running hot on Snubbuls heels*

Misty: Snubbul sure looks determined to find something!

*Jigglypuff walks in, cherrfully, talking to herself. Ash, Misty and Brock get startled as Jigglypuff continues walking to them*

Ash: Oh no!! Jigglypuff and its microphone!!!!

Jigglypuff: *Jumps on a tree stump* Jiggly Jiggly-puff!!!~~~ *Starts to sing as Ash, Misty and Brock get sleepy*

Misty: ....we just woke up and hour ago...

Ash: We are taking our afternoon nap early today....

*They lull to sleep and the camera moves to Team Rocket who are getting sleepy too*

Jesse: I don't know about you, but all this stalking is getting me sleepy

James: Thats not it, its Jigglypuffs song....

Meowth: Either way, I'm still BUSHED

*They lull to sleep also and Snubbul walks in. She sees Meowth and begins running up to him cheerfully, but falls asleep too. She falls RIGHT behind his tail*


*Snubbul wakes up with markings on her face from Jigglypuffs fury, but doesn't notice. She continues walking, sniffing for Meowth and suddently sees her face in a little pond. Whiping her face angrily she finds the culprit of the attack: Jigglypuff, who is angrily drawing on a piguey too*

Snubbul: *Angrily* Snuuubul

*She runs up to Jigglypuff who just finished drawing on Piguey and swipes the microphone(pen) away. Jigglypuff is startled*

Jigglypuff: *Running after Snubbul, sobbing* Jiiiggllly- *Trips and Snubbul escapes. She looks up, sobbing at the escaping Snubbul* Jiiiigggglllyyyyy.....

*Meanwhile, Ash, Misty, and Brock are walking tiredly after waking up*

Ash: *Yawns* At least we got that ink scrubbed off....

Brock: We washed up TWICE today 

Misty: I bet Ash's mom would be very happy to hear about that

Togepi: *Chrips happily*

*Jigglypuff walks in, trying not to cry*

Ash: No! Not again!

Misty: Oh god, its gonna sing!!!

Brock: *Stopping Ash and Misty as they are about to run off* WAIT!! Look at it! Theres something different about it

*They stare at Jigglypuff as shes about to cry*

Ash: It doesn't look like its Jigglypuffy self

Misty: It looks like its about to cry

*They walk up to the sobbing Jigglypuff*

Ash: Whats the matter Jigglypuff?

Jigglypuff: Jiggly...Jiggly jiggly puff!!

Ash: Looks, it doesn't have the microphone it always carries

Misty: What did you do to your microphone, Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff: *Making herself look like Snubbul* <Tough voice> Jig! Jiggaly-puff!

Misty: Thats a weird face

Jigglypuff: *Starting to cry and sobs softly*

Misty: I feel sort of sorry for it....

Pikachu: Piiikaaa...

Ash: I say we help Jigglypuffs find its microphone

*Misty and Brock agree*


Jesse: *Annoyed* Well, thanks to that Jigglypuff, our first plan to steal water pokemon is a total washout!

Meowth: You got a second plan thats total washout?

Jesse: We're going to use the ol' pitball plan!!

*James and Meowth falls on the ground anime style*

Meowth: *Standing up* That plan is the pits....

Jesse: That may have been true in the past, but I have an invention that is going to change that! 

James: What invention is that Jesse..?

Jesse: TAH DAH!! *Takes out a pogo-stick shovel*

James: Quit pretending that its a new invention and just call it spade-to-spade

Jesse: Oh, but its not just a spade, James, I sprang for the model that is a combination shovel and pogo-stick too!

James: But what for?

Jesse: *Hopping on her pogo-stick shovel as she digs the trap* So I can really DIG digging!

James: Nek!

Meowth: When Jesse picks a trap, she really HOPS to it

*Snubbul, holding Jigglypuffs microphone pops out of the bushes and finds Team Rocket digging. Jesse is laughing cheerfully. Snubbul gets attracted to Meowths bouncing tail and she walks up to it. She bites it and Meowth screams in pain*

Meowth: AHHHHH!!! *Running around with Snubbul on his tail* GET THIS THING OFF OF ME!! ITS BITING THROUGH MY TAIL!!!!

Jesse: *Picking up Snubbul* Uhhh...Isn't this the same Snubbul we met back in that Pom ville?

James: Uhhh...it does look familiar *Touches Snubbul and Snubbul snaps at him, letting go of Meowths tail*

Meowth: *Rubbing his hurt tail* Ugg, I hope I can put this painful tail BEHIND me....

Jesse: I hope that thing didn't damage Snubbuls teeth!

James: I wonder if Snubbul has been tailing Meowth for some reason

Jesse: ahh! That must be it. This Snubbul must have a thing for Meowth!

Meowth: *Getting nervous* What kind of a thing?

Jesse: Oh, Meowth, its obvious. That twinkle in its eye could only mean one thing: LOVE!~

Snubbul: *Twinkling eyes* Snubbul-Snubbul...

Meowth: BAHHH!!! Uggg...uhhh...

James: This Snubbul would make an excellent gift for the boss, wouldn't it Jesse?

Jesse: Yes. And as long as we got Meowth, it won't even try to run away. And we finally got a pokemon I can CUDDLE!~ *Cuddles Snubbul as Snubbul makes a happy "Snuuubbuuubble". Jesse then looks up, annoyed* Everyone thinks that red-headed runt is so SWEET because she hangs around hugging her Togepi!


Misty: *Cuddling Togepi* Hahaha haha!~~

Togepi: Togi preeeee!!~~

*End memory*

Jesse: I'll be as popular as she is when people see me snuggling this Snubbul!~

James: *Sarcastic* Suuuureeee

Meowth: *Angry* I'm not gonna stick around and get my tail chewed off so you can cuddle that fluff ball!

Jesse: I don't recal anyone saying you had a choice about it, Meowth!

*Wabbafet pops out, cheering "Wabba...fet!"*

Jesse: Eeerrgg!! You're starting to get on my nerves!!

Meowth: Take your pick! This team ain't big enough for the two of us so either Snubbul goes, or Meowth goes, SEEEEEEE!!!

Jesse: We'll, if you want us to make the decision, the choice if obvious

Jesse and James: Uh-huh

James: We can't just ignore everything you've done as part of Team Rocket

Meowth: I gotta admit I'm touched. I knew you'd pick the right person *Smiles*

Jesse and James: Welcome to Team Rocket Snubbul!!!~~

Wabbafet: Wa...bbafet!

Meowth: *Turns blue and the backround turns black* Ehhhh.....W-HHHHAAAAATTTTTT????!!!!!

Jesse: We better finish digging until the twerps get here

James: Thats a good idea Jesse

*They walk away and Wabbafet mumbles to itself*

*Meowth turns to his normal color*

Meowth: This would have never happened if I hadn't opened my big, fat MEOWTH *Walks away, sobbing*

Its Azumarril!
Azumarril: AZUMARRIL!!~~

Back in the show, Jesse and James finish digging infront of a bunch of food and a fruit tree, knowing the 'twerps' would go nuts from hunger, run to the food, and fall from the pitball plan. The 'twerps' finally arrive as Jesse, James, and Snubbul sit, waiting*

Ash: All right! Free food!!!!!

Pikachu: PIKKKAA!!

Misty: *Stopping Ash* Wait a second Ash...haven't we fallen from this trap before

Brock: It does seem vaguely familiar 

Ash: Maybe it is another trap, but atleast we will get a meal out of it.

Brock: *Thinks* I have to admit, but Ash has got a point

*Camera moves to the hiding Team Rocket*

Jesse: Hehehe, just a few steps away from out pitball

James: We're just stpes from new pokemon!

Jigglypuff: JIGGLY!!!! *Jumps in and begins running to the free food*

Misty: Jigglypuff!!

*Jigglypuff runs to the food and the pitball makes her fall*

Ash: Bulbasaur! Come on out Jigglypuff get out of there! *Throws pokeball and Bulbasaur pops out*

*Bulbasaur helps Jigglypuff out and she grows annoyed as she runs to the other food*

Ash: No wait!! *The three run after Jigglypuff*

*Jigglypuff runs to the other food, causing her to fall again. Bulbasaur gets her out and Jigglyouff gets herself caught ONCE again as she tried grabbing fruit from the tree. She is now furious from the tricks played on her*

Ash: *Running up to Jigglypuff* Calm down Jigglypuff!

Jigglypuff: *Running off, angrily*

Misty: COME BACK!! *They run after Jigglypuff*

*In the bushes*


James: *Looking around* Speaking of good for nothing, wheres Meowth? 

Jesse: Ugg, we ring our backs while Meowth goes along his merry way! *Snubbul begins to fidget a lot* Huh? Whats the matter, Snubbul? *Snubbul jumps out of Jesses arms and runs off* Wait! COME BACK!!


Meowth is walking down the forest, depressed, sighing to himself

Meowth: The Team Rocket motto is never gonna be the same without me popping up at the end with a big MEOWTH!! THAT RIGHT!! *Realises something* Wait a second! They NEED me to say that line! They must have realized that by now! *Looks around and sees no Jesse or James running up to him. He sighs sadly* Maybe I better quit kidding myself. They like Snubbul and they ain't never gonna come looking for me *Walks away, groaning sadly* 


Ash and co. are looking for Snubbul and Jigglypuff microphone

Brock: *Looking* Any sign of Snubbul yet?

Togepi: *Chirps happily*

Misty: *looking* No..not so far

Ash: *Looking* Well, any sign of Jigglypuffs Microphone

Pikachu: *Sadly* Piiiika...

Brock: We're NEVER gonna find it this way...

Misty: I hate to say it, but you might be right....

Togepi: *Chirps happily*

Jigglypuff: *She overhears the conversation about her microphone and she sadly walks away, about to cry*


Meowth is sitting on a rock near the entrance of the Onix Tunnel

Meowth: *Looking at the tunnel entrance* I can't get nowhere without cutting through that tunnel, but I'm afraid to go past all of them Onix *Turning back* I guess this is the dead end for poor...ol'....Meowth 

Jigglypuff: *Walks in, sobbing and sits next to Meowth*

Meowth: Whats wrong, Jig'?

Jigglypuff: *Sighing* Pufff...

Meowth: Down in the dumps huh? What got you feeling blue?

Jigglypuff: *Chatter to Meowth her sadness*

Meowth: You say somebody swipped your microphone? Nothin' sacred anymore. I guess nobody cares about our feelings no more... *They both sigh* Well I say the only shelter we got against the disappointments of life is our dreams! *Turning to Jigglypuff, sweetly* You got a dream, don't ya Jigglypuff?

Jigglypuff: *Eyes light up* JIGGLY!!~~ *Starts to fake-sing, sweetly*

Meowth: I hear ya. Your dream is for an audience to listen to you sing your song all the way through. Is that it?

Jigglypuff: Jiggly!!!~

Meowth: Thats a beautiful dream, Jig'...

Jigglypuff: *Jumps up and down, cheerfully* Jiggly Jigglypuff!~

Meowth: I never noticed it before, but you look a lot like the full moon that I love so much..

Jigglypuff: Ji-Jiggly? *The full moon forms around Jigglypuff for a second and it disappears again as she stares at Meowth, happily*

Meowth: *sighs* I wish the pokemon that liked me was nice and well-rounded like you instead of being one thats ruff to me and my tail.. *Gets touched on the shoulder softly as Meowth turns to Jigglypuff* Huh?

Jigglypuff: *Sweetly* Jiggly...Jiggaly-Jiggaly-puff...

Meowth: Hey, you treat me much nicer than my friend did *They hold eachother as they cry. Meowth then backs off, with an idea* You know what? You and me are joining forces to make a team thats even better than Team Rocket! We'll call ourselves the Dream Team because we ain't gonna rest till our dreams come true! 

Jigglypuff: *Makes an excited agree*

Meowth: From now on, the world is our apple and we're gonna take a big, juicy bite- *Gets his tail bitten by Snubbul* AHHHHHHH!!!! SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!! GET THIS SNUBBUL OFF OF ME!!

*Jesse and James run in*

Jesse: Well! what if!

James: I can hardly believe my eyes

Meowth: *Looks up at Jesse and James* I thought you guys didn't care about me, but I guess you've been looking for me all along, right?

James: Not really....

Jesse: Actually, we didn't know you were gone. We came here looking for Snubbul!

Meowth: *Falls on the ground, Anime Style* I was afraid of that....

*Jigglypuff sees Snubbul holding her microphone as she walks up and tries grabbing it. The two begin fighting as they do their double-slap attacks*

Jesse: Whats up with those two?

James: We gotta stop this!

*Pikachu peeks out of the bushes and sees the conflict. He then runs off to tell the others*

Jesse: Get in there, Meowth, can't you that Snubbul is in danger. Quit standing there, gawking and do something to help out

James: What are you waiting for?

Meowth: I was kinda waitin' for Jigglypuff to slap that Snubbul silly *Walking up to the two pokemon duking it out* Ok, break it up, fightings never solved anythin- *Snubbul slaps Meowth* OW! You little punk! *Hits Snubbul, but Jigglypuff then slaps Meowth* HEYYYY!!

*The three start fighting angrily and Ash, Misty, and Brock arrive in*

Ash: *Stopping the fight* Hey! Quit it! What are you all fighting about???!!! *Turns to the microphone holding Snubbul* Well, now we know where Jigglypuffs Microphone went...

Jesse: Perfect. We couldn't have asked for a better time for the redhead to show up!

James: Now we can help ourselves to all of her water pokemon

Misty: Guess again!!

Ash: What are you three trying to pull this time?

Jesse: You should prepare for trouble, folks!

James: Better make it double for stealing your pokes'

Meowth: *Looks up* alright

Jesse: To protect the world from devastation

James: To unite our peoples within our nation

Jesse: To denounce the evils of truth and love

James: To extend our reach to the stars above

Jesse: JESSE!

James: JAMES!

Meowth: Ok, here comes my big moment...

Jesse: Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now or Prepare to fight fight fight

*Meowth jumps up*

Meowth: MEO-

Wabbafet: *Interrupting* Waaaa-baaaaa fet!

Jesse: Not bad, I like the new ending

James: Yes, it does have a nice ring to it!

*Meowth falls on the ground anime style*

Meowth: *Standing up* Say it isn't so....

Jesse: *Taking out her pokeball* We need water pokemon. Its up to you, Arbok! *Throws pokeball* Now....GOOOOOO!!!

Arbok: Chhhaaaa-bok!!

Misty: *Taking out her pokeball* You're not getting mine, Jesse. I choose y- *Psyduck pops out of her backpack*

Psyduck: Psy-duck!

Jesse: Not psyduck

James: Please don't make us take that one

Misty: You gotta stop letting yourself out. *Returning Psyduck* Alright, Psyduck! Return now! *Taking out her pokeball* Ok, lets try again! I choose you!!! *Throws pokeball*

Poliwag: Poli!~

James: Go and get it arbok!

Jesse: Win one for Team Rocket

Arbok: Chaa

*Arbok misses Poliwag as it jumps away from Arbok*

Misty: Poliwag! Water gun Attack!!

Poiliwag: Poli... *Sprays* POLIIIIIIII!!!~~~ 

Arbok: *Gets hit* CHHHHAAAA!!!!

James:*Taking out his pokeball* Lets show em, Victreebell! I *Throws pokeball* CHOOSE YOU!!

*Victreebell pops out and it squeals loudly*

James: Now! Go Victreebell *Victreebel screams and tries eating James again* Get them Victreebel! Not me!

Ash: Chikorita! *Throws pokeball* I choose you!!

Chikorita: CHIKO!!~~

James: *Getting out Victreebells clutches* Get that Poliwag with Razor leaf! 

Victreebell: *Throws razor leaf* YIAH! YIAH!

Ash: Go, Chickorita, use your Vine Whip attack!!

Chikorita: Chiiiiii...KO!!! *Vine whips and the vine whip slam onto the razor leaf, destroying it*

*Jigglypuff stares in awe*

Misty: Poliwag!! Use your double-slap attack!

*Poliwag slaps away at Arbok*

Ash: Chikorita! Try your razor leaf attack!

Chikorita: Chiiii...KO!! *Razors leafs and Victreebell gets hit by them*

Jesse: *Annoyed* Those little twerps must have been training....not bad

Wabbafet: Waaaaabafet!

Jesse: *Angry* Erg! Why are you agreeing with me! You're suppose to say that they stink and we're great *Pushes Wabbafet onto the battle* GO!!!

Ash: Chikorita. vine whip attack!!

Chikorita: Chiiii...KO! *Vine whip is headed toward Wabbafet*

Jesse: Wabbafet!! Counter attack!

*Wabbafets tail rases and Chikoritas vine whip bounces off and slams onto her*

Chikorita: *Screaming* CHIIIIKKOOOOOOO!!!

Ash: Wabbafets pretty good!

Misty: Poliwag, hit it with water gun at full power

*Poliwags wwater gun out beats Wabbafets Counter as he, Arbok, and Victreebell get slammed onto Team Rocket*

Ash: Alright, Pikachu, time for a thunderblt!

Pikachu: Piiiikkkkaaaaa CHUUUUUU!!!!

*The shock is so intense that Team Rocket is blow off*


Wabbafet: WABBBAAA!!


Snubbul: Snubbul...*Runs off*

Misty: Hey! Wait, snubbul! Come back here! *Sighs* Oh, there it goes again

Brock: Good thing it let go of that microphone

Ash: Good thing for who?

Jigglypuff: *Cheerfully picks up microphone*

Ash: we, atleast Jigglypuff is happy again

Misty: Looks at that smile!

Brock: Now it will be able to sing just like it used to

Jigglypuff: *Jumps on a tree stump and sings, getting everyone sleepy*

Misty: ....Right....just like it used to....

Ash: This is getting to be tiring......

Brock: Twice in one day. We're in for an encore snore *They fall asleep*

*Jigglypuff gets annoyed at the sleeping people and makes her micrphone into a pen*


We see Jigglypuff walking down the Onix Tunnel. The three Onix pop out and cheerfully, Jigglyouff sings. The Onix fall asleep, causing anger in Jigglypuff*


Ash, Misty, and Brock are walking down the Onix Tunnel

Ash: I hope the Onix don't bother us

Brock: Don't worry, Ash, the Onix will leave us alone as long as we leave THEM alone too

Misty: And if they don't, I'll just get my water pokemon to help us out

Ash: Yeah, I guess you're right....

*They find the Onix, asleep, with markings on their face*

Ash: Look, all the Onix are asleep

Pikachu: Pika..chu

Misty: Jigglypuff really did a job on them...

Brock: The echoes in here probably made the song even stronger than usual

Ash: Its was good thing Jigglypuff got its microphone after all

*Misty and Brock agree*

Narrator: And so, with help from Jigglypuff, our heroes pass safely through the Onix Tunnel and continue their Johto League Journey


Team Rocket is passing through the Onix Tunnel

Meowth: We're in luck! Jigglypuff must have been through here!~

James: Yes

Jesse: Maybe, but I for one will be delighted once we get through this tunnel

James: I wonder if thats how they got the old saying about the light at the end of the tunnel

*Jesse trips and the Onix wake up from the sound. Team Rocket is startled and the camera moves out of the mountain*

Jesse: This is one time I wish Team Rocket WAS blasting off

Wabbafet: *Scared* WABBA!!

Onix: *Growls*

To be continued!

Rating of this episode: 9/10

I found this episode to be great. Jigglypuff stars in it, Misty gets a cameo, and Meowth seems to have a thing for Jiggly in that part where they were talking. Its great! Also, Chikorita pops in!~
Why its 9/10, well, I didn't see the Squirtle leave episode and I got angry hearing one of my favorite pokemon left the team!

Thats all!!~



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