Episode 125 - The Whistle Stop

Ash and them are walking on the road, and a bridge is seen in front of them some few feet. Suddenly, a periscope is seen, and T-Rocket is plotting to pull out the planks on them and steal their Pokemon, but then the bridge washes out, and T-Rocket is sent "splashing" off again! Ash and them reach the bridge, and find out that the next bridge is 10 miles away!! Suddenly, a bunch of Ledyba are seen with ropes tied to them, transporting a girl around. She lands using a whistle to command the Ledyba, and offers Ash and his friends a ride across the river. She reveals her name is Arielle, and takes them across, to an orchard. She then displays her talent to control the Ledyba with her whistle. She also reveals that her Ledyba really like the scent of flowers. Ash sends out Heracross to help, but it starts liking fruit from a tree again... Arielle tells everyone that she controls the Ledyba by using different notes on the whistle. Suddenly, two suspicious characters show up, with a Meowth, and examine the whistle. They then reveal themselves as T-Rocket (duh) and make off with the whistle in the balloon. They attempt to steal the Ledyba using the whistle, but they don't obey, and in their frustration, they send out Lickitung, who uses Supersonic to mix up the effects of the whistle. Pikachu then uses Thundershock, popping T-Rocket's balloon and sending them flying away, the Ledyba flying away with them!!! Arielle is very unhappy....
Who's that Pokemon? It's Blissey!!!
Everyone's looking for the Ledyba. Ash apologizes for what happened with the Thundershock. Then, Brock sends out Zubat to look for Ledyba. He uses Supersonic. It looks like he found them! But no, it's a bunch of Golbat! Then, Ash sends out Heracross to sniff out the closest area that has flowers. He starts eating from a tree again... Back to T-Rocket, Jessie is spacing out for the flowers. They are looking for the Ledyba, and Meowth blows the whistle, and it makes Arbok dance. Meowth then spots the Ledyba, and tells Arbok to dig underground, scare them up while he nets them. Meowth nets them, and ties them up, flying off with them. The Ledyba emit a strange flash, and powder comes out, T-Rocket then flying away with them. Back to Ash and them, Arielle is really sad about her Ledyba. She is worried that they'll never come back, and Ash tells her that since she trained them, they should come back to her for sure. Then Arielle has a flashback of the good times with the Ledyba. She thanks Ash for trying to comfort her, and suddenly, she smells a familiar smell. It's the smell of endangered Ledyba! Pikachu senses something as well, and they walk into the fog that the Ledyba emitted. They see the Ledyba, and follow. T-Rocket's having trouble controlling the Ledyba, and Arbok wraps around a tree, holding the Ledyba Ash and them confront them, and they get netted. Lickitung and Victreebel are coming to get Pikachu, and Arielle begs for the Ledyba to help. They all break free and beat Lickitung, Victreebel and Arbok senseless. While T-Rocket's stalled, Ash calls out Bulbasaur and he Razor Leaf, setting everyone free. Arielle commands her Ledyba to dodge Victreebel's Razor Leaf, and then Lickitung goes to attack with Supersonic, but Pikachu stops him with Thundershock. Then, Arielle commands her Ledyba to Tackle, and they send T-Rocket flying away. It doesn't look like Arielle needs the whistle anymore!! She commands her Pokemon without the whistle, and they obey wholeheartedly. Ash and them bid farewell to Arielle and her Ledyba, and that's the end of the episode!!!



Here's my summary 

Ash and group are walking along and Team Rocket are under a bridge Ash, Misty 
and Brock are going to cross. As usual their plan back fires and they fall 
into the river and are splashing off again. Ash and group finally arrive at 
the bridge, and see it broken so they can't cross it. Then in the sky there 
is a female trainer with 6 Ledyba flying around in the air, Ash waves to her 
and the trainer commands her Ledyba to land her, as they are holding her up 
with rope. She lands on the bridge they are on, Brock goes crazy over her 
and Ash tells her that they need to get over the river to the other side, she 
suggests flying everyone over one by one with her Ledyba. The trainer's name 
is Ariel and she takes them all over the river and they all thank Ariel, Ash, 
Misty and Brock stick around and watch what she does with her Ledyba in an 
apple field she is working in. She commands her Ledyba with a whistle and she 
uses them to pollinate the orchard so it can grow more apples. 
Ash sends out Heracross in attempt to help the Ledyba spread pollen but it 
goes to eat sap, Ash, Misty and Brock are amazed how Ariel can control all 6 
Ledyba at a time with her whistle. Team Rocket arrive, and Jesse takes her 
whistle, they recite their motto and they hop into their balloon and float 
off. Jesse blows the whistle but the Ledyba do not obey her call, and they 
learn you have to train with them as well, Jesse sends out Lickitung for it 
to do a Supersonic attack, all the Ledyba get confused while Ariel tries to 
command her Ledyba to attack but they don't. Ash's Pikachu uses a Thunderbolt 
on Team Rocket's balloon and they are blasting off again, Ariel's Ledyba all 
fly off without her in a hurry. 
They all go in search for her Ledyba and learn that Pikachu's Thunderbolt 
scared them all away, Brock has a plan and sends out Zubat to use it's 
tracking to find the Ledyba but all it finds is a bunch of Golbat. Brock's 
idea was stupid according to Misty and they learn that Ledyba like the smell 
of flowers, Ash sends out Heracross again to help them find the nearest place 
with flowers but all it finds is a tree full of sap. 
It goes to a scene where Jesse is in a flower field sewing their balloon 
together, she chucks the whistle away calling it useless but Meowth grabs it 
and tries to blow on it. Jesse sends out her Arbok to go get food for them 
but Meowth blows the whistle in a weird way and Arbok responds to it, James 
discover the 6 Ledyba sleeping near them and Meowth command's Arbok with the 
whistle to use a Dig attack. Arbok scares them all and Meowth catches them 
all in a net. 
They tie them all up and they start to fly away, but they grab onto the rope 
and they are flying away, it goes back to Ash and group looking for Ariel's 
Ledyba and she has doubts about the Ledyba listening to her again because of 
her whistle and Ash tells her that the whistle has nothing to do it but its 
all in her love for them. Suddenly Ariel smells something, its a faint smell 
Ledyba give off when they are in danger, Pikachu senses the source of the 
smell and they all run to it. 
Team Rocket are being taken for a ride by Ledyba, until Ash and Ariel spot 
them, her Ledyba can't get free because Arbok is holding them down. Ash and 
gang all get stuck in a net and Jesse and James send out their Pokemon to get 
Ash's Pikachu, while in the net Ariel commands her Ledyba to help her, with 
all their strength the Ledyba break from Arbok's hold and carry Arbok and hit 
off Jesse and James' Pokemon away from the net Ash uses Bulbasaur to get them 
out of the net. Ariel commands her Ledyba to fly towards Team Rocket and they 
use a Tackle attack at full speed and they are blasting off again. Ariel is 
re-united with her Ledyba and she gets her whistle back and continues to 
pollinate the orchard and realises she doesn't need to use her whistle to 
control them all the time. Ash, Misty and Brock say goodbye to Ariel and her 
Ledyba and continue on their journey to Violet City. 

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