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Ok, here’s my episode summary.

Basically it starts off with Ash and them walking around, then they hear someone crying out. They go to investigate and see a girl in a baseball uniform training her Chikorita. Ash and them decide to hide in the bushes and watch.  Just then, a Rattata jumps out of the bushes, and the girl and her Chikorita engage, defeat and capture the Rattata. Ash goes to congratulate her, she gets all crabby because she doesn’t like people spying on her, and challenges Ash to a Pokemon battle. Her name is Casey by the way.  Anyways, they decide to use 3 Pokemon each. Casey starts out by sending out her Pidgey, and Ash sends out Charizard (now that was funny). Pidgey dive-bombs into Charizard, bounces off his chest, and then Charizard snorts and blows Pidgey to the ground, knocking him out. Casey then sends out Rattata. Rattata runs at Charizard, jumps at him, bounces off his chest as well, and lands on his back, knocked out.  Casey then sends out Chikorita.  Chikorita attacks (I forget with what). Charizard then shoots a ball of fire at Chikorita, which catches the leaf on top of his head on fire. He runs around for a bit, then faints. Ash wins the battle, and goes to shake Casey’s hand, but she runs off crying. As she’s running, she trips and lands on her face, and a flashback of her grandfather and father telling her how proud they are of her pops up, and she then decides to go back and challenge Ash. But then, T-Rocket shows up and tells her of a surefire way that she can win, all 3 of them rooting for the Electabuzz, a baseball team that Casey’s family has been involved in for 3 years. Commercial!!!

Who’s that Pokemon?? It’s Heracross!!!

Ash and the others reach a baseball field, and start looking around, when Casey comes back and challenges Ash again. They have another fight, and suddenly robot fans come out of nowhere and start cheering. Casey gets confidence, and starts fighting better. Jessie, James and Meowth start commenting on the outcome of the battle and their real plans, the capturing of Ash and Casey’s Pokemon after the fight. Then Meowth pulls out a control box, and a large baseball bat machine pops up. Pikachu and Chikorita were fighting, then Pikachu sees the machine and shields Chikorita, but they both get slammed by the machine, where T-Rocket catches them and starts gloating. Suddenly, a baseball launching machine pops up and starts lobbing baseballs at Ash and Casey, Ash gets smoked in the face with a baseball, and then Casey pulls out a bat and starts going nuts.

T-Rocket is getting hit with the balls, Pikachu and Chikorita are freed, and then they turn on T-Rocket, and beat them. Afterwards, Ash and Casey are talking, and they discuss on future battles, how Casey will become just as good as Ash someday, and how they might end up battling in the Johto League competition. And that’s it!!!

- Lance Whalley


This is a review for episode #115 This episode starts off with ash and co.
walking through the forest where they spot a girl who has a chikorita and is
training it and then a rattata appears and the clikorita and the girl (name
is casey) defeat it and capture it then they  sing a victory song and when
she is done, Casey turns around and runs at ash and co.  like lightneing,ash
and his friends are scared only to realize that casey was running to pikachu
because she says that she loves yellow pokemon with stripes especially
electabuzz because her baseball team is called the electabuzz but they r the
worst team in basebal. they sit and talk to her and she tells them that she
got her chikorita for professor elmwood. ash and casey decide to battle....
casey 1st sends out pidgey and ash chooses charizard.(this is a tough battle
for charizard.NOT) pidgey loses .next is rattata. rattata loses. next is
chikorita. chikorite loses. when casey lost,she runs into the woods and crys
because she lost. she falls down and remembers what her parents and friends
told her ..to never give up just like the electabuzz. then TR appears and
tells casey that ash is a cheater bc you cant use a charizard on begining
trainers so she gets real mad and has a rematch with ash. casey chooses
chikorita 1st and ash uses pikachu. pikachu gets hit with tackle attack and
almost loses. then TR appears and with a robot baseball bat and hits
chikorita and pikachu over the fence and takes them but then casey and ash
appear so TR gets a machine pitcher that fires baseballs at them so ash
chooses squirtle and bulbassur and they hit the balls back at TR. they drop
pikachu and Chikorita and then TR blasts off again. Ash and casey go differnt
ways and say that they will battle in the Johto league. Who's that pokemon:
Hagercross. i give this episode 4 out of 5 stars becuase it was a johto one
and it didnt just have arbok weezing bulbasur and thwe other pokemon that r
on all the episodes

Master trainer with all american sets completed. ********Robert*********Rufus


Ash, Misty and Brock are talking about their adventure in New Bark Town, where
they met a Cyndaquil and Totodile, but didn't meet a Chikorita. Pikachu then spots
a Chikorita and a trainer. Brock thinks that this girl is the one who got the
Chikorita from Professor Elm. They watch the girl, who captures a Rattata with her
Chikorita. They find out that her name is Casey and that she is a ball player on
the Electabuzz baseball team. Ash starts making fun of the Electabuzz saying that
they're the worst team ever. Casey gets mad and challenges him to a 3 on 3 battle.
Casey's first Pokemon is Pidgey. Ash remembers when he started training and
catching Pokemon. Ash then warns Casey that she asked for it. He sends out
Charizard, but Casey is pretty confident. She has Pidgey attack with a Quick
Attack, but is defeated when Charizard snorts at it. Casey recalls Pidgey and
sends out her newly-captured Rattata. It attacks with Tackle, but slams into
Charizard's body. She recalls it and is confident that she can win with her
Chikorita. She has it use Vine-Whip, but Charizard defeats it with Flame-Thrower.
Casey is totally upset, but then she remembers that her parents and family are
counting on her. 
Just then, Team Rocket comes and convinces Casey that Ash is a cheater and that
there is a rule against sending a Charizard out against new trainers. She believes
them and challenges Ash to a re-match, one on one. She sends out Chikorita. Ash
sends out Pikachu. Team Rocket's plan is working perfectly. Pikachu is almost
defeated, when a huge bat hits them both. Ash tells Casey that Baseball and
Pokemon are a lot alike. Team Rocket is throwing Baseballs at them, but Casey is
throwing them back at Team Rocket. Ash sends out Squirtle and Bulbasaur. Casey
sends out Pidgey and Rattata. James trips and lets go of Pikachu and Chikorita.
Team Rocket is defeated (as usual). Casey apologizes to Ash and says that maybe
they'll see each other again someday. 

Review by: Petey


Title: The Double Trouble Header

Episode #115

Ash, Misty and Brock are on their way to Violet City where ash is planning on challenging the gym leader there. As they are traveling, they are talking about how they got to see a Totodile and a Cyndaquil and they wish they could have seen a Chikorita too. Just then, they spot a young girl named Casey who appears to be a baseball fan. She has a Chikorita and Ash scans it with his Pokedex. A wild rattata appears and Casey tells Chikorita to use Tackle.  Chikorita charges foward but rattata jumps to the side and the Tackle attacks misses. Casey calls for another Tackle and this time it connects. Rattata is knocked out and Casey captures it with a pokeball. She and Chikorita do a victory dance and then she spots Ash. She runs up to him and tells him that she loves his pikachu. She is a fan of the Electabuzz baseball team and likes any pokemon that is yellow and has stripes. She takes pikachu in her hands and tells pikachu to shock her because she always wanted to know what it felt like. 

Ash warns her that it is a bad idea and before he can get pikachu away, pikachu shocks both of them. Casey then tells the group how she loves baseball and that her entire family loves the Electabuzzes. Ash then tells her how the Electbuzzes stink and that they would get crushed by teams like the Magicarps and the Starmies. Casey gets really angry and challenges Ash to a pokemon battle. Ash tells her that she is only a rookie and that he is an expierenced trainer and that he would crush her. She doesn’t care and tells Ash to make it a 3 on 3 battle. First, she sends out pidgey and Ash sends out charizard! Pidgey uses quick attack but it just bounces right off of charizard. 

Charizard then proceeds to blow air through his nostrils and that blows pidgey away. Next, Casey sends out her recently caught rattata out. She has it use tackle and it just bounces right off of charizard and is knocked out. Casey is really angry and then sends out chikorita. She has it use vine whip around charizard’s neck. Ash tells charizard to use flamethrower but to “go easy on it.” Charizard shoots out a little fireball which sets the little leaf on chikorita’s head on fire. Chikorita runs around and then is knocked out. Casey is really sad that she lost and when Ash tries to shake her hand, she runs away. She keeps on running until she bumps into team rocket. They are dressed up in Electabuzz uniforms and tell her that she did a good job and that she should have won. They also tell her that Ash cheated, this gets her really angry and she goes back to fight Ash again. This time they are battling on a baseball field. Casey is really angry and sends out chikorita and Ash sends out pikachu. She has chikorita use tackle and this hits pikachu. Then she has it use sweet scent, this attack makes pikachu really calm and chikorita hits pikachu with another tackle. Pikachu then uses thunderbolt but it does not affect chikorita. 

All of the sudden a swinging bat on treads pops up and hits a grandslam with pikachu and chikorita. They go over the fence and then team rocket has them. They send out a lot of pitching machines and they start to throw balls and Casey and Ash. Ash tells her that pokemon battles are like baseball and that you should never give up.  Casey regains confidence and sends out pidgey and rattata. Ash sends out bulbasaur and squirtle. They all start hitting the balls back at team rocket and they are getting hit. Rattata uses tackle and it hits james in the stomach. Then pidgey hits james it the face and he drops pikachu and chikorita. Then, Casey has chikorita use razor leaf and pikachu uses thunderbolt. Then, pikachu and chikorita both hit them with a tackle attack and team rocket is defeated. Casey realizes that she has to take the ups with the downs and that she should keep on trying. She tells Ash that maybe they will meet in the Johto Leaque and she looks foward to it. Ash says that she will become a great trainer and that next time they battle it will not be so easy.

Submitted by: Ewing4686




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