Episode 114 - Don't Touch that Dile



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    It all starts with Ash,Misty,and Brock walking down a dirt road (like
thats new).As they are walking they find what looks like a big blue dog
(suikun).It runs away.Next we see team rocket.They discover a large house
which is prof. elm's lab.Elm (who works so much he doesn't even look at them)
thinks there nurse joy and tells them to give the totodile a check-up. T.R.
steals the totodile and runs.Next we see ash +co. approching newbark
town.they reach the poke. center.they read a message from nurse joy, that
says she went to professor elm's lab and will be back  no later than 2:30. 
But it was already 3:00.  Ash and his friends decided to go to to professor
Elm's lab and see what the problem is.  When they arrived they find nurse Joy
yelling at professor Elm.  Ash and Co. decide to help the police find the
missing totodile.  Officer Jenny's pokemon growlithe follows team rocket's
trail.  They find team rocket (totodile clamp on to jessie's hair) Ash and
his friends defeat team rocket in a pokemon battle and returns totodile  to
professor elm.  Ash registers   for johto league and they leave for violet
city.I think this is a funny episode, because totodile got stuck in jessie's


         Ash, Misty and Brock are walking through the forest, lost as usual, when Togepi
gets excited. Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu follow it. They find a Suicune, but it
runs away.
         Meanwhile, Team Rocket is lost, and hungry. They get frightened by a bunch of
Fearow and run to Professor Elm's Lab. He thinks that Jessie is Nurse Joy and
tells her to take a Totodile to the Pokemon Center.
         Ash and co. finally get to New Bark Town. They go to the Pokemon Center to sign
up for the Johto League, but she isn't there. They go to Professor Elm's lab,
where Nurse Joy is, and find Officer Jenny. She says that someone has taken a
Totodile. Professor Elm comes out with a Cyndaquil and explains that Johto
trainers can choose from Chikorita (who someone has already picked up), Cyndaquil,
or Totodile. The Totodile was supposed to belong to another trainer as her first
Pokemon. Ash decides to help find it. Just then a guard comes and says that they
have a plaster cast of the thieves footprints.
         Meanwhile, Totodile has clamped on to Jessie's hair and won't let go!
         Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, Officer Jenny and Growlithe are looking for Team
Rocket, who are deciding who should make the phone call to the Boss. Ash and co.
find them, but they run away. Ash sends out Bulbasaur, who trips them with Vine
Whip, and is about to take Totodile, when James sends out Weezing to do a Smoke
Screen attack. Ash sends out Charizard, who does Whirlwind. Bulbasaur grabs
Totodile. Growlithe tries to attack Team Rocket, but James has Weezing do Sludge
Attack. James sends out Victreebel, who eats him, as usual. Jessie sends out
Lickitung. Ash sends out Squirtle, who does Water Gun. Jessie has Arbok, Weezing,
Lickitung and Victreebel attack, but Thunderbolt, Water Gun, Flame-Thrower and
Razor Leaf combined are too much. Totodile finishes them off with Water Gun.
         In the end, Ash gets signed up for the Johto League.

Review by Petey.


Ash and gang are lost when they find a special Pokemon glowing in the center
of a lake.  Ash runs after it only to fall down a hill.  Team Rocket are
following as well when they find a building.  A flock of Fearow fly out of
the trees and Team Rocket run into a scientist studying some kind of Pokemon.

The scientist mistakes Team Rocket as Nurse Joy and they take Totodile away
with them.  Ash and gang stumble upon a sign overlooking New Bark Town.  Ash
gets excited over the sounds he can "hear" over the crowd cheering for him at
his first match.  The Johto Journey starts as Ash registers at the Pokemon
Center.  Brock sees Nurse Joy on a TV screen and goes crazy over her.  Ash
and gang have to wait, but Brock goes crazy and desperate for searching for

They find Officer Jenny outside a certain lab.  Nurse Joy, inside the lab,
scolds the professor who gave the Totodile to Team Rocket by accident.  The
scientist shows Ash and gang Cyandiquil, Chikorita, and Totodile the three
Pokemon that new trainers can choose.  Misty enjoys tickling Cyandiquil. 
Professor Elm, the professor, considers himself as Professor Oak's

Ash tells Nurse Joy that he wants to register for the Johto League.  Ash
tells Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny that he will help find Totodile.  Brock and
Misty join in as well.  Meanwhile, Team Rocket his having a hard time trying
to keep Totodile from eating Jessie's hair.

Growlithe leads Officer Jenny and Ash and gang to the Pokemon stealers by a
scent from a plaster mold of footprints.  Team Rocket have an internal battle
within their group over a decision.  James makes a phone call himself while
Meowth and Jessie argue over who should make the call.  James forgot their
boss's area code, allowing them to be caught by Ash and gang and Officer

Ash tells Team Rocket that the Totodile will belong to a new trainer
tomorrow.  Ash sends out Bulbasaur to trip Meowth, who in turn trip James and
Jessie.  James sends out Weezing who uses Smog Screen attack.  Ash sends out
Charizard to send the Smoke Screen away, and Bulbasaur retrieves Totodile. 
Officer Jenny sends Growlithe, but it gets Sludge on its face.  James sends
out Victreebell who bites James once again.  Jessie sends out Lickitung and
Ash sends out Squirtle to use Water Gun.  After an all-out attack by Ash's
basic Pokemon including Pikachu against all of Team Rocket's Pokemon, Team
Rocket is blown away. 

Ash returns Totodile back to Officer Jenny and goes off to register for the
Johto League.  Ash calls Prof. Oak and reintroduces Prof. Elm .  Ash and gang
walk away as Prof. Elm talks to Prof. Oak .  Totodile walks like those
wind-up toys to Officer Jenny.  Ash finally registers for the Johto League
and he is approved to be a participant for the Johto League. 

It turns out that Ash has to earn eight badges to compete in the
championships.  Nurse Joy hands Ash a Johto Guidebook as they set off. 
Officer Jenny, Prof. Elm, and Nurse Joy wishes them luck on their journey. 
Prof. Elm tells Totodile that it will meet its new trainer and will become
good friends with her, just like Ash and Pikachu.  Ash and gang wander off
into the horizon towards Violet Town for Ash's first badge.

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