Episode 121 Little Big Horn

Ash and them are walking on the side of a small river, when they see a pair of eyes staring at them.... or is it eyes? It's a Stantler! Brock realizes that it must be lost, and tries to communicate with the Stantler, by acting like it, but ends up  scaring it. With closer examination, Brock notices that the Stantler has an injured leg. Brock starts teasing the Stantler with food, and then the Stantler starts emitting a smell from it's antlers, and Brock starts licking the antlers. Suddenly, a whole bunch of Stantler show up, and start stampeding after Ash and them. The young injured Stantler limps off. Ash and them think they're finally safe, and then they realize the stampeding Stantler just totally disappeared. Brock is disappointed that he couldn't bandage the Stantler's leg, and then Officer Jenny shows up and asks the group to follow them to the station to give a report. Jenny then reveals that the Stantler herd has been scaring tourists in the park, making tourist population scarce. Screams are heard outside, and T-Rocket is seen running, scared stiff. They do their stupid motto, and they then reveal that they heard about the Stantler herd, they wanted to catch them all and give them to Giovanni, but they were stampeded on too. Suddenly, an antler is seen again, the odor is released, and the stampede starts up again. Brock notices that there's something wrong with the Stantler stampede, jumps in front to stop it, and then it's clear that the stampede is nothing but an illusion, created by thte little Stantler.
Who's that Pokemon?? It's Totodile!!!
Brock bandages up the injured Stantler, and it cuddles Brock, it's trust in Brock highly evident. Brock reveals that his illusion making capabilities was it's only method of defense against strangers. Brock knew what was wrong with the Stantler by the look in its eyes, when Brock was trying to communicate with the Stantler. The scene switches to T-Rocket, who feel stupid knowing about the Stantler illusion, and they decide to catch the Stantler, they need cash because James blew all their money on something, sorry I don't remember what. Back to Ash and co., it's nighttime, the Stantler is asleep inBrock's lap, and then Brock decides to release the Stantler the next day, he feels that the Stantler misses its family. The next day, Brock goes to release Stantler, but he doesn't want to leave. Brock yells at it, and it gets sad and leaves, feeling really dejected, but it was for the good of it. Brock starts to shake, Ash asks him what's wrong, and Brock says it was good for him. Brock sees T-Rocket's balloon land in the forest, Meowth pulls out a remote control, and a large mechanical Stantler rolls up. Stantler goes to use it's illusion trick again, but it fails, and Stantler is captured. Back to Ash and them, Brock is running through the forest, Ash and Misty can't keep up and tell Brock to go ahead, they cannot catch up. T-Rocket is talking about their catch, and Stantler makes odour come out, making Meowth re-think his actions. Brock runs up to save Stantler, but is caught in rope from the large Stantler. Brock sends out Onix, it Tackles the robo Stantler, then Binds it, destroying it. Ash sends out Pikachu, he Thunderbolts the balloon, and it does nothing to the balloon. Brock is still running after the balloon, and then suddnely, another Stantler jumps out of nowhere, cuts the young Stantler free, and Ash's Bulbasaur catchs it in midair. Bulbasaur slips, and Brock makes a dive-catch for Stantler, perfect catch! T-Rocket is complaining about their broken balloon, and they then notice the Stantler herd in front of them. James is fed up of the illusion, and throws the remote control at one, but it connects, and the Stantler is enraged. They stampede, and T-Rocket is sent flying again! Back to Brock and them, Brock is bidding farewell to Stantler for real this time, and Brock is happy that he's with his family. And that's it!!!

- burnoutboy12345


Ash and his friends are walking near a river and they see a pair of eyes
looking at them. Brock sees that its a Stantler. He thinks its lost and tries
to talk and act like it but only frightens it. Then they realize it has a
hurt leg. Brock takes out food and then It lets out a good smell and brock
licks the antlers but then a herd of stantler appear and stampede ash and
misty and brock, when they finally lose them, they realize they had
dissappeared. brock is upset bc he couldnt bandage its legand officer jenny
shows up and takes them to the station to give a report. Jenny tells them
that the stantler herd is scaring tourists. Then they hear some screams and
TR is outside out of breatth bc they saw the statlers too. Again an antler is
seen and the stampede is starting again. Brock sees that some of the stantler
are running through signs and stuff and he jumps infront of them and lets
them run through him but ! its only an illusion.

Whos that PoKemon? Totodile!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brock heals the Stantler and it starts to trust brock. the scene goes to TR
who feel dumb about being outsmarted by a little measly stantler so they
decide to capture it but after 120 episodes with no new pokemon for the boss
its doughtful they’ll catch one this time. Stantler is sleepin in brocks lap
and brock decides to let it go tomorrow. It doesnt want to leave and Brock is
very harsh on it AND IT SADLY LEAVES. brock is shaking and he sees TR’s
balloon and meowth pulls out a Large robot stantler. stantlers illusion trick
fails and it is captured.Brock chases after the balloon and send onix out
which destroys the robot stantler. Pikachu thunderbolts the balloon but it
fails too. All of a sudden the mother statntler jumps from the bushes and
frees the baby one from the net. Bulbasaur catches it with his vines but he
slippes and brock makes a sweert catch to save it. . TR is upset that they
lost again and a herd of stantler ! infront of them. James, who is sick of the
illusions, throes a remote at it and bounces back making a noise. The real
herd sends TR gone and brock says goodbye to stantler and they leave

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