Episode #139 -  A Shadow of a Drought

On his journey to the Johto League, Ash arrives in Azalea Town, the location of the next gym, but a drought has set in and the gym is closed until further notice. While trying to find Kurt, Ash accidentally hurts a Slowpoke and angers the townsfolk, but is saved by a man dressed as Slowpoke.

The man tells Ash, Misty and Brock that the Slowpoke's are sacred, as when a
drought previously hit the town, a Slowpoke yawned and it began to rain. The man then runs off. Meanwhile, Team Rocket, in a search for water, have
invaded the Slowpoke Well and decide to capture all the Slowpoke and sell them to the town.

As the gang try to find Kurt, they meet up with his daughter and
realize that Kurt is at the Slowpoke Well. Heading to the well themselves, they manage to defeat Team Rocket and save the Slowpokes, even though the Slowpoke Man has
hurt his back. The Slowpokes leave the cave and yawn together, creating a storm to cure the drought. As the town rejoices, the gang
realize that Kurt and 'Slowpoke Man' are one and the same.

(Who's that Pokemon? - Pineco)


A Shadow of a Drought#

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock are walking through a desert like place.  When Misty gets the idea to use their water Pokemon to cool themselves off with.  So Misty uses her Staryu who uses water gun in the air to make it like a shower of water.  Ash uses his Squirtle whom shoots his water gun directly at him sending Ash hurdling through the air.  Then we see the ever reselent Team Rocket walking through the desert as if they had been there for days.  Jessie says “ I would give my right arm for a drink right now.”

James replies, “ I would give your left arm as well.” Then they both turn around to see Meowth guzzling a canteen of water.  They ask for their share but of course its empty.  Then just before Jessie kicks Meowth he spots a well with the statue of a Slowpoke on top of it.  Jessie says since Meowth found it he can pump first, but instead of water they get a mouth full of sand. 

Then Meowth is saved as again as he pulls out a pair of divining rods, which are used to find water.  Just were the divining rods seperate Meowth tells Jessie and James to start digging they get a good ways down then are tired.  So Meowth pulls out his secret weapon the Super Diglet Mach 2.  That is basicaly a tank with a Diglet head on it and drill arms.  Then they   dig towards a water source until they fall and get out of the tank.  They use their flashlights to find the water and then rush to take a drink of it.  But just as they sit up from getting their drink they notice a bunch of glowing red eyes and are frightened to death.  So James points his flashlight at one to reveal it is just  a Slowpoke.  Then they find a sign that says that this is Slowpoke Well.  It says that the people of Azalea Town believe that the Slowpoke of this well have the power to bring rain in the times of drought by yawning.

Then we are back with Misty, Ash, Pikachu, and Brock.  Who are at the edge of Azalea Town.  Ash wants to go directly to the gym as usual but Misty believes he should go to Kurt and give him the GS ball first.  They get into an arguement when Brock stops it by telling Ash that due to the drought the gym is closed until further notice.  While walking down the street Ash accidentaly steps on a Slowpoke’s tail.  It takes a couple of seconds for the Slowpoke to recognize it but it finaly does and starts yelling.  A near by kid blames Ash for hurting a Slowpoke and before Ash knows it a whole mob is after him.  It now looks like Ash has escaped when he hears the mob in the distance.  Suddenly a man dressed in a Slowpoke costume gives them some and tells them to hurry and put them on.  So Ash, Misty, and Brock put them on and hide near a fountain.  The mob leaves and Ash returns to looking for Kurt. 

Who’s that Pokemon?     


At his house they find a girl, who is Kurts granddaughter.  She tells them that Kurt heard a strange noise coming from the Slowpoke Well.  So Ash and his companions head for the Slowpoke Well.  When they get there they find the same man who handed them the Slowpoke costumes.  Team Rockets tank is terrorizing the well trying to catch the Slowpoke.  Ash tries to defeat them but is unsuccesful.  The rest of the Slowpoke, that Team Rocket didn’t capture, start heading out of the well.  The Slowpoke walk out of the well and onto a mountain top.  They sit down, throw their heads back, and yawn one after the other.  A gigantic flood begins and team rockets tank is shot out of the ground like lava from a volcanoe.  Their tank breaks in half and the Slowpoke escape just in time for Pikachu to blow up what is lefr of the tank, and send Team Rocket flying.  Finaly after all this Ash discovers the so furiously sought after Kurt was the man dressed in a Slowpoke costume.

The End

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