137. Wired For Battle

While on their way to Azelia Town Ash and co. must take a hike through the woods. Along the way, a Scizor sneaks up behind them and scares the half to death. The owner of the Scizor comes up and Misty yells to high heavens at
him for not being responsible for his Pokemon, and he apologizes. He invites them to his Pokemon School, where they find very tough trainers. One of them is staring at his laptop computer, and the man explanes it to Ash, Misty, and
Brock that this trainer doesn't battle anymore because of his database that tells him the Pokemon and stragities of every trainer, therefore, allowing him to figure out the odds of him winning and loosing. Ash challenges him to a battle, and the kid looks Ash up on his computer. He figures that he would win, so thereís no point in battling. 

Meanwhile, Team Rocket hears about the software the kid has and decides to steal it, thinking that it would improve
their odds of stealing Pokemon. They secretly hook their computer to the other computer, only to find out that Jessie has no idea how to download (she thinks bringing the other guys computer down into the bushes by pulling on the download cord is downloading). She keeps pulling on the cord until a Scizor cuts it in two. The scizor turns out to be the computer kidís. It beats Team Rocket, and eventually gives in to batteling Ash. The kid chooses Scizor, while Ash chooses Heracross. Scizor gets a head start by useing Agility then Quick Attack for almost triple the normal amount of damage.
Ash doesn't loose hope. Scizor then uses False Swipe, but Heracross ducks down, causing Scicor to hit Heracrosses armor. The kid then gets Scizor to use Agility again, confusing Heracross untill Ash tells it to close its eyes and concentrate. It does what Ash tells it to do, and hits Scizor. The kid is amazed by the skill of Heracross, and canít keep relying on his computer in this battle. Heracross ends up flinging Scizor in the air to win. The kid relizes his mistake of relying on his computer, and stops useing it so much.



WIRED FOR BATTLE by Albert Mostert (albert@macrohard.co.nz)

The episode starts with Team Rocket discussing their plan to steal Pikachu today. They're interuppted by a man who asks them if they are looking for a pokemon battle. They accept and get beaten easily.

Ash, Misty and Brock are walking in the woods when they hear movement. They are confronted by a new pokemon which waits for Pikachu to make the first move. Brock and Misty warn Ash to be careful, because his first move could be his last. They think it must be wild, but then the same man who defeated Team Rocket appears from behind a tree and tells them that he is it's trainer. Misty gets angry and yells at the man for letting his pokemon run loose and attack at will. The man tries to explain that they were only trying to do some secret training in the woods. Misty continues to shout at him and has to be dragged off by Brock. The man apologises and introduces himself to Ash as Murimasa (spelling?). He says his pokemon is a Siscor who he calls Masimunae (spelling?). Ash uses his pokedex to identify it, he learns that its an evolved Sycther. Murimasa tells Ash that he is impressed with Ash and his Pikachu. He says that Ash is just the trainer he has been looking for.

They follow Murimasa to his elite pokemon training center. He explains that trainers from all over the world come here to train themselves and their pokemon. Ash, Misty and Brock speak to a novice trainer at the center who explains that Murimasa is a very talented trainer and his Siscor is also known as "The Crimson Streak" because of its incredibly speed and strength. Team Rocket are nearby spying on the heros and the center. Ash comments that "The Crimson Streak" is "pretty cool" when another trainer standing nearby says "It used to be." Murimasa tells Ash that the trainer is his top student named Shingo, he asks Ash to see if Shingo is interested in a Pokemon battle. Ash challenges Shingo, who sits down, opens a laptop and a database entry of Ash is brought up. He explains that it contains everything he ever needs to know about any trainer. When Team Rocket hear this, they decide to steal this elite database. Singo says Ash is a type C trainer, he says Ash uses standard attacks, and relies on his pokemon's power to win for him, that he's prone to making rash decisions and relying on his hunches. Both Misty and Brock agree. Shingo comments that Ash was lucky to get into the top 16 in the Indigo Plateau competition. Ash argues that he's much better now. Ash asks Shingo to battle so he can prove it but Shingo says his data tells him that Ash will lose, so there is no point in battling. Ash says he doesnt care and wants to battle anyway. The novice trainer tells Ash that Shingo is probably right, since he told all the trainers at the centre the same thing and he bet them all. Shingo tells Murimasa to find an opponent that can teach him something he doesn't already know. Shingo leaves.

Murimasa tells Ash, Misty and Brock how Shingo hasn't battled in over a year because he believes he can predict any battle with his laptop. Murimasa explains that Shingo has lost his way and needs someone to battle him to show him that there is more to pokemon than just facts and figures. Ash decides he'll find some way to battle Shingo. Murimasa thanks him.

Ash tries to drag Shingo away from his laptop. Shingo explains again that he can win a match without leaving his laptop. While this is happening, Meowth plugs in a cable to Shingo's laptop so that James can begin downloading. Instead, Jesse grabs the cable and pulls in the whole laptop. Masimune cuts the cable half way and grabs Meowth.


Team Rocket release all their pokemon. Shingo grabs his laptop, Team Rocket do the motto. Shingo looks up Team Rocket on his database only to find that they're not listed. Team Rocket decides the database isn't so great after all. Shingo is stunned that his database is incomplete. Shingo gets mad when Team Rocket make fun of his laptop, he grabs a pokeball and releases his own Siscor called Blade. He explains that it's faster and stronger than Masimunae and that it has never been defeated in battle. Shingo prepares to use his laptop during battle. He uses the laptop to decide which attack to use. He uses quick attack and defeats all of Team Rocket's pokemon in one move. Murimasa is pleased to see Shingo battle again. Ash explains to Shingo that there is more to battling than just winning, that data can't predict everything. Finally, Shingo agrees to battle Ash.

Shingo chooses Blade and Ash chooses Heracross. Shingo starts with a quick attack and Ash tells Heracross to use leer. Blade increaes his attack speed (all the while Shingo is using his laptop to help him battle). Leer doesn't have enough time to work and Heracross gets hit with quick attack. Heracross gets back up, Shingo tells Blade to use metal claw, Blade picks up Heracross by the horn. Ash tells Heracross not to let it throw him. Heracross uses its weight to get back to the ground, then it uses horn attack and hits Blade hard. Shingo is amazed, Ash tells Shingo that he uses his gut, not data to choose attacks. Heracross uses takedown but can't hit Blade who uses it's agility. It's too fast for Heracross who starts to become dizzy. Ash tells Heracross to relax and let it come to him, Heracross closes its eyes and waits. Shingo panics, he can't look at his laptop and the battle at the same time. Heracross suddenly opens its eyes and focuses on Blade, Ash tells Heracross to use fury attack. Heracross goes bezerk, Blade tries to use metal claw but Heracross is too fast and knocks Blade sky high. Blade stands up and Heracross uses fury attack again. Shingo can't believe the speed of Heracross, he leaves the laptop and gets up and concentrates on the battle. Again Heracross hits Blade dead centre, and again Blade recovers. Shingo tells Blade to use quick attack, Heracross uses tackle attack but is too slow. Both pokemon miss. Heracross dodges Blade's metal claw again, Blade uses agility to get away, Shingo tells Blade to use fall swipe. Ash tells Heracross to stand it's ground. The powerful attack is ineffective against Heracross' hard shell. Ash uses horn attack to throw Blade and finish it off. Ash wins. Murimasa askes Shingo about his computer. Shingo tells him he doesn't need it anymore, he tells Blade that it battled very hard. Ash thanks Shingo and they agree to battle again in the future.

Team Rocket limp off in to the distance complaining about their faliure.



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