Love Totodile Style

This episode starts when ash, misty, brock, pikachu, and togepi are walking Towards a small lake.  When they reach the lake misty releases her water Pokemon staryu, goldeen, and poliwhirl.  The three pokemon are playing in the Water when suddenly mistysí back pack shakes and out comes her psyduck.  The Four pokemon continue playing in the water when ash realises he has a water Pokemon, his newly caught totodile!  Totodile does a little performance for Ash, misty, brock and all of the pokemon before wandering off in a different Part of the lake.  There it spots an azumarril !  The azumarril is sitting on The shore, singing and so totodile falls in love with it.  The azumarril also Has a pink bow on its tail.  Elsewhere a girl pokemon trainer and her two Pokemon, pidgey and golduck appear to be looking for someone - azumarril.   They happen to stumble across ash and the gang while searching for her Pokemon.  Brock falls instantly in love with her and she introduces herself As trixie.  Just at that point, an annoyed azumarril comes walking towards Ash, misty, brock, pikachu and trixie closely followed by totodile.  After a Few moments, trixie tells everyone she owns a circus and the pokemon are her Performers.  However, lately azumarril hasnít been performing.  Just before Show time it runs away.  Eversince she caught golduck............. 

Later That day the gang help trixie get ready for her circus show.  Even totodile Fills up a paddling pool with his water gun attack.  Azumarril is not happy.   Meanwhile, team rocket are hatching a new scheme to capture pikachu.  But not Only pikachu, they plan to capture azumarril as well!  Later on, before Trixies circus show starts, ash and friends are invited to trixies Performance, which surprisingly, azumarril is attending as the star.  As the Show gets underway, trixie delights the audience to many magic tricks.  The Spotlight is then handed over to azumarril whos juggling using water gun Attack!  When totodile sees this it jumps up onto the stage joining in with Azumarril.  The crowd love totodile!  This angers azumarril and it jumps off Stage and runs out of the circus.  Trixie, ash, pikachu, and misty head after It.  Brock and totodile leave the circus to and this is where brock realises Totodile loves azumarril.  He teaches totodile everything he knows and gives Totodile a jar of pokemon food to give to azumarril as a present.  Totodile Catches up with azumarril and gives it the jar.  Still, azumarril shows no Feelings towards totodile. 

Brock catches up with ash and the gang and they Catch up with totodile and azumarril.  At that point team rocket attacks!   James sends out weezing and jessie sends out arbok.  A battle breaks out Which surprisinly team rocket win.  Team rocket snatch pikachu, azumarril, And totodile.  They head off to there hut in there ballon.  Later, after lots Of searching, ash and everyone else find team rockets base.  Team rocket head Off in there ballon again only to get attacked by ash and his bulbasaur, who Frees pikachu and totodile.  With some help from totodile, bulbasaur also Manages to free azumarril.  Trixiesí pidgey rips a hole in team rockets Ballon and they are sent blasting off again.  After realising that azumarril Will never return its feelings it spots a female quagsire who it immediately Falls in love with, to the amusement of the gang.  And the reason trixies Azumarril was acting so strange was because it had fallen in love with Trixies golduck.  After saying there goodbyes, ash, misty, brock, pikachu, Totodile, and togepi head towards goldenrod city, and whats more the johto League.



Ok this is my first review of Pokemon.

The episode starts of with Misty leting staru, goldeen and poliwirl out for a
swim, pysduck comes out into the water and starts to splash like crazy. Ash
remembers about totodile so he lets him have a swim to. Totodile starts to
show off by spraying magecarp into the air.
Totodile spots an azumaril and falls in love, he starts to talk to azumaril
but its not intrested. Meanwile ash and co spot a golduck and misty says that
she's gonna catch it, they find out that its already got a trainer.
Azumaril runs to the golduck trainer and totodile is right bbehind her. Brock
falls in love with the trainer and ash and co follow her to the circus, which
is where she works.
Later that day ash and co watch the circus, azumaril is doing a trick and
totodile runs up onto the stage and does some tricks, azumaril walks off the
stage and ash goes to get totodile, but totodile follows azumaril.
After the show ash apollogises to the trainer for ruining the show but she
says that the show wasn't ruined. Ash then wounders were brock and totodile
are. Meanwile brock is giving totodile love tips so totodile uses them but
team-rocket takes azumaril totodile starts to give chasse. Brock tries to get
totodile and azumaril but he losses them.
The next morning ash, mitsy, brock, pikachu and the girl go looking for their
pokemon, they end up finding there pokemon but pikachu is captured and so is
totodile. Ash and team-rocket have a battle and ash wins, azumaril is freed
and brock tells totodile to run to azumaril and hug it, azumaril runs past
totodile and hugs golduck and everyone relises azumaril loves golduck.
When ash and co are leaving totodile falls in love with a quagsire and misty
says "Oh thats all we need a pokemon just like brock."



This episode is about Ash's Totodile falling in love with an Azumarill. It starts
out with Ash and Misty releasing their water Pokemon to play around in the water.
Totodile sees an Azumarill singing and falls head over heals in love with it, but
Azumarill doesn't seem to like Totodile very much.
Then, a girl with a Golduck comes looking for her Azumarill. Her name is Trixie
and she has a Pokemon circus with all kinds of Pokemon. Azumarill is the star, but
lately its been running away a lot.
During the performance, Totodile runs up on stage and thinks its helping
Azumarill, but it really isn't. Azumarill gets mad and then Team Rocket comes and
steals Totodile, Azumarill, and Pikachu.
Azumarill is worried, but Totodile is there to comfort her. She seems to start
liking Totodile. The next day, Ash and the others come to the rescue. With the
help of Bulbasaur, Ash and the others free Totodile, Azumarill and Pikachu.
Azumarill then starts running to Totodile and Totodile starts running to
Azumarill. But it turns out that Azumarill was running to Golduck, because
Azumarill really likes Golduck.
The episode ends as Totodile says goodbye to Azumarill. Totodile seems sad, but
then, Totodile sees a Quagsire with a bow in its hair. Totodile starts dancing
around it and spraying its water gun into the air, but Quagsire isn't the least
bit impressed. Then, we see Ash, Misty and Brock running to get Totodile back.



it starts with the gang walking throught the woods to goldenrod city.they
come acroos a river and decice to let all the water pokemon out.misty lets
out poliwhirl,goldeen,and staryu and like always psyduck pops out by himself
but cant swim.ash lets out totodile it starts to dance and sees magikarp
jumping so he starts to juggle them.misty says totodile is really
talented.while swimming totodile heres something he goes to look at it.its an
Azumarill singing.totodile instantly falls in love with it.he shows that he
likes her and she runs away.back with ash and co. they spot a golduck misty
wants to capture it it seems to be looking for something they all say.then
you here a trainer yell to the golduck brock sees her and falls in love with
her.her name is trixie.see has a pidgey on her shoulder.they start talking
and then azumarill comes out running and nervous.ash looks what it is in the
pokedex.then you see totodile come out looking for it.she is hidding behind
her trainer and ignores totodile.she sees golduck and blushes.

Trixie brings
the gang to her pokemon circus she says since she got golduck azumarill has
been very rude.brock and totodile are helping set up the show later.the show
starts with some magic tricks and then azumarill "the star" comes out and
uses its watergun to do tricks with balls.totodile sees her doing then and he
starts using his watergun on the balls too.kids throw up streamers for him to
juggle and he makes a heart out of them.azumarill stops and leaves ash goes
up to get totodile but totodile chases azumarill and ash catches everything
and gets a big applause.he apoligizes for messing the show up but he didnt
says trixie.brock gives totodile some tips on how to get azumarill to like
him(like that will help).

so he takes some pokemonchow to azumarill and she
runs away while running she gets captured by team rocket ash finds them and
sends out pikachu but he gets caught to ash wishes charizard was
around.totodile sees her get carried away and her ribbon falls off and he
catches it so he gets really mad and chases her.they try to get azumarill to
do tricks but it wont them they try to attack it and totodile waterguns
them.then meowth ties up totodiles mouth and puts him in a cage with the rest
of them.while in the cage totodile dances for her cause she is crying and
gives back the ribbon.ash and co. are looking for them it gets dark and they
send pidgey to look for them the next day.he finds them leaving in thier
balloon and pops it.trixie sends out golduck and ash bulbasaur.ash gets his
pokemon back and releases them from the cage they make team rocket blast
off(like always) and free azumarill.

she starts to run to them and brock says
to totodile you won so go get her then she runs right past him to trixies
golduck they hug each other for a while and totodile is shocked.brock says u
cant win them all but keep trying and hell win like him(yeah right).so trixie
says that must have been why azumarill was acting so strange it loved
golduck.as they leave they see totodile looking at something its a girl
Quagsire and ash says looks like totodile has a new girlfriend then misty
says just what we need a pokemon just like brock.the quagsire leaves and
totodile chases it while ash,misty,and brock chase totodile.


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