136. Mild & Wooly

It all started when Ash, Misty, and Brock was at a picnic in the mountains. Suddenly Ash chokes on his food. Everyone paniced and tried to help him. Finally, Pikachu uses thundershock and made Ash stop choking. Then, they heard a bell ringing. Everyone turns around and sees a Mareep. Ash checks on his Pokedex and see what a Mareep is. After that  the Mareep started to run towards them. The Mareep jumps on Pikachu. Pikachu uses thundershock and the wool of Mareep puffs up. The Mareep enjoyed it! The next thing they know more Mareep came! Pikachu attacks the flock of Mareep. It did the same thing, all of their wool puff up too. Then a girl came running after the Mareep. She tries to get the Mareep off of Pikachu. The one with the bell got off the flock. “MARY!” a voice called.(The name of the girl) Ash and the others turned around and saw Mary’s mom with her Raichu. Her mom orders Raichu to use thunderbolt to gather the Mareep. 

It was so cool. All of the Mareep danced around the static shock. Finally they all gathered around and went back home. Ash and his friends went with them. Mary’s mom apoligzed to them. Her mom was disappointed to Mary because  she was day dreaming again instead of watching the Mareep.  Mary’s mom explained that theres a festival in 5 days with contests, and Pokemon battles. Mary and her mom were going to enter I think the Mareep with the best wool. Ash wanted to join the Pokemon battle contest but it was only for the people who lived in the village. Brock asks if he and the others could stay for a day or two to help out. Mary’s mom was very pleased. Everyone helped out in the field. Pikachu helped Raichu with the Mareep being seprated. Ash, Misty and Brock all brushed the Mareep. Mary did her own Mareepand her mom checked the Mareep. Finally the day ended. Mary was with her Mareep practicing its electric energy. Ash walked to her and asks what you were doing. Mary explained that they were practicing with Mareep’s electric energy. Mary told Ash that her Mareep’s name was Fluffy. 

She asks Ash a favor. Her favor was that she could battle. Ash asks Pikachu if its all right. Pikachu nodded.They battled. Mary had a great start, she used tackle, then growl. Pikachu’s attack went down. Next it used Sweet Star. Mary now orders Fluffy to use thundershock. Ash alsos ordered Pikachu to use thundershock. They both use it kind of long. Ash orders Pikachu to stop thundershock. Mary kept on going, the horrible thing happened that her Fluffy fell. The battle stopped. Mary walks to Mareep and see what happened. Ash told her that it got exhausted. Mary asks Ash why did he stop thundershock. He explained that Pikachu was getting worn out by electricity. It used most of its energy all day long by watching the Mareep. She admited that she cared about winning instead her Mareep. She apoligized to her Mareep. When nightfall came, dinner was served. It was really delicous. Mary’s mom went to look for Mary. She found her talking to Fluffy. Mary explained that she learned from her mistake. Mary’s mom heard what Mary said. Later on a storm came up. Mary’s mom woke them up and help on something. They all went outside and walked to the cliff. The flock of Mareep went to the edge of the cliff and put their hands or something. The lighting storm hits the Mareep. All of the Mareep got their wool puffed up. Once the storm was over the Mareep’s wool was sparkling like never before. It was amazing until you know what came and gathered the Mareep and Piakchu. Team Rocket’s balloon was decorated with shiny lights. Pikachu was put in the cage and attacked it. It was Shock proof like always. 

Their only hope was Raichu. Raichu uses thunderbolt and hits the energy panel. Raichu tries to do with all its might. The stupid thing is that Team Rocket made fun of Raichu.( Pokemon are sensitive what people say!) Then Raichu’s power increased and makes the balloon on fire! The balloon fell and all the Mareep escaped. They also caught Pikachu. The kids ran to the Mareep and Pikachu. Now the battle starts. Mary’s mom orders Mareep to use thundershock. Meowth found an extra panel and use it to protect themselves. Ash was trying to break the cage open. Fluffy jumps over the Mareep and tells Mary something. Mary understood and told her mom to use the Mareep energy on Fluffy. She had no other choice. All  the Mareep used the energy on Fluffy. Fluffy’s fur grew enormous. Once the energy was stored Fluffy released it. Team Rocket was in a huge shock. CRACk! The cage finally opened. Ash ordered Pikachu to use thunderbolt and that blew Team Rocket to the sky! Everyone cheered for their victory. The next day, Mary’s mom gave Mary a Pokeball. Her mom finally lets Mary to battle. At the end Mary was at the stadium ready to battle. Everyone cheered for her, but too bad they didn’t show the battle. I hope this helps!

- yajahira aguilar


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