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Cartoon Review
#126 -Ignorance is Blissey

It starts out with Ash and Company walking through  a new town and then arrive at a Pokemon Centre.  When they get there the centre is closed.  Ash knocks on the door and the door opens and there stands Blissey.  Ash runs Blissey through the Pokedex and finds out that B is an evolved form of Chansey.  Ash and company go into the cafeteria .  They were really hungry so B fixed them a load of food that ends up being spilled on Ash.  

Later as Ash is cleaning up B offers to help him.  B ends up scratching Ashes back with a broom.  Later on as Ash is lieing down B puts Rubbibg Alcohol on his back.  Ash lets out a major scream.    Nurse Joy is walking back to the Pokemon centre.  When she opens the door and sees ASh wrapped up like a mummy she screams.  Nurse Joy apologizes for b because she is always trying to help people but messes it up.  That night Team Rocket breaks into the centre to steal something.  Jessie runs into B who is an old friend from nursing school.  They remember the past in the cafeteria.  Team Rocket becomes hungry so B gives them all the food in the centre.  

The next morning Ash and company  find there is no food and blame Blissey for stealing it.  Jesse feeling responsible for B getting in  trouble.  Tell Ash and Nurse Joy that she made B steal the food.  Team Rocket blasted off and Nurse Joy said sorry to B for accusing Blissey. 

note:b means blissey

- Qwilfish1

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