Episode #153 - The Psychic Sidekicks

 Ash and co. are wandering through Ilex Forest, as they slowly make
their way to Goldenrod City. They’d prefer to be quickly making their way
to Goldenrod City, as, according to rumor, Ilex Forest is full of Ghosts.
As a precaution, Misty sends out Psyduck to protect them, since it’s the
only one who knows any Psychic attacks.

The kids are pushing their way through the underbrush, when a dark, grinning
face pops out of the bushes, terrifying them all! Misty shoves Psyduck in front
of her, but it runs back behind her, and retreats into its Pokéball.
Ash approaches the supposed Ghost, who Bites him hard on the hand...
but then it raises its other head from the bushes-it’s not a Ghost
Pokémon at all, it’s a Girafarig!

Girafarig’s trainer introduces herself, and explains that she wants to
become a Psychic Pokémon Master Trainer, and she’s training Girafarig,
since it’s a Psychic-type that also resists Ghosts. She challea!
Gengar scoops Abra up with its long tongue, and swallows it, then continues
into town.

Since Girafarig is immune to Ghost attacks, its trainer sends it out to
fight the Gengar...but as with Abra, Gengar simply repels its Psychic
attacks. Ash wonders aloud if they’re in trouble, and Team Rocket, unable
to ignore the prompt, pops out of the Gengar’s head, and launches into
their motto. Ash realizes that the giant Gengar is nothing more than their
newest mecha, and commands Pikachu to attack it...but the Mecha Gengar
extends its giant tongue, and chases Pikachu around with it, trying to
capture it.

Girafarig’s trainer commands her Pokémon to use Prophecy again,
but when it does, something odd happens—she gets a glimpse of the future,
and sees Pikachu flying to avoid the Mecha Gengar’s attacks! She
encourages Pikachu to keep on fighting, and just as it seems cornered
by the Mecha Gengar, Girafarig scoops it up with telekinesis, and carries
it out of harm’s way

- 'Gavin Luper'


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