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Gymbo's Gym

bullet 09.11.02  Valley of Venusaur
bullet 09.11.02  Waterworld
bullet 08.03.02  HydroCrusher
bullet 08.30.02  Fighting Deck
bullet 08.20.02  Solar Scent
bullet 08.15.02  Strategy Article - The New Modified 
bullet 07.22.02  Mono Fire
bullet 07.22.02  Turbo Darkness
bullet 07.19.02  Fire Deck Fix
bullet 07.16.02  New Modified Format
bullet 03.05.02  Evil Night
bullet 03.05.02  Legendary Flames
bullet 03.05.02  The King & I
bullet 01.14.02  Dark Fire
bullet 01.14.02  Blaine's Wrath v 2.2
bullet 01.14.02  Little Smokies
bullet 01.08.02  Psychic/Dark
bullet 12.17.01  Staller Supreme
bullet 12.17.01  Hop Skip and a jump
bullet 12.17.01  Ultimate Fun Deck
bullet 12.13.01  Midnight Stealth
bullet 11.27.01  Steel Swine - Modified Format 
bullet 11.15.01  Blinding Temper
bullet 11.15.01  The Amazing Deck
bullet 11.06.01  Crush This!
bullet 11.06.01  HydroThunder
bullet 11.06.01  Stay Off The Grass!
bullet 11.06.01  The Fury of Koga!
bullet 11.06.01  Misty Deck
bullet 11.06.01  Belated Happy Halloween!
bullet 11.06.01  Bond
bullet 10.24.01  Swining Gyarados
bullet 10.23.01  Poison Balloon
bullet 10.23.01  Psycho Bat
bullet 10.17.01  Lawnmower
bullet 10.17.01  Haymaker
bullet 10.12.01  Flower Power
bullet 10.12.01  Keep on Rollin - Modified
bullet 10.12.01  Amphoros Deck
bullet 10.12.01  Electric Waves
bullet 10.09.01  6th Sense
bullet 10.09.01  Haymaker
bullet 10.09.01  Seeled v 2.0
bullet 10.09.01  Turbotops (Modified)
bullet 10.07.01  Wet n00dle v. 0.1
bullet 10.07.01  Gatr Modified
bullet 10.07.01  Quick Strike
bullet 10.07.01  Classic Wiggly
bullet 10.07.01  Modified Format - Thunderous Surprise
bullet 10.05.01  Fiery Demon
bullet 10.05.01  Typhlosion

Welcome to Gymbo's Gym. I will do my best to help you with any deck that you send me. I just ask that you please tell me in what format it is in. Here are what the three formats are.

Unlimited: Uses any card released with the exception of Ancient Mew and "Happy Birthday" Pikachu. Promos and Southern Islands cards are allowed.  

Current Modified: Uses any card from the sets Team Rocket to Neo Destiny. (upcoming sets are included as well) Promos and Southern Islands cards are allowed.

New Modified (this format doesn't take place until Sept. 1st, 2001): Uses any card from the sets Neo Genesis to Neo Destiny (upcoming new sets are included as well) Promos and Southern Islands cards are allowed.

Use these formats as a guide when making you decks. And now that you can understand what the formats are, please let me know, it's boring to just put all decks in Unlimited. And remember I will look at any deck, so don't be afraid to send me "the next archetype" or "something fun", it doesn't matter to me. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope I'll be hearing from you.

Send your decks to 

~Gymbo~ is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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