Sent: Sunday, July 21, 2002 7:11 PM
Subject: Deck Fix
Flames of Legend
Pokemon: 16
Slugma x3
Dark Magcargo x1
Charmander x4
Charmeleon x4
Charizard x4.

Trainers: 21
Bill x2
Energy Removal x3
Rocket's Hideout x2
The Rocket's Training Gym x2
Nightly Garbage Run x4
Computer Error x1
The Boss's Way x2
Rockets Sneak Attack x4
Energy: 23
Fire x23

I hope you can tell me what this deck needs and what I should take out, does good so far against my own decks but I havent been to any tournaments cause theres none here in Long Beach any more.
Alright, well I am just gonna suppose this is for Unlimited Format as well. I really need to know from now on what format these decks are so that I can change them accordingly. Thanks for your cooperation. Anyways, on to the deck:

First we have the Pokemon: Well you have a Charizard line and a small Dark Magcargo line. I am not a fan of Charizard at ALL. I mean it's the ultimate let down Pokemon, IMO. Plus I've never really worked with Dark Magcargo before. So that's what I will focus this deck on. So we'll make a 4/3 Slugma/Dark Magcargo line. Three of those Slugma will be from the Neo Destiny Set, the other will be from Neo Revelation. Flame Ring can be a great move at certain key points during the game. And even though I am making this a Dark Magcargo deck. Ok, well you're also gonna need Cleffa, three to be precise. And as support, play a couple Ditto, for some anti-Sneasel, and overall general annoying factor. There's quite a bit of Fighting splashes, so play a tecHed Scyther from Jungle just to KO Gligar and Tyrogue as well as other babies. And finally, you need to get some anti-Slowking such as Igglybuff/Magby in your deck. A 2/1 ratio works great for me.

Next we have the Energy: Too much energy. Twenty-three energy just isn't needed at all. I mean you can fill the deck with cards that allow you to not only get the energy and other things, instead of continuing to draw Energy cards. Cut 10 Fire Energy, and get 3 Double Colorless in the deck to power the Ditto and Scyther.

Finally we have the Trainers: You need Computer Search, Professor Oak, and Item Finder for the necessary speed to power through this deck. Add another Energy Removal just for the overall annoyingness factor. Drop two NGR, you don't need 4. Drop the Comp Error, there are better drawing sources. As much as I like RSA, I like Lass even more, especially in Unlimited. Gold Berry is needed to heal your Pokemon, especially Dark Magcargo, as his HP is lower. Gust of Wind is just a tool that can be comboed to work with Ball of Fire to KO stuff. And then finally, get an Energy Stadium in there to get back lost Fire Energy.

The idea behind this deck is beatdown with Dark Magcargo. Hit their Baby and Basic Pokemon for 10 with the Pokemon Power: Hot Plate. Then Ball of Flame for the extra 20 to Benched stuff, if you need/want to. Use your supporting Pokemon in Scyther and Ditto to back up your Cargos. Also, use the Igglybuff and Magby for anti-Slowking. Play the Removals and Lasses to disrupt. Heal and NGR when needed. Good luck, hope I've helped!

Pokemon: 16
4 Slugma (3 Destiny/1 Revelation)
3 Dark Magcargo
3 Cleffa
2 Ditto
2 Igglybuff
1 Scyther (Jungle)
1 Magby

Energy: 16
13 Fire
3 Double Colorless

Trainers: 28
4 Computer Search
4 Professor Oak
4 Energy Removal
3 Item Finder
3 Lass
3 Gold Berry
2 Gust of Wind
2 Rocket's Hideout
2 Nightly Garbage Run
1 Energy Stadium

Thanks for stopping by, and again please let me know what format your decks are in so I can fix them accordingly.