Gymbo's Gym

Pokemon: 16
4 Abra
3 Dark Kadabra
3 Dark Alakazam
2 Movie Promo Mewtwo
1 Erika's Bellsprout
3 Cleffa

Trainers: 26
4 Elm
4 Focus
3 Erika
2 Boss's Way
2 Double Gust
2 Warp point
3 Rockets Hideout
2 Healing Feild

Energy: 18
14 Psychic
4 Dark
Alright, people, I can't work unless you people do...I need decks, or I can't fix things anymore. It's as simple as that. Anyways, let me get started with this deck.

First we have the Pokemon: Add another Dark Kadabra. In Modified, 4/4/3 evolutionary lines seem to work the best. Drop the Mewtwos, they are Murkrow Lock bait. Add in 2 Murkrow. Murkrow is so powerful, especially since you play Dark energy anyways. Also, add in some Magby. Pichu would be nice, but you play Dark Kadabra, eh, you don't want to hurt yourself. Also, another Cleffa can be nice because you are going for the Teleport Blast, send up a baby thing anyways, plus you get extra card drawing.

Next we have the Energy: Cut a Psychic energy, thats it!

Finally we have the Trainers: Change Erika to Misty's Wrath. Doesn't help the opponent, and give you more options. Drop Imposter Oak's Revenge. They just aren't needed. Also drop the Healing Fields. If you play another Default Gym, Chaos is much better. You aren't doing outrageous amounts of damage, so why let them heal themselves? Add another Double Gust.

Thanks for such an interesting deck to fix, it has some great potential!
Stop by again anytime, and thank you for reading.

Pokemon: 20
4 Abra (Rocket)
4 Dark Kadabra
3 Dark Alakazam
4 Cleffa
2 Magby
2 Murkrow
1 Erika's Bellsprout

Energy: 17
13 Psychic
4 Darkness

Trainers: 23
4 Professor Elm
4 Focus Band
3 Misty's Wrath
3 Double Gust
3 Rocket's Hideout
2 Warp Point
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 The Boss's Way

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