Hey Gymbo, you wanted more decks, you got it. Here is a deck that I have used before and it worked OK. I call it Little Smokies.

Little Smokies

Pokemon: 18
3 Blaine's Vulpix lv. 18
2 Blaine's Ninetales lv. 27
3 Blaine's Ponyta lv.13
2 Blaine's Rapidash lv. 31
3 Blaine's Charmander lv. 16
3 NG Cleffa
3 Magby

Trainers: 21
3 Cinnabar City Gym
4 Blaine
4 Focus Band
3 Gold Berry
4 Elm
3 Misty's Wrath
3 Erika

Energy: 18
14 Fire Energies
4 Recycle Energies
Alright, you are right, I have been asking for more decks, and keep those decks coming. Anyways, I am gonna assume that this is a Modified Deck. It looks more MF thatn Standard...so...

First we have the Pokemon: I don't really like Blaine's Rapidash in Modified. Blaine's Dash really works the best when you have DCE to work with. Cut it out. Ninetails is a great Pokemon with Typhlosion, but it is so weak. I mean, it has 60 HP, even with the healing Pokemon Power, I just don't think its enough. Cut the Ninetails line too. In all actuality, one of the only Big Fire decks that work to a consistant basis are the Solo Typhlosion decks. I don't like teaming Typhlosion up with Arcy or any other Pokemon. Just straight Typhlosion is the way to go, it allows more card drawing, more hand disruption, and I think is overall better So add in a 4/4/4 Typhlosion evolution line. Cut 1 Magby, and you are set. A good Backup Pokemon is Movie Promo Moltres. Moltres has no weakness to Water, which is helpful against Toto and Croc. The attack is nice too. With 2-3 Typhlosions out you shouldn't have to worry about getting tails on Moltres's attack. Add 2 in. Finally, for maximum Double Gusting potential, add in

Next, we have the Energy: Drop the Recycle Energy, and add in 2 Fire Energy, taking you to 16 Fire. Yay, thats it

Finally, we have the Trainers: Drop the Erika, and the Blaine. Blaine is useless now, and I personally don't like Erika. The Cinnabar City Gyms are now useless as well, cut them too. Drop the Gold Berry. Focus Band is better IMO, especially against Gatr. Plus for self damage from Flame Boost, I'll add in 2 Healing Fields. Add another Misty's Wrath, 4 is a must in Typhlo decks. Add in 4 Double Gust. This combos very nicely with Non-Holo Entei, send up Entei, use Double Gust, and you have a free Gust. Also, add in 3 Imposter Oak's Revenge. This helps earlier while they are looking for their evos, it gives you a slight, but possibly game-changing advantage, this especially is nice against Gatr.  And finally get 2 Nightly Garbage Runs in your deck, get back lost Typhlosion lines, or anything else you may need. We're done!

Smoking is Bad for your Health...
Pokemon: 21
4 Cyndaquil
4 Quilava
4 Typhlosion
3 Cleffa
2 Movie Promo Moltres
2 Entei (Non-Holo)
2 Magby

Energy: 16
16 Fire

Trainers: 23
4 Professor Elm
4  Misty's Wrath
4 Focus Band
4 Double Gust
3 Imposter Oak's Revenge
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Healing Fields

Thanks for stopping by, hope to hear from you soon, and remember any deck is suitable for me to look at, I'll always do my best. Thanks!

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