Sent: Wednesday, July 17, 2002 9:02 AM
Subject: Deck Fix
Uncommon Fire's been a long time...*sweeps the dust and cobwebs out of my garage* Well, all, I am back. Hopefully, for good this time -_- *activates my old computer and my garage hums to life* It's been too long, however, I am back, and I dunno if that's a good or bad thing. ;D Anyways, here's a deck to kick of my return!

2 charmender
2 charmeleon
1 charizard
2 ponyta
2 rapidash
2 khanhagkhan(jungle)
1 lugia(revelation)
3 fosil magmars

2 super scoop ups
1 pro oak
1 pro elm
2 mary
4 moomoomilks
1 poke breader fields
1 balloon berry
2 gust of wind
1 focus band
1 gold berry
1 poke gear
1 blaines gamble
1 recycle
1 energy retreival
1 super rod

22 fire
2 recycle

i know it really sucks, but main reason ish i dont haf much cash to buy gd

thx fer helping
Alright. So let me keep in mind that you don't have many good cards. So how about  I make this an all commons to uncommons Fire deck? This should be a good challenge to get my brain working again...

First we have the Pokemon: So drop the Charizard line. We'll go for strategy over power. Ok, make those Pontya Rocket, and up the count to 4/3 to Ponya/Rapidash line. I love that Magmar, so it's good. Hmm...let's see we need another evolutionary line. How about Light Flareon? Alright, we'll get a 4/3 Light Flareon line in here too. And for the grand finale, we need the greatest uncommon stall card ever...Lickitung. So let me explain my fixes. With Rapidash and Light Flareon you have some cards that can attack for relatively inexpensive costs and with Light Flareon you can power up your other Fire Pokes. You have Magmar and Lickitung for backup and status while you build.

Next is the energy: Hmm...well in my opinion, 24 Energy is way too much. I mean think about it, if you have 24/60 cards in your deck that are energy. You're gonna draw and energy more than every third card. That's a bit much. So trim that energy down to 17, all fire of course. ;)

Finally we have the Trainers: Hmm...this is gonna need quite a makeover. I am keeping all commons to uncommons. So lets do this. Get 4 Bill and 3 Bill's Teleporter. 3 Professor Elm and 2-3 Professor Oak, depending on how many you have. Then get 4 Energy Removal in there as well as 2 Sprout Tower to counter Clefable. You can chuck any assorted stuff in there, since this is a commons-uncommons theme here. So let me show you how I'd transform this deck:

Finished Deck:
Pokemon: 19
4 Ponyta (Rocket)
3 Rapidash
4 Eevee (Discovery)
3 Light Flareon
3 Magmar (Fossil)
2 Lickitung

Energy: 17
17 Fire

Trainers: 24
4 Energy Removal (Remove their Energy)
3 Gold Berry (Healing)
3 Bill (Drawing)
3 Bill's Teleporter (Drawing)
3 Professor Oak (Drawing)
3 Professor Elm (Drawing)
3 Gust of Wind (Get their Pokes)
2 Nightly Garbage Run (Retrieve energy/Pokes)

Don't worry about having much money for cards. You can always salvage what you do have and make something cool. That's what it's all about in this game. Working with what you have to do the best you can. Once you get the experience and the cards, than you can build some great decks, just keep the practice up!