Sent: Monday, March 04, 2002 8:11 PM
Subject: Deck Fix
"Evil Night"

Hey Gymbo,

I have a tourney tomorrow, and am wondering if you could look over my deck, thanks.

4 Zubat - NR
4 Golbat - NR
3 Crobat
3 Murkrow
3 Cleffa
1 Pichu
1 Brock's Mankey (Keep!)

12 Grass
4 Dark

4 Elm
4 Secret Mission
4 Dgow
4 Focus
2 Sprout Tower
1 Resistance Gym
Hey everyone, I am back! So that means you can start to send your decks to my email address again, It sure is great being back tweaking decks again (stupid Algebra teachers =\) Anyways, I have a deck to fix.

First we have the Pokemon: Good, I like the 4/4/3 in many MF Stage 2 decks. It is the most consistant, and helps a great deal with the setup. In my opinion, Murkrow is a great Pokemon in Crobat, but 3 is too many. Look to use Murkrow as support over an active attacker. Scrap a Murkrow. Alright, now I like 3 Pichu in as many decks as I can fit them into. However, I also like Magby. And I am seeing a lot of Dark Forretress decks coming into play, so we could go 2 Pichu/1 Magby. Magby really can rip Forretress apart.

Next we have the Energy: Perfect, leave it alone. 12 is the magic number for Grass Energy in Crobat decks. The darks are of course for Murkrow. Moving on...

Finally, we have the Trainers: Change the Secret Missions to Misty's Wrath. Misty's Wrath is an overall better card than Mission. However, I like Mission, but it just isn't as effective in the long run as Wrath. This next issue is a personal judgement call, I personally do not like Rocket's Sneak Attack nearly as much as I like Chaos Gym. Chaos Gym also is more effective in the long run. With practice, you can really mess your opponent up with the correct playing of Chaos Gym. Drop the RSA. We'll get 3 Chaos Gym in there. Next, comes the issue with Sprout Tower, I can see you use it for anti-Smeargle (ND), but Resistance Gym is far more what this deck needs. Crobat doesn't like Steelix =/. Change those Sprout Towers to Resistance Gym.  

Fairly good deck, I just tweaked it with some of my personal touches, and here is the deck:
Evil Day!
Modified Format

Pokemon: 20
4 Zubat (Revelation)
4 Golbat (Revelation)
3 Crobat
3 Cleffa
2 Murkrow
2 Pichu
1 Brock's Mankey
1 Magby

Energy: 16
12 Grass
4 Darkness

Trainers: 24
4 Professor Elm
4 Misty's Wrath
4 Focus Band
4 Double Gust
3 Chaos Gym
3 Resistance Gym
2 Nightly Garbage Run

And as always, thanks for stopping by, and please start sending me your decks! I can't work without you.

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