The Sixth Sense v1.0
Modified Format

Hi Gymbo!  I was wondering if you could fix this deck.  It is a Dark Golduck deck that uses Rocket's Mewtwo and other good cards.  Well here is the deck:

4 Psyduck(Promo)
4 Dark Golduck
3 Onix
3 Steelix
2 Rockets Mewtwo
2 Cleffa
2 Pichu(He gets prizes fast)

4 Professor Elm
3 Bosses Way
3 Masterball
2 Mistys Wrath
4 Gold Berry
2 Team Rockets Hideout(Neo 3 comes out next month)
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Warp Point

4 Metal Energy
14 Psychic Energy

Stall with Steelix while powering up a Rocket's Mewtwo and Dark Golduck on the bench.  Please fix this deck. Thanks!
Cool idea, I have seen it before on Message Boards, so I think I will give a crack at tweaking this deck. Lets get started!

First we have the Pokemon: Drop a Psyduck and a Dark Golduck, you don't need 4 of each. Two solid 3/3 evolution lines should work great in Modified. Add another one of my rabid pet, Cleffa.  3-4 Cleffa is essential in Modified Format. And Rocket's Mewtwo is better than Movie in this Format, so we can leave him in. And Pichu is good too, looks good. Just make sure those Onix are Southern Islands =D.

Next we have the energy: Drop a Psychic, you don't need 14. Thats the only change for the energy!

And finally, we have the Trainers: Drop the Master Ball, they aren't needed. You have Moderate speed, and have Boss's Way for the Golducks. Add another Wrath for some more speed. Hideout is a good Gym for when Neo III comes out because of your Dark Golducks, but UNTIL then, lets put in Ecogym. Lets add in 2 Focus Bands, just in case things get scary. And lets finish with adding in some RSA. The deck looks good, I didn't have much to change. Here's your deck:

Gymbo's Sixth Sense:

Pokemon: 19
3 Promo Psyduck
3 Dark Golduck
3 Onix (SI)
3 Steelix
3 Cleffa
2 Rocket's Mewtwo
2 Pichu

Energy: 17
13 Psychic
4 Metal

Trainers: 24
4 Professor Elm
4 Gold Berry
3 Misty's Wrath
3 The Boss's Way
2 Ecogym (Rocket's Hideout when Neo III comes out)
2 Focus Band
2 Rocket's Sneak Attack
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Warp Point

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again!