Hey, I think this deck is good but can you fix it?
       Pokemon: 19
       4 Rocket's Scyther (Gym Heroes)
       3 Cleffa (Neo 1)
       4 Hoppip (Neo 1)
       2 Skiploom (Neo 1)
       2 Skiploom (Neo 3)
       4 Jumpluff L37 ( Neo 3)

       Trainers: 24
       4 Healing Plains (Neo 3)
       4 Gold Berry (Neo 1)
       2 Gust of Wind (Base 2)
       2 Nightly Garbage Run (Rocket)
       2 Pokemon Breeder (Base 2)
       2 Pokemon Breeder Fields (Neo 3)
       4 Super Energy Removal (Base 2)
       4 Professor Elm (Neo 1)

       Energy: 17
       10 Grass Energy
       4 Double Colorless Energy (Base 2)
       3 Recycle Energy (Neo 1)

Strategy: get Jumpluff to attack fast for little energy, attack with Rocket’s Scyther to kill fast, heal with gold berries and healing plains, and remove energy with super removal and Recycle Energy.
Hey, Gymbo back, and ready to get back to work. Sorry for my lack of work all, I am going through some personal problems right now. I will try to fix as many decks as I can. Thank you, and please continue to send decks, and visit my section...

Alright, first we have the Pokemon: Drop the Rocket's Scythers, Rocket's Scyther just isn't that valuable in Standard. Its way better in MF. Lets get better stuff in there like Ditto and Chansey. Chansey and Ditto will provide your anti-Metal Pokemon. Ditto is also very effective against Sneasel, and Chansey...is well, a big fat egg that stalls... Drop a Neo Genesis Skiploom.  We only need 3, and Neo Revelation is better. Also drop a Jumpluff...you don't need 4. We also need to get 2 Igglybuff in there as well...

Next we have the energy: Drop 2 Grass energy, you only need 1 to attack, and add 1 Recycle energy.

And finally, we have the Trainers: Drop the Healing Plains, they do not fit in this deck at all. Drop the Gold Berry...we will add in Pokemon Center. With Jumpluff only losing 1 Grass, and getting rid of a ton of damage, hey you are set...Just be careful if you have a Chansey with 2 DCE, and 10 damage or something... Add in another Gust of Wind, should help you in bad situations. Drop the Breeders/Breeder Fields, you don't need them, you have Evolution Spore. Drop 1 SER, three is enough, and lets add in 3 Pluspower. So you can SolarBeam, than do it again with a Pluspower to KO Pokes with 70 HP around their Gold Berry. Change Elm to Oak, drop 1. Add in 4 Computer Search, and 3 Item Finder. We also need to get some default Gym in here to counter Eco and No Removal, as well as Chaos, we will choose Narrow...yay we are done...

Gymbo's Return...
Pokemon: 19
4 Hoppip (Genesis)
3 Skiploom (2 Revelation/1 Genesis)
3 Jumpluff (Revelation)
3 Cleffa
2 Chansey
2 Ditto
2 Igglybuff

Energy: 16
8 Grass
4 Double Colorless
4 Recycle

Trainers: 25
4 Computer Search
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Item Finder
3 Professor Oak
3 Pokemon Center
3 Pluspower
2 Gust of Wind
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Narrow Gym

Thanks for stopping by, hope you stop by again!