Hey gymbo its your g00d pal DrZizzzzAP84 I was wondering if you could help me with this standard deck..... It is called Wet n00dle or snoodle.... Its a steelix deck. :D uh yea so here is sn00dle...
   Wet n00dle V. 0.1
   Pokémon 16
   3 OniX(si)(eh yea best onix)
   3 Steelix(the n00dle himself he is pretty much a wall and power)
   3 Rabid monkay(cleffa)(cleffa lass combo also recovery)
   2 Ditto(uh anti sneasel)
   2 Ericka's jigglypuff(uh the FTK guy very handy)
   1 Igglybuff(anti unown M)
   1 Gligar(anti fayble/wiggly big in my area)
   1 Scyther(uhhh anti fighting also hits right under goldberry which is so sweet)
   NRG 12
   4 DCE
   4 Metal
   4 Recycle
   Trainers 32
   4 Itemfinder
   4 PC search
   4 Plus power
   3 Professor 0aK
   3 Lass
   3 Gold berry
   3 SER(Anti sneasel and wiggly)
   2 GOW
   2 eco/no removal gym
   1 Narrow gym
   1 Chaos gym
   1 switch
   1 NGR

   uh yea the point of teh deck is to get a first turn lass :D or the ftk... Once u have a steelix out with oh say 1 or 2 metal play chaos gym or play no removal narrow gym is so I can use myn ser safely.... Uh yea plz help teh deck thxs gymbo......
Hey, hey its the scary doctor that Zzzzaps thingys. Sup dude? Hope you are doing well, but anyways lets get to that deck...
First we have the Pokemon: Alright, the Onix/Steelix line looks good. The deranged, and rabid little monkey (I prefer to call him a piece of fluff) count looks good as well. Lets drop those Dittos, sure its anti-Sneasel, but Steelix should be able to stop Sneasel anyways. I also have a Pokemon in mind that hurts Sneasel that I will add in later. Eh...for some reason I have never really liked Erika's Puff. It just doesn't seem worth it to me. There are better cards out there, believe me. Also drop the Gligar, and Scyther. They are good cards, but they just don't fit in this deck. Lets add in 3 Chansey. I mean you already play the Metal, and DCE, and Chansey is a nice staller, and can be anti-Sneasel. Chansey just works better than Ditto in this deck. Up the Igglybuff count to 2. And finally, lets add in 2 Movie Promo Mewtwo. Using Energy Absorption, and Energy Flow to get back lost Metal and DCE is always fun. Also Mewtwo can be an incredible Basic.
Next we have the energy: Alright, drop the Recycles, all of them. We don't want to retreat Steelix.I see you used them to add an element of heavy removal. But Steelix doesn't use heavy removal, you want to keep your energy safe. Plus we need from for Psychic energy. Speaking of which, we will add in 8.
Finally, we have the Trainers: Drop the Pluspowers, drop 1 Item Finder. We eliminated the Ditto and Erika's Puff, so we really don't need the Pluspowers. 4 Item Finder is a bit much in this deck, so we will drop one. Also we will change the SER to ER. This way you can pick off a Darkness or two, then play Ecogym. Also you can still pick off DCEs with your Ecogyms out. Drop the Chaos and Narrow Gyms, they just aren't worth it in this deck. Add another Gold Berry, Steelix and Chansey just devour them. And finally, we will add in 2 Energy Flow. Use this with Mewtwo to get back lost energy or get energy off of a doomed Pokemon.
And here is Sn00dles!
Pokemon: 16
3 Onix (Southern Islands)
3 Steelix
3 Chansey
3 Cleffa
2 MP Mewtwo
2 Igglybuff

Energy: 16
8 Psychic
4 Metal
4 Double Colorless

Trainers: 28
4 Computer Search
4 Gold Berry
3 Item Finder
3 Professor Oak
3 Energy Removal
3 Lass
2 Ecogym
2 Gust of Wind
2 Energy Flow
1 Switch
1 Nightly Garbage Run

Thanks for stopping by, come again soon!