Hey Gymbo,please help me with my modified format deck. I call it Thunderous Surprise. It features Dk Raichu and Murkrow,along with TR Zapdos for back up.
   Deck Name : Thunderous Surprise
   4 Pikachu (Movie Promo)
   4 Dark Raichu
   4 Rocket's Zapdos
   3 Cleffa
   3 Igglybuff (Neo Discovery)
   2 Murkrow
   4 Professor Elm
   4 Gold Berry
   3 Sabrina's Gaze
   2 Double Gust
   2 Misty's Wrath
   2 Time Capsule
   2 Chaos Gym
   1 Focus Band
   4 Darkness Energy
   3 Metal Energy
   13 Lightning Energy
   I maxed out on Dark Raichu because without Oak and Comp Search it is harder to build so with 4 Dk Raichu it should be easier to get him out. I try to pull a second turn Dark Raichu by Recharging on the first turn and start building either a Rocket's Zapdos or a Murkrow on my bench. 4 Elms is a must and Misty's Wrath/Time Capsule is a good combo. Chaos Gym is to counter Feraligatr which is very popular in modified and the Gold Berries help out Zappy and Dark Raichu alot. The Darkness Energy are for Dk Raichu and the Metal for TR Zappy,13 Lightning should be an efficient amount and Double Gust is there because of the absence of Gust of Wind.
Please help me with my deck. Thanks in advance!!! 
 There is almost nothing more that I like than this. Perfect example of a Rogue deck that has some potential. Thanks for sending in a deck like this so that I may make an example of it. Here we go...

Pokemon: Ok, drop a Dark Raichu, 3 is enough, I mean, how many do you want going at one time anyways? Drop 2 Rocket's Zappys. Zappy has lost a lot of power in this format, and he is just needed as a secondary attacker. Drop the Igglybuffs, and add in 2 Pichu. This way, if Murkrow Mean Looks Pichu, you can evolve to Pichu, something you didn't have with Iggly. Zzzap also is nice against Igglybuff, Unowns, or anything with powers. Lets add in 2 Erika's Bellsprout with Careless Tackle. You already play Dark, so KO anything Grass weak with 50 HP or less; Totodiles, and Larvitars fall into this catagory. Finally, lets add in 1 Brock's Mankey with Taunt. This is added Slowking Protection, also can be annoying to the opponent's setup.

Energy: Drop 1 Electric, and 1 Metal, the Dark is fine.

Trainers: Drop a Gold Berry, 4 aren't needed. Drop Sabrina's Gaze. The card is just too unstable, It has the chance to hurt you and/or help the opponent. This format is already too unstable, Gaze will hurt you in the long run. Drop the Misty's Wrath for Erika. Drop the lone Focus Band, there's nothing in this deck that you really need to protect, you have recovery. Add another Double Gust for more Bench Disruption. Also add in 3 Boss's Way to help you get your Dark Raichus out faster. Add another Chaos Gym, and toss in a couple RSA, they can come in handy...Alright now I want you to note something. Erika, Double Gust, and Time Capsule all effect both players, so if you have Chaos Gym out and flip tails, the and the opponent chooses to use one of those cards, you still get the effect too. Th-th-th-thats all folks!

Thunderous Surprise, Gymbo Style!
Pokemon: 17
4 MP Pikachu
3 Dark Raichu
3 Cleffa
2 Rocket's Zapdos
2 Erika's Bellsprout (Careless Tackle)
2 Pichu
1 Brock's Mankey (Taunt)

Energy: 18
12 Electric
4 Darkness
2 Metal

Trainers: 25
4 Professor Elm
3 Erika
3 Gold Berry
3 Double Gust
3 The Boss's Way
3 Chaos Gym
2 Time Capsule
2 Rocket's Sneak Attack

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Remember, be careful how and when you play Chaos Gym, the very decision you make with it can either get you a victory, or cost you one, be careful!