hey Gym can u help  me i have a tournament coming up in modified ;-)

     pokemon 19
     4 totodile
     4 croconaw
     3 ferligatr
     3 cleffa
     2 elekid
     1 unown D
     1 unown M
     1 wooper

     trainers 21
     4 elm
     2 gold berry
     4 focus band
     4 trash exchange
     2 wrath
     2 secret mission
     3 double gust

     18 water
     2 metal
   Hey there! Lemme spruce up this deck. Gatr is just unbelievably strong. Gatr took
   today's Columbus QT, and will continue to do so throughout the nation, lets take a
   look at what makes this deck work.

   First off, we have the Pokemon: Good, he's got the 4/4/3 evolution line for his
   Gatrs, that is a MUST. Cleffa and Elekid are also good. We will drop both Unowns for
   Magbys. Magby is cool because it works when you want it to. So if you need to use
   your Gatr's power, retreat Magby because of that weird Wizard ruling. Magby gives
   you more control. Also needed is some of the Neo Discovery Smeargle. This little
   Pokemon lets you use attacks that your opponent used on you last turn. So with
   Smeargle in this deck you can Riptide. You can also Firestorm or do other scary
   attacks. Add 2 Smeargle in. Also drop the Wooper, Smeargle is a bit better in this

   Next is Energy: Alright, I am not a very big fan of the whole Metal thing, because
   most of the time Gatr SHOULD have the upper hand against Arcy, but things can get
   crazy. So leave them in, but drop 2 Water.

   Finally, we have the Trainers: Drop 2 Focus Bands, and add two Misty's Wrath. Secret
   Mission is ok, but you have enough drawing and discarding power. We need to get some
   Stadiums in here in case the opponent slaps down a Chaos Gym. We will play 2 Narrow
   Gym because it helps you against Slowking, and Typhlosion by limiting their Bench,
   it can also act as a Super-Scoop Up. We will also add another Double Gust, allowing
   as much speed as you want. Not much to change here. Pretty much Standard Gatr
   Trainers.( Note if you want to play a successful Gatr, you HAVE to play 4 Professor
   Elm, 4 Misty's Wrath, and 4 Trash Exchange. )

   Riptide Rush!
   Pokemon: 20
   4 Totodile
   4 Croconaw
   3 Feraligatr
   3 Cleffa
   2 Elekid
   2 Magby
   2 Smeargle

   Energy: 18
   16 Water
   2 Metal

   Trainers: 22
   4 Misty's Wrath
   4 Professor Elm
   4 Trash Exchange
   4 Double Gust
   2 Focus Band
   2 Gold Berry
   2 Narrow Gym

   Thanks for stopping by, hope to hear from you!