Keep on Rollin'
Modified Format

The objective to my deck is to use my baby pokemon to stall long enough for me to get out Donphan and to rapid spin. Then I use the baby pokemon as a wall and the murkrow to lock a fattie and pick off their bench. At the last ECSTS a got in 23rd place and lost to a Feraligater deck on my last battle.PLZZZZZZZZ!!!! I need help.

4 Phanpy
3 Donphan
3 Cleffa
2 Murkrow
2 Magby
2 Promo. Hitmontop

14 Fighting energy
4 Dark energy

4 Gold berry
4 Proffesor elm
4 Focus band
3 Double gust
2 Resistance gym
2 Chaos gym
2 Time capsule
3 Misty's wrath
2 Energy charge

Hello all, Gymbo back, and in technicolor! Another Donphan player out there, eh? Sweet, I too played this deck on Saturday at the ECSTS in the 15+. So anyways, enough summer reminiscing. On to the deck!

First we have the Pokemon: Drop the Murkrow. Very few decks can benefit fully from Murkrow's power. Murkrow is a lot better in Standard, but he is weak in Modified. My point...drop him. I dunno why people like that Hitmontop. I mean sure he fits in with the deck theme and all, but still, its Hitmontop =/. Rocket's Hitmonchan is a very nice touch to add to this deck and to Modified. I can't say that enough, because its true. Chan can spell trouble to any big hitting deck like Gatr or Typhlosion with Focus Band. Add in 3. I like Magby in Donphan decks for two reasons. He's a baby so you can send him up with a Focus Band. And you get 20-30 damage to something with 70-80 HP, retreat Magby, and Rapid Spin around their Gold Berry for the KO. Alright we need some resistance protection from such things as Rocket's Scyther, Rocket's Zappy, and any of Sabrina's Ghosts. Discovery Smeargle can help you out a lot against all three scenarios, so add 2 of him in. Yay, we are done...

Neeeext, we have the energy: Drop the 4 Metal energy, and add in 3 more Fighting energy. Not much to do energywise. Next we have...

Finally, the Trainers: Drop 2 Gold Berry. You should be attaching Focus Bands to Chan and Donphan. Use Gold Berry only for emergency healing. Drop the Chaos Gym, I like Chaos Gym, but it doesn't fit with Donphan. Add another Resistance Gym, just to be safe. Drop the Time Capsule, and Energy Charge. We don't want to help the opponent, or end our Trainers for the turn, now do we? Plus we got rid of the Metal energy, so Charge isn't needed anymore. Just add in 2 Nightly Garbage Run. Now this may seem like a shocker, but trust me, I am not crazy, (Cleffa is, and I may be on the verge of insanity, but...), we will add in 4 Digger! This card is really cool to play in Donphan. It can do 1 of 4 things: act as a Pluspower, damage Donphan, which only adds to his Flail attack, trigger a Gold Berry on one of your Pokemon, or KO something with a Focus Band. Lets add another Double Gust for increased Bench control.  That should be about it, here is the deck:

Gymbo keeps on Rollin...
Pokemon: 17
4 Phanpy
3 Donphan
3 Rocket's Hitmonchan
3 Cleffa
2 Smeargle
2 Magby

Energy: 17
17 Fighting

Trainers: 26
4 Professor Elm
4 Focus Band
4 Digger!
4 Double Gust
3 Misty's Wrath
3 Resistance Gym
2 Gold Berry
2 Nightly Garbage Run

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again!